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  1. Awesome guys. Appreciate all the great comments. The discussion on what big game critters actually see makes sense. I can see how patterns are more geared to hook hunters rather than hide them. Durability, fit, and breathability seems to be the more important aspect of a set. Again, thanks for the input, it's gonna help a lot as I look around.
  2. Thinking of spending money on a real nice durable camo set like Sitka, kuiu etc. What do you recommended? I want something that lasts, with a pattern that would be decent for specifically Arizona big game seasons. I hunt all. Coues, elk, mulie, turkey. Archery and rifle. What single set would you pick? Thanks
  3. I was thinking about putting in for sandhill crane tags this year. Are there decent opportunities on public land? I've seen some hunts the guides offer that look like a lot of fun, but I enjoy getting on critters myself if possible. I know the cranes feed in the farm fields, which I would assume is private, so just wondering if there's ways to hunt'em on public. I've never seen one, so even without tags , I wanna go check'em out anyway. I hunt 31 quite a bit, but never really checked around for crane ( usually preoccupied looking for deer). So, just wanna hear other's opinions, experiences, or stories.
  4. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    Think I'm gonna put a trigger tech special in it and see how that works out. Thanks for all the input and suggestions. I'll let you know how it ends up.
  5. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    I just checked out the trigger tech. Any big difference from the Timney? It does look like it could take a beating, more so than Timney.
  6. Gut Pile

    Model 700 question

    No, dimple or anything. It acts like it's on safe. Trigger doesn't budge. To get get it to fire from that point, I have to open the bolt, click it back to safe, Bolt forward, take it off safe, then it will fire. I have to put it back on safe after each trigger pull before pulling the bolt back to rack another. If I don't put it on safe and leave it on fire, the safe switch won't move back to safe until I pull the bolt back.
  7. Hi, I've got a model 700 ADL SS in 300 rum. I've got some stuff going on with it that I'm having trouble diagnosing. When I fire my rifle and cycle bolt another round in and try to fire, nothing. If I fire a round, click back on safe, bolt another round, then click to fire,(in that order) it barks. That would get a little stressful if you had to make a snappy follow up shot. (...But we never miss right, lol😁) Is this a bolt issue or trigger/safety issue? I've been planning on putting a Timney trigger and safety in it anyway. Would that take care of the issue, or is there more going on? As always, thanks for any advice and shoot straight.!
  8. Gut Pile

    First day velvet success...

    Awesome Buck! Great character!
  9. Gut Pile

    Any credit card hits?

    . Got my 1st turkey in 23 just off Valentine Ridge near the OW Ranch. Shot my turkey at 1st light then busted outy fly rod & landed an 18" rainbow in the catch & release of canyon creek 2 hrs later. Good luck. Saw lots of turkey sign by the creek so watch those those clearings to the left of the creek before dawn.
  10. Gut Pile

    Any credit card hits?

  11. Gut Pile

    Any credit card hits?

    I got hit for Javi & thunderchicken. Put in for turkey in 27 where I've tagged out 5 yrs in a row.. But I just love that area, so beautiful! Turkey or no Turkey I love it up there!
  12. Gut Pile

    Bummed Out!... but Fortunate.

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Didn't make it up due being tied to machines for a month & a 1/2. Then into a rehabilitation center ( basically an old folks home where I heard se amazing stories from WWII & Vietn vets) a blessing in disguise. Now focusing in on my wife who's due in three weeks with our 1st little huntress. Name: Remington Adrian Lee. Thanks again everybody, that 200" buck will have time to grow a bit more, maybe a drop time;)
  13. I drew Oct Kiabab 12A West tag this and I was really excited to go. I asked for advice and help and so many of our forum members were great in helping as much as they could. Lance with TLO and many others pointed me in some directions to follow up on. Unfortunately I will not be making my hunt. I was injured at work and nearly lost my left leg to infection. After a couple of surgeries, great doctors, and answered prayers I will be keeping my leg. I could sit and stew about missing my long waited Kiabab hunt, but I feel blessed to be recovering well with the support of my family. My wife and I are expecting our first little one 1st week of December and fortunately I should be back up to par for baby's arrival. I just wanted to thank everyone for the advice wish everybody an amazing hunt. I'll be ot there Next Year!! Gut Pie
  14. AES awesome buck Man! Got my fingers crossed for my hunt!
  15. Gut Pile

    2014 'Spring' Archery Bear

    Gorgeous bear & with a bow! Congrats!