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  1. savagman

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    If the Lions did kill the hiker - How forthcoming will G&F be? Will there be a press release or attempt to keep it quiet?
  2. savagman

    New Smoker on the market

    The taste difference - pellets vs wood, has more to do with the intensity of the smoke flavor. I find pellet grills to be on the light side no matter the wood or smoke times. A quick Google search will reveal many agree with me. They sell an add on smoke generator. I believe it can be used with your pellet grill for added smoke or even cold smoking. Love my Cabelas pellet grill. Look forward to picking up the add on smoke generator to obtain the smokier flavor I prefer.
  3. Roosevelt Mark, Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed a very simple preparation that brings out the best in game meat. I enjoy the high quality meat from elk and deer but as man has for eons, I also enjoy finding spices and cooking methods that pair well with the flavor and character of the meat. I appreciate the positive response.
  4. Way to get it done John!!! I used steel in BB for crane a couple weeks ago and last week on a Utah Goose hunt. Despite bad shooting initially (crane hunt), I was perfectly happy with steel. I shot a limit of Crane and a couple limits of Goose. Most dropped dead, with no lost cripples. I am glad I do not have a frame of reference vs. more expensive shells. $11 Herters steel vs. $40+ for hevi. As for lead - I left it in camp and shot some dove after tagging out on crane. I was extra careful being close to a refuge and in a waterfowl area. Jump shooting tanks, I just switch before sneaking on the tank - leaving lead behind in the truck. I am not sure the legality of that - I guess someone could make a stink. pos·ses·sion /pəˈzeSHən/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. the state of having, owning, or controlling something.
  5. savagman

    Turkey Day Part 1

    Part one of a holiday mini series. It took years for the stars to align and make this happen. Here is the story.... I patiently stalked turkeys in their natural habitat. (I won't provide coordinates or hints but well know areas for turkey). They proved elusive but I finally found a small bird and sealed the deal. Limit one so I had to relocate and try for a second. I had a really hard time locating the second bird but it was a dandy. Dressed out at a little over 16 pounds. A bit larger than I usually smoke but happy to come home with a suitable turkey. Now I wish I could tell you that the hard part was over. But the anticipation of delicious smoked turkey became somewhat of an obsession. Research online, the BBQ Bible, old magazines and online forums dominated my evenings. The right recipe, the right cooking method, the right wood all critical to doing right by these birds. Asking online "best way to smoke a turkey" is about like, "best caliber for deer". Fun exercise but left sifting through competing and conflicting information. I settled on Alton Brown's brine. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/honey-brined-smoked-turkey-recipe2-2203632 Hard to beat honey smoked anything. I have smoked turkeys in the past using charcoal barrel smokers - more art than science but always came out great. I do smaller birds and try to not cast shade on the star of the show - the big turkey traditionally prepared by mom or mom in law. Everyone loves mom's turkey but there is never a scrap of leftover smoked turkey. The barrel smoker was retired - Fast forward a few years, ok a decade or two and I am older and wiser and now own a Traeger style pellet grill. I shopped far and wide and preferred the Cabela's grill. Decided on a home blend of Apple and Hickory pellets. Cleaned up the turkeys, prepared the brine and have them soaking overnight...
  6. savagman


    Been thinking about this for a while. I enjoy stalking Jacks. Not as easy as some of you may think - they are quite crafty when exposed to hunting pressure. Managed a couple in the bag this week, I think this will be another method to turn the humble hare into excellent table fare. http://rabbittalk.com/corned-salted-rabbit-t16746.html
  7. Rare more accurately.... Thanks😆
  8. savagman

    Dove recipes?

    Don't overcook!!!! Wrapped in thin bacon (cheap bacon) and grilled hot and fast = cooked bacon and medium rare dove. Tastes like filet mignon. Filet breast meat off the bone. Marinade in olive oil, worcestershire and montreal steak seasoning. Refrigerate 1-4 hours. While meat is still cold (important as this helps keep it from overcooking) wrap in cheap bacon pulling bacon thinner as you wrap. Heat grill very hot before putting dove on grill - cook just long enough to cook bacon. Pull off and let rest in foil for 5 min
  9. savagman

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    I know I saw pictures and info here before but can't find it. I want to take my mom and dad Striper fishing at night, but my bass boat is a bit unstable for them. I remember a pontoon, under lights, guy from this form. Anyone have a recommendation? I thought it was the Striper Hunter but can't find anything. Help?
  10. savagman

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    I know I saw pictures and info here before but can't find it. I want to take my mom and dad Striper fishing at night, but my bass boat is a bit unstable for them. I remember a pontoon, under lights, guy from this form. Anyone have a recommendation? I thought it was the Striper Hunter but can't find anything. Help?
  11. savagman


    +1 on chorizo. Buy a cheap .99 cent tube of beef chorizo. Brown with 1.5 lbs ground elk. Season with additional chorizo seasoning to taste. I add fresh minced garlic towards the end. The cheap greasy chorizo adds a more authentic texture and richness. The 100% elk is good but can be dry. Same with sausage. After many years of trying to get with less added beef or pork fat, I had to admit that all the online and old timer advice is spot on. You need 25-30% fat if you are looking for the sausage experience. 2 cents gladly shared My son never tires of elk meatloaf and Shepard's pie.... I will post my Shepard's pie recipe soon.
  12. savagman

    Nogales pigs

    Wal-Mart Parking lot. Eating nuts/acorns? Under landscape trees. No fear of man. Walked up to them.
  13. savagman

    Elk Loin Roast

    The center was perfect - rare to medium 135 to 140. I use the probe so monitoring is easy. Outer meat was pink due to the cure but medium to medium well. My wife prefers medium and she loved it.
  14. savagman

    Elk Loin Roast

    Rubbed with Morton's tenderquick and sugar and wrapped in saran wrap. In the fridge overnight. Rinsed then rubbed with steak rub. I put it in the freezer and pulled out at 32 degrees. (My theory was the cold meat would take longer to cook thus allowing more smoke) Wrapped in bacon and cooked at 180 degrees until internal temp of 130 degrees. Turned grill to 350 to crisp bacon (I plan to drop in a hot skillet next time instead). Wrapped in foil and let it rest.
  15. savagman

    Elk Loin Roast

    Made time to try a loin roast on the pellet grill. Very pleased with the result. My wife said best ever!