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    Phoenix, AZ
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    My Interests: Running (marathoner), Fly Fishing, Any Kind Of Hunting (Archery, Rifle, Bare Hands, etc.), Lead Guitarist For BONESAW, & Backpacking (preferably with a nice coues rack strapped to my pack!)

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I was born in New Bern, NC but have lived in AZ for most of my 38yrs. My dad convinced me to put in for my 1st Coues hunt in 2009 and I was able to tag my very first buck with some help from a friendly, fellow coues hunter and have been chasing the Grey Ghost ever since. I hunt both archery and rifle. I really enjoy getting off the beaten track. Always curious of what's over that next hill. It's hard to beat the beauty of Southern AZ and the Sky Islands. I am still on a quest for a big coues buck....maybe this is my year! Regardless of tagging a buck or not, I always have a great time hunting our beautiful state. HAPPY HUNTING!