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  1. rkv09

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    My current setup is the UML action and stock fitted to fit the 26” Brux barrel with Arrowhead breech plug and a Timey trigger. I went with the Arrowhead breech plug because from what I read, and researched online is that the factory plug isn’t made to use BH209. That’s why BH209 doesn’t list specs to use in the UML nor does Remington for BH209. With using the UML .308 case as an ignition source it can cause headspacing issues from the factory and in fact my original breech plug was damaged from the factory and would even allow the bolt to close with the case. I had to get a replacement before I was even able to fire the rifle. I had the Arrowhead breech plug installed to eliminate all the headache with the UML breechplug and since I was doing that, I also swapped out the barrel. I have always had better accuracy with custom barrels over factory if the factory ones aren’t preforming. My UML might have been a Friday rifle, I have read good things about them and that is why I purchased it but I couldn’t get it to shoot 1 moa at 100 yards much less at the advertised 300 yards. My 250 dollar traditions muzzleloader was more accurate. You can convert the beech plug without replacing the barrel but after spending too much time and money trying to find a load, I figured a custom barrel was the ticket. Not trying to scare you away from the UML, there are plenty of people who have had good experiences with them just mine wasn’t. I have used my tradition muzzleloader on game out to 220 yards and targets to 300. If that’s all the range, you are looking for then I don’t know if you need to spend the money on an UML. I used my UML on a coues deer hunt and was able to harvest a buck at 120 yards. Now if you want a muzzleloader that is basically a single shot rifle out to 500 or so yards then look at an UML or Arrowhead modification. I am also by no means any kind of expert on muzzleloaders, I just have several and like to see how accurate I can get them.
  2. rkv09

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    I have the Remington UML and I couldn't get it to shoot with BH209, pellets and various bullets. It would keyhole the supplied Barnes bullets with the 777 pellets that Remington recommended load. I sent it to Luke at Arrowhead rifles and he installed his breech plug and a new barrel on it. Now it shoots great with 115 grs by weight of BH209 and 300 gr bullets. I got a bag of the remington UML brass that you can have if you do go that route.
  3. rkv09

    NF NXS 5.5-22x56

    Sorry sold
  4. rkv09

    Reloading "Oops" Thread

    I have accidentally emptied the powder thrower of H1000 into a jug of retumbo. Had to throw out the can. Not to mention I have crushed my fair share of cases.
  5. rkv09

    What is max points for deer

    22 points is the max pool https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/01122627/Individual-Bonus-Point-Report-as-of-4-30-2019.pdf
  6. rkv09

    NF NXS 5.5-22x56

  7. rkv09

    NF NXS 5.5-22x56

    I have a NXS 5.5-22x56 for sale. Glass is in perfect condition. Light rubbing marks on tube from packing around. Will include Seekins 30mm rings. 1600 tyd
  8. rkv09

    Bonus pass for deer hunts?

    Here ya go https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/draw/BonusPointProcess/
  9. rkv09

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    I usually carry 10s and 15s, with the spotter occasionally. I just picked up a pair of Meopta 12s and going to try out the 12s and spotter combo this year.
  10. I have .270 that weighs 8.5# scoped and I think that is ideal for carrying and shooting longer distances. I have a 14# 6.5 SAUM that is amazing at long distance just not fun to carry and on the other hand a 6.5# 7mm-08 that I find difficult to shoot long distance accurately but 400 and under no problem. None of those rifles have a heavy recoil though. If its going to be a coues specific rifle, in my opinion, I would look at a .264 or .284 caliber rifle that can shoot the high BC bullets at a decent rate.
  11. rkv09

    New Mexico draw

    Nothing but refunds for me, maybe next year.
  12. rkv09

    New Mexico draw

    I am not to sure about the carcass tag "backdoor", it states that I have carcass tags in the mailing status for elk, deer and oryx and none for pronghorn or sheep. I swing for the fences with my New Mexico applications and as much as I would like to have drawn those three tags, I highly doubt it.
  13. rkv09

    ATV trailer recommendations

    Yes, I have seen those 18' prices and I have almost talked my self into buying one. I primarily hunt alone or with a buddy but still have a family. The idea of having a five seater that can be used for family rides but quickly turn into a small nimble hunting sxs has really got my interest. I wouldn't use the back seat most of the time on the larger crew cabs. I had a six seater Yamaha viking and I never really used the back seats.
  14. rkv09

    ATV trailer recommendations

    Let me know how that Honda 1000-5 is. I have been looking at them for a while and probably will built the bullet this summer and pick one up.
  15. rkv09

    6.5 saum brass

    GA precision has the 6.5 SAUM Hornady brass in stock on their website.