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  1. rkv09

    WTB 300wsm brass

    I will look but I am pretty sure I have some unfired nosler 2nds
  2. I would go with dpm, specifically Hawkins precision hunter bottom metal. It will sit flush and their new mag allow a 3.770 coal for standard actions. This will allow you to seat the longer vld bullet out of the powder column in the .280 AI, assuming you are throating for the longer bullets and not the standard 3.4 coal.
  3. rkv09

    New Mexico draw

    I drew the 29/30 late January hunt.
  4. rkv09

    New Mexico draw

    Going to chase some barbary sheep, haven't drawn anything in New Mexico in years.
  5. Last page has the proposed limited entry hunt, one tag for multiple units and extended dates. Just like they did last fall but with more species and tags. There is two hunts in August for coues. Just another money grab but a fool and his money are soon departed and I am an idiot. 😂
  6. Ya that is how I read it. Not sure why you would want to hunt coues with a rifle on August first. Not even close to being done growing their antlers.
  7. rkv09

    Draw Results

    Drew a 23 late bull, now its just a long wait.
  8. rkv09

    Custom muzzleloader

    Arrowhead rifles did a great job rebarreling my rem UML and installing his ignition system.
  9. rkv09

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Late bull tags for my buddy and myself, no jr tag for my son though.
  10. rkv09

    Javelina chorizo

    I use 20 percent pork butt with the Leggs seasoning. Come outs great. I tried Hank Shaw's chorizo recipe and it came out alright. Maybe I jacked it up but either way the Leggs chorizo seasoning is easy and good.
  11. rkv09

    Unit 22 bull elk tags 1,300 some perspective

    I drew my first elk tag in 22N and was successful with a 5x5 raghorn. That unit is managed for opportunity and I am grateful for that. As long as people understand that it is an opportunity hunt not an Arizona "trophy" bull hunt. Do all the tags hurt the population? heck ya. Are you gonna see a bunch of other hunters? heck ya. Can you draw the tag every couple of years? heck ya. Have I applied since that tag? heck No. Did my unit one bull look pretty much like my 22N bull? Yup. Can I pass on bulls? Nope. AZ has some of the best elk but it takes forever to get that trophy early hunt. My wife has never gone elk hunting but is committed to an early rifle bull tag, thanks to her father. 18 points later and the tag still isn't in sight. Now I have drawn three late bulls tags and an early archery bull tag in the same time frame and been successful. None are of trophy standards, my only 6x6 is from CO, but I would rather have those memories and experience over waiting for a trophy elk tag. Keep the trophy units managed as such and have some opportunity hunts as well. Just know what you are applying for. We can't all hold out for that 4B archery tag.
  12. rkv09

    Card hits??

    I assumed that was you, just gotta find out which hunts we got.
  13. rkv09

    Card hits??

    Same here, long time for a turkey tag.
  14. rkv09

    Kudos to Yuma Marine

    The interview he did with Black Rifle Coffee had me laughing, definitely a stand up American. https://coffeeordie.com/pogue-marine/