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  1. rkv09

    Colorado draw?

    I was able to draw a third season deer tag, first tag I have drawn all year.
  2. rkv09

    Lightweight (ultra light) Rifle Suggestions

    To fit your budget I would look at the kimber hunter line of rifles. Not the prettiest looking thing but they are light. I have one in 280AI with a Swaro Z3 3-10x42 with talley one piece rings. Rifle weighs 6 lbs 3 oz unloaded. If you went with a short action you could save some more weight. That rifles shoots 143 hammer bullets in a 3/4" group at 100. Rifle might shoot better but I am not the best at shooting a lightweight rifle. I am into that setup for just over 1200 bucks.
  3. rkv09

    6.5 eldx at midway

    Midway's pricing is ridiculous. 48.99 a box. I picked up 4 boxes for 36.69 on Monday. Keep on eye out on https://store.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com/ I have been able to pick up powder and bullets from them at normal prices.
  4. rkv09

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    I sold my .05 shares at .40 cents. Wish I had bought more in January instead of AMC haha.
  5. rkv09

    New Mexico results

    New Mexico results are out. Nothing for me.
  6. rkv09

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Interested in some 140, 147 eldm
  7. rkv09

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    I had a remington UML and I couldnt get it to shoot worth a dang. I think it was just the luck of the draw, as recurveman stated and have others, the uml can be accurate out of the box. I sent off my uml to Luke at Arrowhead Rifle,(now in phx) and had him rebarrel with a brux barrel and his ignition system. I am shooting sub moa groups at 100 and smashing rocks at 600 yards with BH209 with this set up. Luke's bullets have good bc for muzzle loader bullets but the wind still affects them more then most bullets. I would recommend a muzzlebreak, the recoil can be stiff with healthy dose if bh209 and 300 grain bullets. I just looked up the asking price for the paramounts and I think you would be better off finding a cheap donor SA 700 and having arrowhead spin on a new barrel and ignition system.
  8. rkv09

    Smoked Javi ham

    That's the best way to use a Javelina in my opinion. I debone the rear quarters after removing the shanks and brine them for a couple of days. I smoke them to 145 and they always turn out great. I also make pastrami out of the backstraps and that turns out pretty good as well.
  9. rkv09

    S. Az Duck guide?

    That's pretty much how I got into it. I just figured out where ponds are with water and figured out a route. Ducks are really skittish this year along with many ponds being dry. If you don't have a dog like myself I always bring a fishing pole. Wading into cow ponds in the winter sucks.
  10. rkv09


    Ouch. A local store had them for 65 dollars and I thought that was steep.
  11. rkv09

    2021 Goulds Tag or NOT!

    The 13 dollars you were charged as an application fee. 38 is the total price of the tag including the application fee. AZGF just take the remaining balance if you get drawn.
  12. rkv09

    ATX/STX 95mm objective lens-Sold

    I will be in the Tucson area in November if some one prefers a ftf sale.
  13. rkv09

    ATX/STX 95mm objective lens-Sold

    Lets do 1725, October hunts are just around the corner.