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  1. grey curse

    2023 Early Kaibab West Hunt

    Awesome job. Sounds like a well earned buck. Congrats
  2. grey curse

    Tragedy and blame

    Pretty bold statement unless you know way more than that write up gives. heck at 15 yrs old I was sneaking out of the house and partying with all my football buddies. Good thing nothing horrible like this ever happened to any of us. Hope the family can find some peace.
  3. grey curse

    NL Pure 12x42 for coues

    NL 12’s along with big eyes, btx or twin spotters. Only way to go for coues.
  4. grey curse

    Thanks to all for replies

    Yes keeping it the long throw four speed, hopefully texting will be harder that way. Just turned the 351 into a 400 with small cam. Nothing crazy yet, easy swap later if he decides.
  5. grey curse

    Thanks to all for replies

    Good for you. My soon to be 16 yr old and me are deep in this dent side. Good memories already with more to come. Motor just got done, won’t be long.
  6. grey curse

    Pack goat saddles

    Way cheaper then the route I went with mules. Still looks like fun, good luck on the sale.
  7. grey curse

    22 youth help

    Video games are the death in this next generation. They would rather spend all night playing their games these days then have a sleep over and actually play something really, experience life with friends. As a dad it’s tough and figuring it out is a challenge but they come around trust me. Wish I could help but know nothing about the unit. Good luck and keep after them kids, It will pay off!
  8. grey curse

    Draw question

    Agree but then where would it stop. His second choice would then be available that was probably someone else’s first choice that was next in line that drew an tag and so on and so on. Would be a nightmare for the G&F, so no I would bet it goes to the next person in line without a tag
  9. grey curse

    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    Go back to the days when someone could draw an elk tag every 5 yrs, deer tag every yr, and antelope tag every 15. Back when we had to pay up front and loss those funds for 3 months. The serious hunters will save up all yr to make sure they have the funds. The ones that don’t have the funds didn’t want it that bad anyway. Oh but wait, G&F wont get the millions of dollars in app fee. Never mind dumb idea.
  10. grey curse

    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    This should ruffle some feathers. At this point I’m sitting on 26 points and figured I have another 10-15 solid yrs of hunting somewhat hard. At some point I guess my grandkids (hopefully not for 10 yrs+ up to 17 yrs old =27 more points) will be fortunate to have max points 53 points. How else can we look at it.
  11. grey curse

    Draw deadline.

    Wow. Glad u caught that, I would have never looked.
  12. grey curse

    1 week to go, Chiricahua’s here we come

    Thanks everyone for the positivity. Looking forward to it. Here’s the bird my boy got last weekend. Had to put 3/4 of the beard back in for the picture. It got a like western out there. I didn’t take the best pictures, think I was just amped up from all the excitement.
  13. Headed down to 29 Sunday till Tuesday to do a little scouting for the wife’s Gould’s tag. Going to leave the trailer for a few days. Has anyone had any issues down there with people messing with camps? Hopefully the birds are talking, can’t believe she drew with half the points I have. Should be a good time. Just left youth camp last weekend, was able to call a tom in for my son. Good practice, we’ll see if the luck continues.
  14. Give Shadow Valley Outfitters at least a call. They will talk you through the units, draw percentages along with expectations and cost. They offer different packages. No commitment to have a conversation. Good guys and their team have been killing it the last few yrs.
  15. grey curse


    What your location?