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  1. grey curse

    WAR in Kentucky!

    No it’s all trumps fault. Just ask
  2. grey curse

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Being the reason why we are seeing fewer post of successful hunters and pictures to go with. Someone will find something wrong with the post/ picture and start the tongue lashing. Picking every detail apart instead of just enjoying the post for what it was intended.
  3. grey curse

    Archery goat 2019

    No way could you pass that buck up with a bow or s rifle for that matter
  4. grey curse

    She calls better than I do

    That’s awesome. She’s a natural
  5. grey curse

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    This is more of the point I was making and how it effects everyone. Thus being the reason “why are you concerned with how other people live their life?“ Also with as many people saying they think this use of pg is legal and morally okay. It effects draw odds, Maybe not by much but still effects it. Also if tags are donated back to an organization “ which I think is the only way a tag should be returned” no points are used thus increasing point creep.
  6. grey curse

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    Just want to get a feel of how cw members are viewing point guard lately. I feel that it started with a theory to help out hunters in bad times but has changed to help hunters get draw or trophy desires. I know of people putting in for hunts with applicants that have a lot of bonus points, then when drawn the applicant with all the points returns the tag never intending on using what they put in for. All just so their buddy / spouse can get drawn. Or hunters are just returning tags because they can’t find the “trophy “ they want, ie dry year no horn growth. I thought the intent of point guard was to be able to return tags and keep points if a hunter got hurt , feel on hard times ex... maybe I miss understood the purpose of point guard. By continuing this thought process and actions it will make getting drawn harder for everyone, except the people mentioned above. At this point I hope game and fish puts some requirements behind using it. I’m sure me wanting more regulations from game and fish will bring some tongue lashings my way.
  7. grey curse

    Pinpointing downed animal

    Good points for finding downed animals but even better for archery spot and stock. I have more issues relocating bedding game that I glassed up across canyons. Hopefully use some of these strategies this weekend
  8. grey curse

    Gov tag buck

    Best post on this whole thread.
  9. grey curse

    Gov tag buck

    Good luck, you would have to exiled half the people on here.
  10. grey curse

    Personal walk in cooler

    Been throwing this idea around for a few years now. Thinking of starting up at the first of the year. Keep us posted on your plan, progress and issues you run across.
  11. grey curse

    Coues or Mule Deer

    That’s funny.
  12. grey curse

    Ever regret passing on a shot?

    Waited 10 yrs to draw a archery tag in Utah. Got the tag and passed on two really good bucks the first four days of 11 day hunt. Never had another opportunity at either on of them Kick myself everyday for that decision. But at least I had a chance to shoot a whopper just choked bad. Think I did everything wrong, jerk the trigger, drop arm, didn’t aim small, heck think I even closed my eyes. Yeah he was big.
  13. grey curse

    Coues or Mule Deer

    Mule deer. Ears are huge, and the third to last pic is not a whitetails tail.
  14. grey curse

    UHD Razors

    Comparing 18s to 15s is not apples to apples. To bad they’re not all 15s. The 18s will not be as bright or clear.
  15. Yes it’s definitely a little vintage. But if my 11 wants to be like his 76 yr old papa who am I to say no. Thanks for the help.