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  1. grey curse

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    For outdoor activity try sabino canyon. My daughter went with out of town family over thanksgiving and they got in the water. She said it was freezing but sooooo much fun. Ride the trolly to the top and walk back as much as you want.
  2. grey curse

    Youth deer hunt dates?

    Sure wish they were staggered by a week being it’s their fall break . Hard decision every yr for my kiddos. First crack at deer or a full week up at elk camp.
  3. grey curse

    Unit 33 Hunting

    His hunt was last yr.
  4. grey curse

    Lighted Nocks

    Light can be Reset. At 60yrds plus I noticed a difference with the extra 18 grains. But it’s as simple as a quick resight in. Just makes you practice a little more.
  5. grey curse

    Biggest to Date

    Great character on that buck, congrats. Thank you for staying within your own range of comfort and not just “letting it fly” because the stock was far and hard. Makes for a better story also.
  6. grey curse

    Go Vote

    Unbelievable. I figured the blowout would be so great that the shenanigans for Kelly would not matter. There goes my faith in people again.
  7. grey curse

    29 Goulds draw

    Here I thought I drew with 26 points. Nope wife got the early tag with 15. She always been luckier then me. I mean heck she got me right. Lol. Can’t wait never bend down there, Great reason to check out a new unit.
  8. grey curse

    Guess the score.

    How about all the measurements. I was at 111”. Would like to know where I was lacking for field judging. But I guess it’s better to be light then heavy on scoring on hoof.
  9. grey curse

    Optics for kiddos starting out

    https://nimrodoutdoor.com/products/nimrod-outdoor-binocular-suspender not inclosed harness system but my boy has used the heck out of his and works great. Plus cheap on the pocketbook.
  10. grey curse

    Anyone got an 8 archery tag?

    I heard it was a rough hunt. No bugling, hot and water everywhere. But that’s just from the one co worker I talked to.
  11. grey curse


    On the first video it looks like the arrow ricocheted off a branch right in from the the kill zone. But it’s hard to see for sure.
  12. grey curse

    swaro 15x replaced with?

    Went away from 10’s, + 15’s and spotter. Went to 12 nl and kowa twins. Same on weight
  13. grey curse

    1 for 3 so far

    That’s awesome. Thank you for posting. Great to see a success story and to be a young man and his first bull is even better.
  14. grey curse

    Anyone else worried yet?

    Past the point of worries. More scared sh$tless then anything
  15. grey curse

    Okay….Who Is This?

    I think he's a lineman now?😉 That’s called a step up. Lol.