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  1. grey curse

    Kids and ATVs

    Two boys and a girl all rode in sxs at 2. All had their own motorcycle at the age of 4 and haddled a pw50 or xr50 fine
  2. grey curse

    A few pics

    Better clarify the pics are almost identical. I know it’s the same deer
  3. grey curse

    A few pics

    That buck in velvet and hard horned is almost identical. So cool
  4. grey curse

    water levels

    ^^^ that’s what I’m talking about. Should be a great year
  5. grey curse

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    ^^^^ Now that’s funny
  6. grey curse

    Ruger 10/22

    I’ll take it. Pm On the way
  7. grey curse

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    ^^^^^** this. look at how the binoculars would mount, Off to the side. With a camera which most tripods are designed for will not matter. But for binos I don’t see the functionality
  8. grey curse

    Anyone build bumpers or recommends a builder

    look into move bumpers. If you can do a little welding you could save more then half the cost with these kits.
  9. grey curse

    Wtb 15X56 binos

    ^^^ never mind. The 12S are $500. 15s are 1200
  10. grey curse

    Wtb 15X56 binos

    What about the Leupold 15’s hd pro. Have never heard good or bad about them. They are on Camo Fire right now for $500 I think.
  11. grey curse

    Guess the score (updated with score)

    Well I need to hire you the next time I take kill pics. You added 10” on him
  12. I don’t see anything wrong with the picture. I think the picture over the cooler that he posted is the pic people are questioning. Good looking deer congrats.
  13. grey curse

    Guess the score (updated with score)

    I’ll go 116 and 1/8th just cause. Great buck
  14. grey curse

    Mule Deer Decoy

    I bet that would be a sight to see.
  15. grey curse

    Mule Deer Decoy

    ^^^^ has anyone tried the cow Decoy. I’m interested