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  1. grey curse

    Bino Pouch Recommendations

    NL pures fit well in the medium size Marsupial???
  2. grey curse

    Stock bedding

    https://www.6mmbr.com/pillarbedding.html. Stress-Free Pillar Bedding Did one last yr super easy
  3. grey curse

    13B Early November Rifle

    Darn auto correct. Definitely not differently
  4. grey curse

    13B Early November Rifle

    Differently Shadow Valley. They have been slaying it up there the last few years.
  5. grey curse

    Pulled a deer out of a pothole

    Great job. Unfortunate that deer have to put themselves in the position of getting trapped or stuck due to the drought. It’s bad out here right now. Tanks, springs and seeps I’ve never seen dry are. Come on monsoons we need ya.
  6. grey curse

    H1000 at brownells

    Wish they had a store down in Tucson area. To far to drive on a chance they might have it.
  7. grey curse

    pack equipment for mules

    Good to know. Maybe he’ll let me purchase to fit check with option to return. Thanks again
  8. grey curse

    pack equipment for mules

    Good info. Thank you. How about broad fitting packsaddles you mentioned earlier. The two beasts I have are built completely different. Going to check out a used sawbuck tomorrow. What can I look for?
  9. grey curse

    pack equipment for mules

    I’ll high jack this one. Just getting into packing myself. Picked up two great mules from an old outfitter back in November. Kids and I have been riding them, I’ve gone out solo and ponyed the other. No issues. I have never packed in my life sooo My question is decker or sawbuck and why. Next is pannier. Utah style, soft, box, aluminum, hard, and do I need a top pack,(was thinking that’s where backpacks will strap down at)? This should be a fun and exciting yr with them. Bonus my son drew a late 23 bull tag so figured in this the perfect pack out unit. Thanks for any advice
  10. Bundle of 3/4”’plywood? Sight unseen. Just how it’s not black, but the offer will stand.
  11. grey curse


    That’s a great offer. If they had H1000 I would have bought u a steak dinner at silver saddle.
  12. grey curse

    Big Green

    Won’t help me , probably just makes it harder to get powder and primers. But what do I know.
  13. grey curse

    Ride Now

    bro what’s the problem. I wear a flat bream hat and shots a 6.5 creedmoor, plus work at a cycle shop. Don’t get me wrong I own a ruger predator creedmoor, for my kids to shoot. 😆 welcome to the new norm. This guys know everything except respect.
  14. grey curse

    2 Aces with Trailer

    Haha. Me tooooo^^^^^
  15. grey curse

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    If they did, it’s gone now. Stuff is like gold