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  1. grey curse

    Anyone else worried yet?

    Past the point of worries. More scared sh$tless then anything
  2. grey curse

    Okay….Who Is This?

    I think he's a lineman now?😉 That’s called a step up. Lol.
  3. grey curse

    Barrel threading

    What’s the going rate these days for threading a barrel?
  4. grey curse

    Unit 33 Muzzy Hunt

    Tough hunt with 4 hunts before yours. Get away from roads, all the dumb bucks were already shot.
  5. grey curse

    OTC hunts for 2023

    When someone calls the harvest hot line to check the status if a unit is open, does the recording give the amount of deer already taken in each unit? I would think it’s whatever they do for otc bear but I have never called.
  6. Got a 2 yr old and she is phenomenal with the kids. Protective and loving. Great breed. Should probably get another one, wife would kill me.
  7. grey curse

    Hypothetical draw question

    Are you sure it’s not just so they don’t have two tags. If grandpa is signing over his strip tag and the kid drew a youth tag, G&F would need to know this to remove the youth hunt. I would think. But been wrong many time today already.
  8. grey curse

    Duwane Adams ?

    Uhhhh I think this entire thread cared to begin with but then turned to the typical bs. Thanks.
  9. grey curse

    Duwane Adams ?

    No baiting charges. Didn’t what to say anything till someone posted the records so I didn’t get told to prove it plus it has been a interesting thread. He guided the special coues deer tag holder in January of 2022 in 34a. His hunter shot a deer while laid out across a dirt rd. That’s a no no. And no I can’t prove it.
  10. grey curse

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Social media. People can’t seem to keep their pictures off the internet. Look how good I am mentality.
  11. grey curse

    SOLD Guns for sale SOLD

    Nice looking guns. Location?
  12. grey curse

    Buck Fever

    I can relate. Happens to me but usually before the shot.
  13. grey curse

    Unit 23 north map

    Hellsgate, Salome, and Sierra Ancha Wilderness Areas [Apache-Sitgreaves, Coconino, and Tonto National Forests] (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map, 852) Front is north half of unit. Back is south. Laminated as well. Worth the money
  14. grey curse


    Wish I had retumbo to trade with you. If you decide to sell Ill buy if it’s not gunbroker prices. Thanks.
  15. grey curse

    Swarovski 15x56

    My favorite flavor of case.