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  1. grey curse

    Gov tag buck

    Best post on this whole thread.
  2. grey curse

    Gov tag buck

    Good luck, you would have to exiled half the people on here.
  3. grey curse

    Personal walk in cooler

    Been throwing this idea around for a few years now. Thinking of starting up at the first of the year. Keep us posted on your plan, progress and issues you run across.
  4. grey curse

    Coues or Mule Deer

    That’s funny.
  5. grey curse

    Ever regret passing on a shot?

    Waited 10 yrs to draw a archery tag in Utah. Got the tag and passed on two really good bucks the first four days of 11 day hunt. Never had another opportunity at either on of them Kick myself everyday for that decision. But at least I had a chance to shoot a whopper just choked bad. Think I did everything wrong, jerk the trigger, drop arm, didn’t aim small, heck think I even closed my eyes. Yeah he was big.
  6. grey curse

    Coues or Mule Deer

    Mule deer. Ears are huge, and the third to last pic is not a whitetails tail.
  7. grey curse

    UHD Razors

    Comparing 18s to 15s is not apples to apples. To bad they’re not all 15s. The 18s will not be as bright or clear.
  8. Yes it’s definitely a little vintage. But if my 11 wants to be like his 76 yr old papa who am I to say no. Thanks for the help.
  9. My Father bought my 11 yr old a barracuda chipmunk model 22. Which does not have option for iron sights. So I’m trying to copy my dads Ithaca 22 scope and mount which is a sweet little set up but can’t find the ringless mounts and google is not helping. I found the Bushnell custom 22 scope with turret on eBay but mounts aren’t as easy. Any help would be appreciated. Here’s some pics of the Ithaca
  10. grey curse

    Vortex razor uhd

    Throwing the idea around of passing down the 10s, selling spotting scope and 15s. Getting 12s and btx someday. Would weight within .5 lbs of what I’m packing around now.
  11. grey curse

    Vortex razor uhd

    Just received an email from vortex with this new uhd line of razor optics. I carry a pair of 10x razor hd on my chest and short glass with them before I pull out the swaro 15 hd. For the price I think they are a good glass. Was looking into getting a pair of 12 el’s but the price kills me. Grand less for 12 uhd. Wonder how they will compare to the el’s
  12. grey curse

    Starting new mineral licks

    food at any time of the year is baiting and most scents have been outlawed as well to “protect our herds against cwd”. If you are in an area that doesn’t already have thousands of mineral licks and deer are in the area they will find it.
  13. grey curse

    Trail cam nonsense

    ??? Not sure. But it’s sounds interesting
  14. Was thinking of the At One thumbhold on my kids American predator as well. Be interesting to hear pros/cons.
  15. grey curse

    A little freaked out today

    Here is a easy way to understand the law. Simple don’t use them after June 1 2019.