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  1. grey curse

    New Mexico draw

    Red Goose eggs here again
  2. grey curse

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    swaro 15 hd in the pack and vortex razor had 10s on my neck. For as much as I glass with the 10s off the tripods I can’t justify Swarovski 8’s or 10’s
  3. grey curse

    sxs windshield recommendations

    Got to go with a folding windshield. Fold up in rain and cold mornings. Down all other times to a half windshield. Works perfect but wish they made it in glass.
  4. grey curse

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Holy smokes 19 bp for archery tag. Wow I was way off. Thanks
  5. grey curse

    Pronghorn Hits?

    What’s bp pass for 5b archery. I had 13 and nothing. Figure I have to be getting close
  6. grey curse

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    Never mind^^^ just thought that through. I sent a check on with paper app. They already got your $13. Sorry brain fart
  7. grey curse

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    If you change your card or give a bogus card #, game and fish does not get the $13 app fee. I believe you will lose your loyalty point for five years. At least it was for me when I missed up on a hand written app a few years ago I lost mine for a “incomplete” application. But game and fish still took their $13. Sob’s Sure think it could turn out the same for you.
  8. grey curse


    That’s good news for the skiing. Not sure about the fishing tho
  9. grey curse

    Kids and ATVs

    Two boys and a girl all rode in sxs at 2. All had their own motorcycle at the age of 4 and haddled a pw50 or xr50 fine
  10. grey curse

    A few pics

    Better clarify the pics are almost identical. I know it’s the same deer
  11. grey curse

    A few pics

    That buck in velvet and hard horned is almost identical. So cool
  12. grey curse

    water levels

    ^^^ that’s what I’m talking about. Should be a great year
  13. grey curse

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    ^^^^ Now that’s funny
  14. grey curse

    Ruger 10/22

    I’ll take it. Pm On the way
  15. grey curse

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    ^^^^^** this. look at how the binoculars would mount, Off to the side. With a camera which most tripods are designed for will not matter. But for binos I don’t see the functionality