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  1. grey curse

    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    Crossbows in archery season can only be used if they have a camp permit. I agree This should be the only restriction. thanks for all the reply’s. Thinking I’ll just use the rem uml and put a arrowhead breach plug with a MZ-Rex brake followed by a Timney trigger and call it good.
  2. grey curse

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    Keep in mind the last s. Shhhhhh.
  3. grey curse

    Hunt Draw issue

    Exactly what I’m saying. Yes az G&F much better then the we’re five yes ago but ten years behind other states.
  4. grey curse

    Hunt Draw issue

    Feel your pain. 15 different applications on my end for family members. It’s exhausting to say the least.
  5. grey curse

    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    Did not want to steal MDarea33 thread so I’ll start this debate. My question is, with all these high performance ie. 300-700 yard Muzzleloaders being built, how long till az matches Colorado and Utah “ primitive” muzzleloader rules. Now I’m no expert on the these two states rules but I believe it’s iron sites only, which in that case no need to drop 3-5k on a 200 yard muzzleloader. Would hate to build one for az G&F to change regs in a yr or so. Thinking of building one is the reason for the question.
  6. grey curse

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    Cattle will still destroy lose grain salt and push out the deer you planned on hunting. Trust me, wasted a three day pack in to find all this out. Cattle moved in to my spot three weeks before the opener and I think stayed there for a solid week.
  7. grey curse

    remington 700 sendero nightmare

    6yr old post. Don’t think reloading was the issue. Scope mounts if I remember correct.
  8. grey curse

    Heads up ref: Zoocityarmory

    If they can’t offer a little to the site and pay some dues, they can’t sell anything. I’m for 6 months 30 posts. Nothing big just a thumbs up counts.
  9. grey curse

    Quarterhorse mare for sale

    Where are you located. And would you consider her to be a beginner horse. My little baby turns 10 in March, wife and I are leaning towards a horse for her. Crazy I know.
  10. grey curse

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe

    Just preparing for the lowwwww ballers.
  11. better call G&F and plead your case.
  12. Well??? Let’s here it. On a side note if he finds the deer dead and takes the antlers because the meat is spoiled, he has to tag the buck still and is done for the year. Correct??
  13. grey curse

    Brock & Wyatt score

    New Resurrection record???
  14. grey curse

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    If it’s the story I heard he slipped and fell. Yep I feel like an idiot every time I fall.
  15. grey curse

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    My dad always told me “If you don’t have the time to run the bolt then you don’t have the time to safely evaluate the situation and get the shot off.” I can run my bolt action almost as fast as I can locate the safety to flit it off. Why take the unnecessary risk to save a second.