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  1. lefty

    WTB boy scout merit badge booklets

    i think there is an actual cub scout store here in phoenix where you can buy everything cub scout related i just don't remember where it was at.
  2. ya the other evening i had a suburban full of wetbacks drive down the road beside me shooting doves on the ground right out the car windows then they proceeded to park about 50 yrds from my truck, i told my buddy it was time to leave
  3. lefty

    Pears on the san carlos

    alot of people have chimed in so instead of keep asking here why don't you get in your truck and go look with your own 2 eyes
  4. it says in the regs that leftovers are first come on july 30 so we have to know by then right?
  5. lefty

    Info on Strip guides

    kory and clay run 2 seperate outfits but im sure they are related somehow.
  6. lefty

    Info on Strip guides

    2 years ago i drew a 13b tag and i hired clay bundy.they live out there on the border of 13a&b.they are super nice guys and aren't just after your your $.i felt like they truely wanted everyone of their clients to kill a big buck. since they live there they know the country like the back of their hand.
  7. lefty

    19A rifle tag!!

    19a north? if so there is ALOT of private land to deal with.some charge a trespass fee and others are foot access only. i think someone on this board killed a real nice one one on state land a couple yars ago maybe they can chime in.
  8. lefty

    Post you results

    wife drew 6a late tag,said she was gonna sign it over to my 10 year old son!
  9. lefty

    Mulie In Town

    we worked on ellsworth road right there about a year ago and saw 2 deer in that pasture several times, i always figured the guy owned them or something. from a distance they looked like some kind of domestic deer or something.
  10. lefty

    called in lion

    was this in unit 21 by any chance, and did you talk to some lion hunters on mules after you killed it? my buddies told me a very similar story this morning.
  11. lefty

    Shame on you

    "shoot at unsuspecting game" ??? what are you supposed to do fire a couple warning shots in the air to let them know you're coming? come on dude!
  12. lefty

    North of the River Muley's

    my 2010 strip deer
  13. anyone know a place that sells good quality kids sized rain gear? i'm talking camo and totaly waterproof, not junk. thanks
  14. lefty

    pool table

    i live in surprise,and yes i've had it on craigslist for a while with not 1 response?
  15. lefty

    pool table

    ***price reduced***i'm selling my 7'brunswick pool table.brookstone model.light oak w/spruce felt. original owner, excellent condition. includes wall rack, 5 cues, bridge, balls and rack. $600 obo. moving soon,need it gone! can't get pics to come up. pm me if interested and i can email them to you.
  16. lefty

    pool table

    bump-price reduced
  17. lefty

    my 18b antelope

    here's the antelope i shot last saturday.i saw a couple bigger than this while scouting but they disappeared on me,probably due to all the hunting pressure up there.this was the biggest one i saw while hunting and i couldn't pass him up.was proud of my son, he got his hands bloody and gave skinning a try too! we taped him at 80 2/8 he broke about an 1 1/2 off his left prong or he would've been right at 82.had a great time with family and friends!
  18. lefty

    rifle antelope

    that's a great antelope and nice talking to you up there. man it was hot during the day wasn't it!
  19. lefty

    pool table

    hey thanks for puting the pics up for me!
  20. lefty

    bear down 24 A

    you lucky dog!!! normaly you got to pack them things out of the nastiest terrain around. great looking bear forsure!
  21. lefty

    help finding a place to camp

    was reading about willow lake campground. something like 200 campsites sounded like the area around watson lake-granite dells area. might be worth a look at. good luck on your hunt!
  22. lefty

    help finding a place to camp

    have you thought about just getting a hotel room? a shower would feel real good after sweating your butt off all day
  23. lefty

    19A Muzzleloader

    how much is it to get on the perkins place now? i paid $500 in 2001.deep well is free right?just foot access only?what other ranch charges? still can't get on granite dells right?that's all the?'s for now
  24. lefty

    Lifesize Black Bear Mount

    that white patch on his chest is awesome!
  25. lefty

    awesome find on my scouting trip

    that's cool,i was lucky and found one in unit 21 many years ago