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  1. lefty

    Left Over Tags

    my son didn't get one! dang it!!!
  2. lefty

    18A muzzleloader Antelope tag

    sorry to say,but that unit has gone way down hill both in quantity and quality.you've got your work cut out.be persistent and scout your butt off and who knows what you might find!
  3. lefty

    Draw results are out!

    h ha! good one rugerman.the only problem is i'll be set up on the big one back behind yours that you didn't see.
  4. lefty

    Draw results are out!

    yesss!!! 18b rifle antelope my 2nd choice! i believe i had 9 or 10 points
  5. lefty

    Chino Grande Ranch 19B

    that country up there holds some great memories for me and it is sad that it has come to this. it used to be called the CV or maybe that's the brand,anyways,a man named Mert used to own it. someone else might remember this, but he used to have buffalo up there in the '80's. my dad paid Mert and was able to shoot one of his buffalo.in high school my best friend always drew archery antelope up there, i would go help out and had a blast.we would also shoot a ton of rabbits up there with our bows.there were always a ton of prairie dogs to shoot up there too.many beers were drank around a campfire.in a sense,that part of the country was a part of my "growing up". there used to be a place for mentally handicap kids i believe. it was called the Starlight,maybe someone else remembers this. i can remember seeing the biggest bull elk i've ever seen in those cornfields out there.sorry for carrying on and on, there's just a lot of fond memories up there.the buffalo are long gone,my best friend has passed on,and now that beautiful piece of country will never be seen by these eyes again.it is truely sad what greed can do.
  6. lefty

    New rifel

    i have a 300 ultra mag and love it! put a muzzle break on it and it'll kick like a .243. as for "overkill" that makes me laugh. dead is dead. are you not wanting to hurt the animal too much? i've shot elk to javelina with it,and no it didn't hurt the javelina's feelings any worse than a .270 would've.
  7. lefty

    san carlos coues

    me,my dad and his buddy have that tag too. it should be a blast, good luck!
  8. lefty

    Wolves moving West

    i saw one in unit 32 about ten years ago
  9. lefty

    San Carlos Mtn Lion Tag

    can a whiteman take his hounds on the rez ?
  10. buy the "glorified sock" you won't regret it.
  11. lefty

    San Carlos

    d east or west, nov. or jan.? i have d west jan. never had this tag before but know a guy who killed a good one there.
  12. lefty

    Tri-tronics Multisport g2 2 dog

    my friend tanner is interested, give him a call he has a few questions. 623 206 0190
  13. lefty

    "The Hunt For Deuce"

    that thing is a toad!
  14. go to deer creek and hunt between there and china peak.
  15. white cloud is good,and pretty fast turnaround too.
  16. you don't need a guide in d east,only if someone goes that doesn't have a deer tag. my two buddy's had tags there last year. they saw plenty of bucks just no big ones.one of them shot a 90" buck and the other guy never shot a deer.
  17. lefty

    Tags in the Mail

    got my deer tag last wednesday
  18. lefty

    Personal best?

    gross 120" net 113 5/8 san carlos 2008
  19. lefty

    They are out for Real!!!!!

    unit 13b mule deer! i am so pumped right now. only 5 bonus points!
  20. lefty

    Google Earth Users

    they used to have all the names of waterholes on there, and now they don't. maybe i'm just screwed up on my settings.
  21. lefty

    hunters safety

    they can take it when they're 9. an example. my son turns 9 in august he will take the course sometime after august. then i'll put him in for deer,elk,antelope,etc. for next years draw. when he applies he's 9, but by the time the hunt starts he's 10, so he's goods to go.
  22. lefty


    they should make it a felony.