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  1. lefty

    San Carlos tags

    it might of been me you saw
  2. lefty

    San Carlos tags

    hey longrange, i heard they sold some early too but who knows. this is my first time with a tag in d-west too. i know a guy who killed a 112" buck in there,and my cousin has had that tag too and liked it. as for all the lions in there, well same old story it's like that all over the res. the deer are there ya just gotta find em. i would've liked unit A again but they were already gone.
  3. lefty

    Dual bighorn sheep ram poaching

    someone had to of heard the shots. hopefully they will get caught.
  4. lefty

    San Carlos tags

    i finally got mine last friday. this might be my last one due to the big fiasco we went through to get them. anyone else have a d-west tag?
  5. lefty

    The Worst

    with any hunt, unpacking the truck when you get home!
  6. lefty

    Bear from today

    that looks like a pretty nice bear!
  7. lefty

    Arizona Big 10?

    interesting topic guys. thought i'd chime in. i have my big 10. i got it when i was 22,but i could've got it when i was 15. i just couldn't get that mountain lion! as we all know, 95% of it is drawing the tags. when i was 14 i got drawn for buffalo and bighorn in the same year. i am now 34 and have 19 bonus points for sheep. do you think with that many points that i'll ever draw for rocky mtn sheep?
  8. i'm selling my son's motorcycle. i's a 2006 ktm mini adventure 50. i am the original owner and it's in excellent shape with maybe 10 hours on it at the very most. it's an oil injected 2 stroke,no mixing required. great bike for beginner my son used it from like 4-8 years old. asking $1100 obo. for some reason i can't get the pics up, if interested i can email them to you. thanks jason
  9. lefty


    i shot one with a 22mag once, so i'm sure a 17 would work too.
  10. lefty

    Around Campfire

    hey coueswt, me and my dad hunted with nathan ellison when i was in high school- about 20 yrs ago. he's a good ol boy. shot a bear and a coues with him. watched him shoot 15 quail in 1 shot- amazing!
  11. lefty

    Guess the Score Contest - Nov 09

    111 great buck!
  12. lefty

    Misty's Bull!

    way to go bret!! congrats to your wife on a great bull!!
  13. lefty

    Guess the Score - Sept 09

    i'll say 101 4/8
  14. lefty

    AZ Giant 128 4/8

    that thing is awesome!
  15. lefty

    Next New Gun

    i would like a .204 ruger.
  16. lefty

    spotting scope troubles

    i get strained looking through a spotter also. just don't like the 1 eyed deal. it gets strenuous at higher magnification due to heat waves, but at lower mag. it is fine.
  17. lefty

    Need a good rangefinder

    i have the lieca crf 1200 also. the thing is awesome! have got readings on it of over 1450
  18. lefty

    Howa Rifles?

    i have a 22-250, and it's a good gun. i was skeptical about it when i won it but after shooting it some i really like it.
  19. lefty

    left over tags?

    when did you mail yours in? i mailed mine friday.
  20. lefty

    Fee Increases for next year

    an increase is fine with me, especially for non residence. charge them up the a$$ ! less people will put in, more oportunity for me!
  21. lefty

    Well.........Were waiting!!!!!

    my '08 san carlos whitetail.
  22. lefty

    Rhino or Ranger

    my dad used to have a rhino,and now he has a ranger. personally i like the ranger. the seat is more comfortable in the ranger, and the suspension seems better to me also. it is a little bigger than the rhino but not enough to matter for me. i think it topped out at 42 mph stock. not sure what the rhino does stock. i would take the ranger, but thats just me. different strokes for different folks.
  23. lefty

    remington 700 sps .308

    gun is sold!
  24. lefty

    remington 700 sps .308

    i'm selling a new rem. 700 sps .308 i won this rifle at the aes banquet 2 years ago. i was going to save it for my son when he got old enough but had a change of plans and need some money. it has never been fired and has been sitting in my gun safe. $ 400 obo
  25. hey everyone, i just got back from san carlos and killed an awesome buck. he's a palmated 4x4 with a 2inch drop tine on his left antler making him a 5x4. the mass is awesome.he was scored at 114 3/8. alls i had was a disposable camera so i can't post the pics, but i think grong had them e-mailed to him today,so grong if you read this please post those pics that rick sent you, thanks.