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    san carlos whitetail

    ok here's the story, me, my brother, and a friend from work took off to the res. on sunday. i decided to try an area i've never been to before,but have heard good things about. so we show up at daylight and don't see crap, i was kinda disappointed. we looked around there for a day and a half,and saw a few bucks but no shooters. i've hunted other areas in unit A before so i told bob let's get outta here and go where there's more deer.my brother had to leave for work so me and bob head for my hot spot. TUESDAY at daylight we start seeing deer. it's unreal, everytime we see a deer it's a buck,and if it is a doe,we see a buck nearby. almost every buck we see that morning is a 80-90 inch buck. that evening we try the next drainage over from where we were that morning. we look for a while and bob tells me " i spot a good buck dude!" i grab the spotter and see that he is a massive 4x4 and get a glimpse of what i think is a drop tine. so i take off for the mile hike i have over there. when i get to where i think i should see the deer, i see nothing, the deer gave me the slip, and it got dark. WEDNESDAY we decide to hike up this mountain where we will be looking directly across to where we last saw the buck the night before. we can see the whole mountainside from this point. we don't see anything for a while, then i pic up a doe, i keep looking and on another ridge i see a doe and a buck. i get the spotter and it's him! me and bob get a gameplan together, and i head over there, while bob stays behind to keep an eye on the buck and where it goes if i do'nt get him. i get into position and have the clump of tree's he bedded down in 280 yards away. i figured i would be there for hours waiting for him to come out,it was 11 a.m. i'm sitting there and all of the sudden a doe comes busting outta the tree, and the big buck behind her.i think"oh crap" and grab my 300 ultra mag and get it into position. i look and look and the deer are gone. i think great they went over the ridge and they're gone. when all of the sudden i see the doe come back over. by now i'm shaking and thinking come on where is he! then i see a head moving through some brush, it's him! now he looks huge at 280 yards. i start shaking even more.he stays in that bush for a minute and finally trots out, and stops behind another little bush so i can't shoot!it's killing me!come on just take a couple steps out.finally it happens he takes about 4 steps out and stops broadside and BOOM! down he goes! i'm hooten and hollerin' i go up there and can't believe the mass on him! a true buck of a lifetime!
  2. so that's how those fancy digital cameras work! very nice buck!
  3. lefty

    san carlos whitetail

    thanks for all the kind words guys. i've hunted for coues for a long time and this is the first true pig i've personaly seen while in the field.
  4. lefty

    san carlos whitetail

    how'd you know about the .30 .30 too? i know man the disposable camera thing is wierd, but here's the deal, i'm kinda superstitious, it always seems like when i carry a camera i don't kill whatever i'm after, or i get a dink, so sometimes i don't even carry one! i knew i would shoot something on this trip, so i met myself half way and carried a cruddy camera. i'm sure some people can relate to this, bust my chops if you want, it' ok, i can take it. i did get some great pics, just with the old school stuff. believe me i've got a permanent picture of that buck in my scope burned in my mind!
  5. lefty


    my buddy hunts lions, and if he ever loses a dog, he'll leave a dog box with some food and water at it, and he'll come back in a couple days and the dog will always be there when he comes back, unless someone finds it and picks it up, and they'll call him cause his name and # are on all his dogs.
  6. lefty

    need boot advise

    i just bought a pair of danner vanish boots.they're waterproof,scentlock, and very light.i like more of the hiking boot,they're 5'' .the tall boots feel like they restrict my walking. i love these boots, and at $140 bucks not too bad.
  7. nice bull! looks like you were hunting in those thick junipers.
  8. ya,what vinnie said. i hunted by round valley, there were a couple other guys in there. looked in all those other places mentioned.there were people there too. round valley is thick. get out before daylight and listen for the bugles then haul a$$ to it to see how big it is. i saw one huge bull, one very nice bull, and several smaller bulls.had 2 misses at the big one and the nice one and passed on the smaller ones
  9. a friend of mine has that tag, i had it 2 years ago.
  10. lefty

    Rifle scope

    that is a very good comparison is the pins on a bow! he was trying to make it sound like if your distance wasn't exactly on one of your crosshairs then you're screwed, which is totally wrong!
  11. lefty

    Rifle scope

    hey cns, with the tds, say my next to last crosshair is 650, and my last is 785, and the target i'm shooting at is 705, then all i do is put it right between the two crosshairs,i've done this before shooting at targets, sometimes at some distances you might put the target a third of the way between your crosshairs or two thirds, but at no way are you back where you started from-guessing.i shot an antelope last year at 340 yds. which was between crosshairs,but with it on 24 power, i couldn't of missed because all my crosshairs were inside his body! to each his own man, i'm not giving you crap for your setup if it works for you-great, mine works for me too.
  12. lefty

    Rifle scope

    i went with the swarovski 6x24x50 and the tds recticle on my 300 ultra mag. it's awesome. like the other guy said, you enter all your info on their website, and it tells you which crosshair hits where. and it's dead on too. mine is zero'd at 100, and my last crosshair is 785, and i've shot every crosshair in between at a target, and the info i got off the website is dead on.
  13. lefty

    unit 21 whitetale first hunt

    try in off the bloody basin rd too. and glass,glass and more glassing
  14. lefty


    skunked again!! but am going to montana, and coues on san carlos
  15. lefty

    2006 yamaha rhino 660 4x4

    yes it's still for sale.call my dad at that # it's either at his work in central phoenix or at his house in peoria.
  16. this is my dad's rhino he's selling. it is in excellent condition and a smokin deal.most of the time he putts around up at his cabin on it.he's selling it to fund another project. 550 miles oversized Bighorn tires front rack,rear side rails,doors cdi box,k&n filters center console,floor plates,fender well metal guards roof,windshield, and gun scappord $7500 firm 602-380-2509 ask for Randy
  17. lefty

    2006 yamaha rhino 660 4x4

    i figured it would be gone by now,it's still for sale as far as i know nobody's looked at it????
  18. lefty

    Power of positive thought,

    positive thinking didn't do it for me,may i suggest prayer.good luck!!!!
  19. lefty

    2006 yamaha rhino 660 4x4

    ya give him a call and set something up with him to look at it. it's a very nice machine.
  20. lefty

    2006 yamaha rhino 660 4x4

    those pics are from my dad's work in central phoenix, is that what you mean?
  21. does anyone have any experience with the Howa brand of rifles? i won one at the elk banquent and was wondering if it's any good, i heard that Howa makes the actions for weatherby so i think it might be good but just curious if anyone knows, thanks.
  22. lefty

    howa rifle ?

    i like what i'm hearing, i was afraid i was gonna have to sell it, but i think i'll go ahead and keep it. it's a 243, stainless with the syn. green stock. the stock feels kinda rubbery is that how yours is too?
  23. lefty

    ruger 22-250

    rifle sold!!!!!!!!
  24. lefty

    ruger 22-250

    i'm selling my ruger m77 22-250 with a blued bull barrel it has a weaver 3x9 scope on it, the gun is in excellent condition, i just don't hardly shoot it, and need some money. $450 obo, thanks