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  1. lefty

    ruger 22-250

    i got the gun from my dad several years ago and to tell you the truth i haven't shot it enough or tinkered with it enough to tell you what it can do. i've shot a couple of rabbits with it though
  2. lefty


    got my desert sheep when i was 14, been trying 18 yrs now for my rocky to finish off my big 10
  3. lefty

    remington 700 sps 300 win mag

    rifle sold! thanks
  4. i'm listing this for my friend, it's a remington 700 sps in the 300 win mag,it has a muzzle brake,timney trigger, and has been accurized. this gun is in excellent condition,he's asking $500 obo. pm me if interested and i'll give you his phone #
  5. my friend was looking at buying a huskemaw scope that's made by the best of the west tv show, has anyone ever used one of these with the turrets, he didn't know if he should try this or just go with either the swarovski with the turrets or the tds. any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. lefty

    Long range rifles?

    i have a remington 700 in th 300 rum, and love it, the only thing i've done to it is a trigger job, and a muzzle break, i got lucky, it shoots factory ammo, half inch @ 100 yds. i topped it with a 6-24 swarovski with the tds. best scope made in my opinion. i took it out, hit 2 inches low @ 785 yards using my bottom crosshair. it's all about the scope, don't get me wrong, you have to have a gun that shoots pretty good, but your scope is what makes those far shots possible.
  7. lefty

    Leica LRF 1200 Scan Demos for $349.99

    i'm in the market for the crf 1200's how much do you guys sell'em for?
  8. lefty

    reservation tags

    i got the last jan. tag in unit A, my cousin got it for me, so i didn't talk to the indians, but i would imagine there are plenty of nov. tags left. my cousin got up there at 5 a.m. and didn't get his tag until noon.
  9. has anyone heard when the tags are going on sale? it's funny you call there , talk to two different people and get two different answers,they're really unorganized there aren't they?
  10. lefty

    Unique looking buck

    hey nitroaz, i saw a buck last weekend that looked a lot like that one,did you happen to kill him on the north east side of china peak? you can just answer yes or no,i'm not trying to find out your spot, i just want to know if that buck i saw is dead, thanks.
  11. lefty


    nice bear, in 01 i killed a sow in unit 31 , they aged her at 21 years,wonder how many bears she was responsible for? plunket does good work, but is it just me or has he turned into a real fruit?
  12. lefty

    sighting in problems

    i have the same gun with a swar. 6x24x50 on it the outdoors man put the scope on with low rings, it clears the barrel by about a 16th of an inch but it works fine.
  13. was just wondering if any bear hunters saw any elk,i drew the early muzz. bull tag.thanks.
  14. lefty

    Unit 23 bear

    has anyone seen any elk in 22s while bear hunting?i have that muzz. bull tag for oct. 6.
  15. lefty

    Who's ready for bear?

    i killed a bear in 31 about 6 years ago, they were way down eating mesquite beans i killed it about 1-1 half miles east of fort grant that was a wierd year, haven't seen em there since. there's a lot of prickly pear you can glass from the pavement east of stockton pass,seen a real nice coues there also. also saw a bear on the north part of the pinaleno's there's some cactus there too. oh ya game and fish said that sow i killed was 20 years old it was a cinnamon bear.