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  1. sweet buck, love 4 point coues deer
  2. lefty

    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

    that's cool
  3. lefty

    1st Archery Kill.

    Archery javelina is one of the funnest hunts out there, nice job
  4. lefty

    Glassing Direction

    The deer are going to be where they're going to be, you gotta look everywhere
  5. Posting for a friend, Remington sendero 2 in 7mm mag, muzzle brake, glass bedded, timney trigger, 50 hand loads, rifle only scope not included asking $1300. If interested call Tanner 623-206-0190
  6. lefty

    Remington sendero 2 in 7mm mag

    price drop to $900
  7. lefty

    Who am I?

    i was reading somewhere not too long ago that where his dog and vehicle were found was near the border of the reservation and that authorities could not cross that border, i bet he hiked onto the rez and made his getaway. don't know how true that is about authorities not being able to go on the rez
  8. since this went to a draw several years ago, does anyone know the odds of getting a tag, i think i'm going to start applying but was wondering how long it might take to get a tag. the last time i bought one was in 2008 when the crazy line fiasco was going on, i was thinking late january early february, is that when you apply still or is it in december now? thanks in advance for any help with my questions
  9. lefty

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    my buddy had the tag and never saw an elk, g&f have ruined that unit, its all about the $$$
  10. lefty

    Are the bulls still vocal !

    still bugling some in 5bn
  11. try looking around cordes junction area or dugas road, should find some
  12. lefty

    Unit 9

    nice buck, my buddy just got back from the same hunt, he said the same thing that it was tough. he spoke with the game warden and he told my buddy that he honestly didn't know if there was a record book buck in the whole unit this year
  13. lefty

    Deer Tags

    why did they start making them so big?you have to cut some of it off to get it to fit in your wallet
  14. lefty

    Leftover tag posted to my portal

    35b here, never stepped foot in the unit but going deer hunting first time since 2010
  15. lefty

    Which Tires?

    nitto terra grapplers very good tires
  16. lefty

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    i remember a sign on the mt wilson trailhead by sedona saying that back in 1885 mr. wilson was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear, i know that this doesn't pertain to the last grizzly but kinda cool to know there used to be grizzlys by sedona
  17. lefty


    i love it when delw gets fired up ha ha, ol rim job or whatever his name is went barking up the wrong tree
  18. lefty

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    i can tell you first hand that the fishing at picachos is unbelievable, me, my dad and my son caught around 650 bass in 3 days of fishing, up to 6lbs most in the 2-3 lb range. it would be worth it to get this and go do some bass fishing.......i'm debating myself
  19. lefty

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    there's a fish & ski stratos in the for sale section on here, might be what you're looking for
  20. lefty

    Daughters first kill

    My daughter killed her first animal this morning and I am one proud dad! She made a great 50 yard shot as it was walking, great job Tourie!
  21. lefty

    Unit 9

    i know 4 people with that same tag, should be a fun hunt
  22. lefty

    Where Am I?

    looks like the bloody basin rd looking east across the verde towards the matazals
  23. lefty

    sxs windshield recommendations

    i have a flip up windshield on mine, the bottom half is always on and i take the top part off in the summer and then have the full in the winter i think it;s made by kolpin
  24. lefty

    Daughters first kill

    night and day from last year to this year, last year i went 4 different weekends and saw 0 pigs, this year i went 4 different weekends and saw pigs every time, i guess thats hunting