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  1. lefty

    Looking for a coues skull

    What part of town are you in
  2. lefty

    Zeiss 15x60 help

    Check the outdoorsman
  3. lefty

    Unit 9 Goats

    I figured it was that younger guys buck Dillon or something I think was his name but not sure
  4. lefty

    Unit 9 Goats

    Don't want to be a downer, but my buddy had this tag last year and couldn't find a good buck?? I'm sure there's still some big one's in there somewhere, just curious what part of the unit your buddy killed that giant
  5. lefty

    Favorite Westerns

    The original magnificent 7
  6. lefty

    WTT Ammo

    Pm sent
  7. Have any 150 grain sciroccos power level 3?
  8. Looking for 150 grain Remington premier scirocco bonded power level 3 for .300 rum. My rifle shoots these excellent and they don't make these any more. Anyone have any sitting around they can part with, thanks
  9. lefty

    WTB remington premier .300 rum ammo

    Crap. No it needs to be the 150 grain but thanks.
  10. lefty

    Hoyt katera for sale

    Listing this for my dad, original owner hoyt katera 30", 70 lb asking $350. He is able to use a crossbow so no longer needs this. Pm me if interested and can give you his phone #
  11. Just after Christmas on my wife's deer hunt in unit 21 we were stalking the buck she shot, we were within about 500 yards when I heard a helicopter coming, that thing came right over the mountain top, right over the deer......I thought...well that couldn't have happened at a worse time. We kept working towards the deer and finally I could see them, it didn't even affect them they were in the same spot
  12. lefty

    Sd card reading app for android?

    I use sd card manager on my phone, it seems to be work good
  13. lefty

    300 RUM Ammo

    I wish these were the 150 grain, I'd of bought them
  14. lefty

    Son's first archery pig

    After 4 years of archery pig hunting, my son finally had it all come together. Shot it at about 15 yards
  15. lefty

    1 pig down so far 2021

    Nice! Looks like a pretty big pig
  16. lefty

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Saw a rutting mule deer yesterday, also saw whitetail does by themselves and my wife shot an 80-85" whitetail that was with 2 does, I think things are just getting started in unit 21 anyways
  17. My wife just got a surrendered tag for unit 21 December white tail. This is going to be fun
  18. lefty

    Thought about HECS clothing

    I got one of the suits for my birthday a couple years ago but haven't tried it out yet if I remember I'll wear it on my archery pig hunt in January
  19. lefty

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    sunset sporting goods was awesome, as I got older a fake i.d. and Mr Lucky's was awesome, lot of fun memories of that place and some mornings wondering what was laying beside me ha ha. Also remember my mom and dad dove hunting by some orchards at 59 the ave and cactus.
  20. lefty

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    "wash your hands after going to the bathroom!, Hepatitis can catch you,who? You!!! " I still sing that stupid song to my kids ,they look at me like I'm stupid
  21. lefty

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    When I get to a glassing spot I generally take a quick glass across the area trying to pick out the easy ones that might be out in the open, using my tripod of course. After the quick scan I will go back over the same hillside, valley, whatever it is very slowly using a grid pattern and making sure to overlap the field of view each time I move the glass so nothing is missed. I cannot tell you how many times I've been sitting in one spot in my binos and a deer just walks out from behind a tree or bush. I will sit in the same spot for several hours just slowly going over the same county over and over again
  22. This seems like it is going to be a tough one to find
  23. at lake pleasant pkwy and deer valley they had 3 or 4 rifless with sales tags on them yesterday afternoon didn't take a good look at them to see exactly what they were
  24. lefty

    OHV decal

    they also don't issue a paper title anymore unless you request it. we paid off my daughters tacoma a couple of months ago and never got a title from the credit union. when i called them they told me it is in the system electronically now.i called the mvd to request a paper one and like others was on hold for over an hour and hung up
  25. lefty


    Looks like a couse to me a mule deer would have a white butt