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  1. lefty

    Left Over List

    List is out, slim pickings for sure never seen it like this
  2. lefty

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    man that is crazy, i sold him numerous things, mainly youth hunting stuff over the years on here, he was a good dude, sad to hear
  3. lefty

    Max Point Question

    i am 2 off max can only apply for rocky i'm guessing i got 10 more years. hope you draw soon ralph,
  4. lefty

    Massive Coues Buck

    Holy cow
  5. lefty

    Massive Coues Buck

    Looks somewhat similar to mine but that one has more mass
  6. lefty

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    My daughter got her 1st youth deer tag, hopefully more hits on my other cards to come
  7. lefty

    Mask Requirements

    this whole thing is b.s. in my opinion it is not half as bad as the media is making it out to be. the media is the freaking virus. ever heard of natural selection? let this crap run its course and be over with it isn't any worse than the flu.this is my opinion of the thing, i'm tired of hearing about it
  8. lefty

    i am in for bighorn

    29 points and still trying for my Rocky, got my desert when I was 14 years old just as bonus points were starting up
  9. lefty

    OHV decal

    I went to 3rd party place last Thursday, the lady told me since the system update that everyone with sxs are having problems, anyway I opened my mailbox today to find 4 adot envelopes. 2 of them were 2020 ohv stickers that expire at the end of may and one was the correct ohv sticker that expires next year. The final envelope was the correct registration. Not sure what's going on, but things down there seem way screwed up
  10. lefty

    OHV decal

    i keep trying to renew my s x s registration on service az and when i enter my liscense plate and vin # it tells me the gvw must be between 1 and 2500 and won't let me go any further. i mailed it in over 2 weeks ago and they still haven't cashed my check and i haven't recieved it in the mail. i think i will go to a third party place after work tomorrow
  11. lefty

    Anyone else get their Stimulus Check?

    i owed the feds this year and mailed my check to them in early march, i got my stimulus money wednesday morning
  12. lefty

    Shot before

    i killed one with a 22 mag a long time ago....i shot it right behind the ear
  13. lefty

    My daughter's second pig

    Took my daughter out this morning for her 2nd pig hunt. Glassed up a herd right off the bat, put the sneak on them and after pursuing them for a little ways this bore stood up out of his bed and she shot him at about 75 yards. I'm super proud of her, she's the cheerleader type of girl but a couple years ago I talked her into giving hunting a try, I think I got her hooked😀
  14. I would not shoot, I have friends that lion hunt with dogs and the amount of time and effort and money and training that goes into this is mind-blowing. To me it feels like cutting in front of someone that you know is making a stock on an animal, kinda an a-hole move but that's just me
  15. lefty

    My daughter's second pig

    Thanks, don't know why it's sideways
  16. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    I'm selling my electric pellet smoker, I've had it for about 2 years and I think I've used it about 3-4 times, it's in excellent shape and comes with cover asking $150 obo p.m. if interested, I live in the n/w valley
  17. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    Smoker is sold, thanks
  18. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    responded to everyone who p.m. me
  19. lefty

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    I live in North Peoria
  20. lefty

    Any big buddy heaters for sale ?

    just got a bass pro ad in the mail, the one posted in above post is on sale for $69.
  21. sweet buck, love 4 point coues deer
  22. lefty

    1st Archery Kill.

    Archery javelina is one of the funnest hunts out there, nice job
  23. lefty

    Glassing Direction

    The deer are going to be where they're going to be, you gotta look everywhere
  24. Posting for a friend, Remington sendero 2 in 7mm mag, muzzle brake, glass bedded, timney trigger, 50 hand loads, rifle only scope not included asking $1300. If interested call Tanner 623-206-0190