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  1. i was just going to put my son in and i see what you're saying, the system must be screwed up this morning
  2. lefty

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    i remember back in the 90's there was a picture in the newspaper of a small bull around picacho peak down toward tucson
  3. i accidentally double clicked the pay button and it did it to me yesterday
  4. lefty

    20 points

    ha ha sorry it was late at night after i'd had a few to drink and i thought i was in the sheep section
  5. he said 2 nice buicks, did he steal 2 cars maybe?
  6. lefty

    20 points

    i'm at 28 still trying to get my rocky tag, i probably have another 10 years to go ha ha
  7. lefty

    New Service Fee

    glad i got my lifetime license 25 years ago don't have to deal with any of this bs
  8. lefty

    Just here waiting.........

    i saw a picture of a real nice ram that looked kinda like that curly ram but i'll let those guys post the picks if they choose to
  9. lefty

    Spring Tags

    nothing here either, thinking on monday or tuesday
  10. lefty

    Obscure Places With Great Taxidermy in AZ

    there's a gas station south of 1-40 on the west exit at ashfork that has a few cool mounts and some old pictures of deer from a big buck contest up there and also the bbq place called lulu belle's has a few mounts, that might be the place the other guy was thinking of
  11. lefty


    i got a stihl chainsaw as a safety award at work a while back and at first i couldn't get it to run, i finally realized it was really easy to flood the thing,i figured out a few pulls with the choke on and then a few pulls with it off and it starts right up, maybe this will help
  12. lefty

    new draw format sucks

    i'm sure it's like everything that involves change, hate it at first but as time goes on it will grow on you......maybe like mold haha
  13. lefty

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    i am right handed and left eye dominant, i shoot left handed but use right handed rifles, i shoot a bow right handed........i'm all messed up
  14. lefty

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    nice goat !
  15. My buddy shot this boar opening evening at about 150 yards, the prickly pear was unbelievable this year
  16. we saw 4 bears in this area, there was a big black one that we were after, he came out at about 4:40 friday afternoon when it clouded up, i think he winded my buddy because he held up and acted real hesitant and then he went back the same way he came in, this one popped out right under my buddy at about 5:30 and he blasted him.
  17. Posting for a friend,he is selling a 2016 jayco Baja edition trailer fully self contained, fully loaded, sets up in 5 minutes, custom cover, has platform in the front to carry a quad or other gear, it is brand new and never used. He inherited it from his dad that passed away and never had the chance to use it, asking $12,500 obo. Pm if interested and I'll give you his phone number, thanks
  18. lefty

    2016 jayco travel trailer

    bump $10,500
  19. lefty

    UTV Jack Question

    bottle jack here too, fits under the seat of my teryx along with a lot of other tools
  20. lefty

    Kawasaki utv dealer

    i bought a teryx 4 le back in may, the cheapest one i could find was at cottonwood motorsports, that being said ridenow in peoria did pricematch it so i bought it close to home
  21. lefty

    Home A/C help

    i will give everyone some advice, never call goettl air conditioning, those guys are low life thieves! a couple summers ago my air had problems so i called them, the guy said low freon so he filled it up and also told me the unit was bad and tried to sell me one for $10,400. the next day i had cool touch come over and give me a quote for the same exact unit, the price? $6,400. i still have the same unit and it's working fine. i still get pissed off talking about this!
  22. lefty

    AES- Volunteer water haulers

    What about the guys that have their own truck and water trailer, a guy I know has signed up two different times on the web sight to help out and nobody has ever contacted him
  23. lefty

    Storms a comin

    In benson right now, raining hard just north of here
  24. lefty

    2 Swarovski 20x60x80 HD spotting scopes

    both are spf. thanks
  25. I have 2 Swarovski 20x60x80 HD spotting scopes for sale, 1 is mine and 1 is my dad's. We are the original owners and have kept them in excellent condition. Each one comes with the Swarovski soft case and 1 of them will come with the camo case as seen in the picture. Asking $1600 each firm. I am located in Peoria but will be in Tucson this week if anyone down south is interested. Shoot me a p.m. if interested thanks