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    Outdoorsman's backpack

    I'm selling my like new outdoorsman's backpack, I used it on 2 hunts and it's been sitting in my closet collecting dust.its in perfect shape with no rips tears or blood stains, it is in some type of limited edition camo too. asking $325 p.m. me if interested, I'm in Peoria Friday through Sunday and in Tucson Monday- Thursday so if you're in Tucson I can get it down to you, thanks
  2. lefty

    Razor e300 scooter

    p.m. back to you,thanks
  3. lefty

    Outdoorsman's backpack

    phone # sent to you in p.m.
  4. lefty

    Let's Talk Rifle Coues.

    my son shot a buck on the youth hunt in unit 21 yesterday that was all rubbed it was a small 3x3
  5. lefty

    Security Screen Door or Company Recommendations?

    +1 for first impressions, we had them install a front door that has glass that opens up on it. looks and works great, but pricey
  6. lefty

    well well well...

    bet he doesn't have that big smile giving the thumbs up now does he, freaking db
  7. lefty

    Where to buy kids hunting clothes

    I always found good kids stuff at sportsmans wharehouse
  8. lefty


    how much for the.... i'm interested ha ha
  9. lefty

    Where, o where?

    santa cruz river
  10. a few years back my old lady drew 13b and never got her tag in the mail, i called g & f and they told me to wait until the end of august to see if it shows up....it never did so we ended up going down there and they issued us another tag, i was worried but it worked out
  11. lefty

    Looking for a Mr.Heater...Buddy heater

    I have the big buddy heater for our jumping jack and it works great! i'm scared to let it run all night, like the other guy said....I don't want to wake up dead
  12. lefty

    mechanic in peoria?

    anyone know of a reputable mechanic in the west valley, i have an a/c issue, cold air only comes out of the passenger side vents and not the drivers side? and i think i have an exhaust leak at the manifold. i know some places can be shady and i don't want to get bent over so let me know if you have a place that won't screw me over....thanks
  13. lefty

    mechanic in peoria?

    well I ended up using dave @az auto tech and couldn't be happier. dave kept me updated on everything, was a fair price, got it done fast and didn't try to tell me half of my truck needed fixed. thanks for the input guys
  14. lefty

    mechanic in peoria?

    thanks for the info guys, i'm going to make some phone calls
  15. lefty

    Small Mouth Fishing on the Black River

    I fished the pump station last summer it sucked for smallmouth, caught maybe 8 or 10 small ones, we actually caught more trout than smallmouth
  16. lefty

    Hunting Dilemma

    pic your poison, a black bear hunt you'll be sweating your butt of getting eating up by knats in august or a mountain lion hunt you'll be freezing your butt off riding on the back of a mule all day.....both are great adventures
  17. lefty

    First time bear hunter

    matazal's, sierra anches, starting in late july look for ridges that have a lot of prickly pear, if they have the fruit on them the bears will be there once they turn red, the fruit doesn't grow on them every year, it's hit or miss, if there's no fruit then they'll be eating acorns or manzanita berries and most likely you won't be able to glass them up so you might want to try varmit calling
  18. lefty

    San Carlos Reservation Fishing Tanks

    I believe most of the tanks around point of pines lake have fish in them, not sure if they still stock them, I can't remember the names of the tanks but I've caught smallmouth, largemouth and trout in them, point of pines can be good for trout too
  19. lefty

    Antelope? Pronghorn?

  20. lefty

    Bluegill or Crappie near Williams?

    for the last time.....try sante fe lake lol never been there
  21. lefty

    Fishing Pole/Reel for kids

    +1 on the zebco 33, i still use one when i go to the black river
  22. lefty

    Need a A/C guy

    i'll tell you who not to call.......goettl a/c those cheating s.o.b.'s. they royale tried to screw me last summer the guy tried to sell me a new unit for $10,450, cool touch came up with $6,700 for the same exact thing!!!!!
  23. lefty

    lake picachos, mexico

    last week me my son and my dad spent 3 days bass fishing on lake picachos in mexico with ron speed adventures, in the three days we caught 642 bass and that's not counting the one's that came off on the way to the boat. the big fish of the trip was 7 lbs along with a 6, several 5's a bunch of 4's most fish were between 2-3 lbs with an occasional dink. the rooms were decent with a/c in the bedrooms and hot water in the shower. the food and service was excellent too. I told my son on the way home that we'll have to sell the boat now because we're just waisting our time fishing in az. ha ha j/k
  24. lefty

    lake picachos, mexico

    they have rooms right at the lake, we stayed there for 3 nights and the 4th night we stayed in mazatlan
  25. lefty

    lake picachos, mexico

    look up ron speed adventures, it'll tell you all about it and have the prices and everything to expect