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  1. lefty

    4a antelope tag

    my buddy drew 4a for antelope, i hear it's a good unit with the potential for big bucks. has anyone on here had this tag the last couple of years and how was it. feel free to show some pics thanks
  2. lefty

    lake picachos, mexico

    it was, by far the best fishing I've ever experienced and to be with my son and dad topped it off.
  3. lefty

    4a antelope tag

    those are some great bucks, just curious what they scored ?
  4. lefty


    I happen to really like eric church,he's definitely in a different class of music kinda country-rock type stuff but not boyband at all. some of his songs have some really deep lyrics with strong meaning to them
  5. lefty

    4a antelope tag

    nice buck woody, looks like some good mass. my buddy has played the waiting game I think he had 24 bonus points, 4a was his 2nd choice
  6. lefty

    Found Old Plane Crash

    i'm sure several people have seen the old plane remains on the west side of the galuiros up copper creek
  7. lefty

    What does G&F do for a month?

    I would imagine it takes a while to sort through and input the hundreds of thousands of applicants into the system
  8. lefty

    Late hunt in San Carlos unit D

    d east or west if you don't mind me asking
  9. my dad has this in his ranger and it is awesome, makes late season hunting so much nicer, someone needs to buy this
  10. lefty

    San Carlos Rez Bucks 118/121

    i'm dying to hunt there again, just can't bring myself to fork out that $$
  11. lefty


    I too am right handed but shoot a rifle and pistol left, I am left eye dominant but I shoot my bow right. I have always shot right handed rifles and if I ever tried a left handed one I don't think I would like it
  12. lefty

    The right rifle ???

    I shoot left but with a right rifle so right is alright by me
  13. lefty

    My Son's 2016 Desert Bighorn

    that's a graet looking ram, love the flare, congrats
  14. lefty

    Careful what you wish for

    that's one giant 5 x 5
  15. lefty

    Traxxas remote control truck

    truck is spf
  16. My son is selling his remote control truck he got last Christmas, he hardly even used it,works perfect. P.m. me if interested, $150 obo
  17. lefty

    Traxxas remote control truck

    i'm pretty sure it's 1/10 scale
  18. lefty

    Traxxas remote control truck

    bump for a great Christmas gift
  19. lefty

    Spandex Mafia

    I used to see packs of these queers coming home from fishing at Bartlett, that road is narrow enough and then these guys think they're entitled to half of it
  20. lefty

    Camper shell

    Selling this camper shell paint is peeling on it otherwise in good shape, currently on a 1999 Ford long bed, assume it will fit most long bed pickups asking $250 obo. Pm me if interested thanks
  21. did anyone else read the article in the paper saturday morning about how obama could sign a bill into effect before he leaves office that could expand gcnp by 1.7 million acres? this could end up closing some hunting areas in units 12a e/w 13a 13b and 9 if i was reading it right, let's hope he doesn't sign it
  22. lefty

    13 B

    should be great up there this year, they moved 13b back a week later than usual so the rut should be going pretty good
  23. lefty


    glad you named him after me! ha ha, that's an awesome deer
  24. lefty

    Unit 21 coues tag

    my son has the same tag, have had this hunt before and usually find deer in the same spots year after year, he shot a real nice one last year it's in the youth section of the forums somewhere
  25. lefty

    300 weatherby mag

    bump $1100 obo