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  1. bear402


    Whollly Molly , That's a big ol 5x5 ! NICE SHOT!
  2. bear402

    6b bear

    Congratulations on that bear. I wonder if he was raiding a wild bee hive for a tasty Honey treat : )
  3. bear402

    Big Bear Down

    That's a big bruin ! Bushwacken in the dark with a heavy load on your back is a be och ! Congratulations to you guys . on a well earned bear.
  4. I have hunted December/January archery down in 36b & 36c off and on for the last 8 years. I have run into many illegals but havent had any serious issues with them . I'm burned out on that area , not from fear , but due to all the activity caused by the illegals and drug runners.With border patrol chasing them on foot, horseback, on quads and with choppers buzzing the tanks it can be a little disruptive to a hunt. Kudos to BP, as I know their efforts are necessary, but I have decided to move on to different units to chase deer in Az . When I hunt , I am looking for a peaceful experience, with less acivity busting up my hunts. I love the country down in the 36's less all the trash in the washes and there's plenty of deer to chase around . Best of luck to everyone hunting down there. Hope you get one of those 100 inches that I've seen down there.
  5. bear402

    Kidso fedish

    Here ya go Kidso, Dont want you to be disappointed. From this last Saturdays scouting trip. Thoe are awsome bears. I'd shoot any of them with my bow. Just a beautiful Blinde bear! 2 more weeks and ill be spot and stalk hunting them bears : )
  6. bear402

    Meat processing ( Set up )

    That's a great buy for someone ! I have that 1 HP Cabelas grinder and it's awesome. Cabelas wants at least 500.00 for it plus shipping. With the table and dehydrator this is a screamin deal ! Good luck with the sale .
  7. bear402

    Black Bear Stew - pics not in order

    Looking really good Kidso ! IMO the only time to just throw a bear steak on the grill is when you need new soles on your boots ! My preference is to either eat bear cooked down in a stew like Kidso made or cook up chili, chili verde type dishes. The key is to cook it way down until it's nice and tender in its own gravy. Nice lean "ground bear" cut with eight to ten percent beef fat cooked in various forms such as tacos, burritos, spaghetti, enchiladas, bear helper ect. is a great way to eat bear meat. A nice bear burger is pretty good too . I have eaten a lot of bear and it's good stuff !
  8. bear402

    Forest Rd closed due to bears

    NFS is obviously trying prevent any potential "Bearjacking" episodes along the route ! Just a ridiculous action IMO !
  9. Big Congratulations on your first archery bear ! Thanks for the play by play. Bears have a tendency to pop out of the brush really close to you at times ! Welcome to the Sloth !
  10. bear402

    The Lucky One

    Way to be dude,, Good job locating , calling and killing that nice bear. I'd be throwing that release in the trash ! Lucky you didn't run out of arrows. I understand that little bit of crazy TJ was talking about. Dem bears get in your blood for sure. When you're on a bear , fear isn't a consideration. When reflecting back is when you think about how that bruin might have Et' me for a snack ! Congratulations on a job well done . Our archery bear opens up the 3rd Saturday in August . I'm ready to go now ! : )
  11. I enjoyed the write up Kidso Only thing that ever came in when I tried my hand callin bears was a weasel. I've killed plenty of bears , just never had much luck calling them Bummer that you couldn't recover that bear !
  12. bear402

    6'8" Boar DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on a Nice Bear ! Those teeth are definitely worn down .
  13. bear402

    CouesWhitetail.com mobile App! get it!

    I got it on my iphone . After scanning it I had to open the page in safari to get the option to install the app. I like it !
  14. Nice shot ! Your quiver looks like mine, A mix of fletching configurations My 4 inch vanes usually have small game blunts and the 2 inch blazer/predator vanes will have my deer and bear slaying Bheads on em'
  15. bear402

    Over the counter archery ugly pig

    At least you shot it right in the ULGY !!! Looks like Mange.