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  1. Give this guy a call. Frankie 4805868217 He can take care of all your cabinet needs. For remodeling, call Mick at 6029805317
  2. Cleaning out the closet.. 74 ct. Sierra 180 gr. RN 18.00 85 ct. Sierra 220 HPBT 30.00 200 ct. Hornady .308 168 gr. BTHP 50.00 100 ct. Berger .308 175 gr. Hunt VLD 55.00 80 Remington .308 180 gr. PSP 20.00 370 Ranier 40 cal. 165 gr. FP 55.00 850 Hornady .356 124 gr. Lead 125.00 Possible trades for 4831 SSC, RE25, H1000 or Kayak FTF south Chandler
  3. RodinAZ

    Components- reduced prices. 9mm, 30, 40 pills

    Prices reduced. Deleted sold items
  4. RodinAZ

    Components- reduced prices. 9mm, 30, 40 pills

    New bullets added
  5. RodinAZ

    Components- reduced prices. 9mm, 30, 40 pills

    All SPF except for 270 caes.
  6. RodinAZ


    How about a 300 Suzuki?
  7. RodinAZ

    22 ammo

    Found these at Bass Pro this afternoon, don't really need them so I'll sell for what I have in them. Would prefer to sell to someone with kid(s), 1 box per family. I bought two boxes. FTF in South Chandler.
  8. RodinAZ

    22 ammo

    Both boxes spoken for. Just trying to help out when I can, eventhough $30 is stupid money for a box of 22s it pisses me off seeing people gouge others to make a buck.
  9. RodinAZ

    Glock 42 FS sold

    Like NIB G42 with 3-6 rd. magazines, original box, manual, fired case and enough ammo [20 rds] to help you get you home safely. $450 firm, FTF in South Chandler. No trades.
  10. RodinAZ

    Glock 42 FS sold

    Sold Thank you
  11. RodinAZ

    Carport to garage

    My buddy is a contractor and this is in his wheelhouse, I can PM ilhis info if you still a good and honest contractor.
  12. Whatcha got left? I terested in the 6mm and 7mm pills and powders
  13. RodinAZ

    I need a block wall qoute.

    Try Duane Shumway, he is reasonable and does great work. 6028824419
  14. RodinAZ

    Big D strikes again

    Nice, that is awesome. Congrats!
  15. RodinAZ

    Refrigerator repairman needed

    in the east valley, south Chandler. Thanks in advance
  16. RodinAZ

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    Yeah, UPS Stores are franchised and have greater restrictions regarding firearms than UPS hubs. When I shipped firearm "parts", they were called machined parts when I used those particular stores.
  17. RodinAZ

    218 bee

    No dies or brass but have some .223 diameter bullets [50-60] you can have. Depending on the age of the rifle may have an impact on I.D. barrel diameter. Good luck on your new rifle.
  18. RodinAZ

    Rut Activity

    I got this guy chasing cows on 9.11, had several pictures of him hounding the group of cows and him buggling in a couple shots. Only heard a few bugles that weekend, pretty slow due to Temps I believe.
  19. RodinAZ

    OMP recurve bows F/S

    I have two of these OMP Explorer 2.0 recurve bows for sale, both like new with a dozen arrows each [or close to it]. One is a 62" 35# draw weight and is LH. The other is a RH 54" with 24# draw weight. String and gloves included as well. $75 each ftf in South Chandler
  20. Leupold 3.5-10x 1" tube with duplex reticle. $200 Warne 1" medium ring set. $35 FTF in Chandler
  21. RodinAZ

    Leupold 3.5-10x Ruger M77 rings

    Sold, thank you Boarman
  22. RodinAZ

    Leupold 3.5-10x Ruger M77 rings

    scope and rings SPF
  23. RodinAZ

    WTB bow release for youths

    Getting both of my boys compound boys and need a couple releases. Also need light weight carbon arrows if you have 6 or more of the same. Thanks