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    Bear, Elk and Tinkerbell

    kidso, No cattle in this area that I have seen. I placed it so it catches run off, otherwise I stack water containers on a dolly which is not bad as it is all down hill.
  2. RodinAZ

    The results are up!

    34B Early December CWT here
  3. RodinAZ

    1st trail cam pix

    Just back from up North, here is my newbie trail cam results. My buddy was excited about the nice bull, however I was hoping for lots of cows. I changed up my setup and hopefully will get better results when I check again in a couple weeks. He had better luck on both of his, several nice bulls and plenty of cows for me, also seen a great looking buck Antelope in the pines!
  4. I have dealt with Mike at DTECH on numerous occasions and does pretty good work and is very reliable. Another good one is White Oak Armory, (John Hollingsworth if memory serves) he has supplied barrels for me for personal builds and I have never been disappointed.
  5. Vowell, Can is a SAS Ti30 with cordura heat shield
  6. I like an 18"-20" medium weight barreled rifle which offers good balance and follow through. Pictured is my 6.8 with 2.5-10X scope which offers good versatility for a range of critters.
  7. RodinAZ

    Nikon Coolpix L310

    Looks like it works just fine. Its time to replace my Canon P&S, I'll have to check out the Nikon. P.S Did the buzz worm's modeling career end soon after the photo shoot?
  8. RodinAZ

    Some new pics

    Good pix, I hope you get that pesky bear.
  9. RodinAZ

    Checked the cams part 2, sorry date is wrong

    Great pics! I'm heading up this weekend to put cameras out, hope I find a hot spot like yours
  10. RodinAZ

    Free Float or not?

    Free floating will most likely improve accuracy along with a properly bedded action. However an improperly bedded action will have the opposite effect. I had a rifle re-stocked and bedded by a "professional" rifle builder, it truly shot like crap, that is until I took it out of the brand new fiberglass stock and replaced it with the original Remington wood chassis and bedded it myself.
  11. RodinAZ

    Kids Bow

    I agree, I bought a youth compound bow last year, my 6 y.o was able to pull it back but not the 5 y.o. A recurve would be a better choice at the age of your little ones. I believe I bought the Barret compound bow kit, it came with a few arrows, however the arrows are about 5" too long and mostly do not fly very well.
  12. RodinAZ

    weapons works gunsmith

    +1 to Phoenix Custom Rifles. I just dropped off a another rifle today to have barrel threaded. Brad and Keith are GTG, they know their stuff and are straight up front with you on all costs.
  13. RodinAZ

    260 Remington

    What 308 and Wano said is spot on. I have had a couple 260 AIs and now have a 260 Rem and a 6.5X47L, the 260 is slightly superior ballistically but otherwise equal. I would be confident out to 600-700 yds. with either using a 130 gr. VLD on CWT. Recoil IMO is right between a 308 and 243, otherwise pretty light recoil.
  14. RodinAZ

    Looking for a new pack

    Just received a new Erbelestock (spelling?) its the M5 Team Elk pack @ 3100 ci which is expandable. It also comes with built in rifle scabbard and bow carrier. Although I have not used it yet, I like the features and abundance of pockets to store gear along with built in aluminum frame will make this great for packing in and out.
  15. My hunting buddy and I drew early Elk tags and he has decided to NOT put in for the draw for WT tags due to work constraints. This leaves me in a pickle as I could care less about work and would rather chase white tails. Therefore I am again this year without a hunt camp, same circumstance last year (hence, I need a dedicated Coues partner(s) I can count on) as I would rather hunt WT than anything else. I'm not looking for a guide or any hand holding as I consider myself very capable as a hunter, I just would rather hunt/camp with like minded hunters. So, if anyone would consider adding a dedicated Coues hunter to their camp I would be willing to have a conversation to see if I would be a good fit. PM me with your contact info or I'll send you mine. I live in Chandler and have hunted the 36 units with good success, although I would prefer one of the northern units (22-24) or open to suggestions. Thanks, Rod
  16. Thanks for the replies and PMs. I too like the idea about separate forum. Flatlander, I have only scouted and Coyote hunted in the 20s units, also spend alot of time in 3A, 4A and 4B on elk hunts and camping.
  17. My buddy ended up drawing a coveted early Bull tag (dang him) and has decided to purchase an OTC deer tag, primarily for an excuse to scout his unit prior to his golden hunt. Therefore my interest to apply for a deer tag was on the back burner due to his success and lack of interest in applying for a rifle deer tag. So I missed the application deadline and now my focus is on picking up a left over deer tag. I have hunted 36A and 36B with good success and chances are good I'll find myself hunting either of those units come fall due to the abundance of tags. My conundrum is I'd rather not hunt there by myself given the border situation and would rather hunt/camp with other(s). Therefore, I'm throwing this out there if you have room to add a die hard whitetail hunter to your camp, I would be willing to do my fair share +. I'd be open to other units pending tag availability. heck, I would entertain the thought of teaming up with others if they are in the same situation. Rod
  18. RodinAZ

    Who is shooting a 6.5mm

    The 6.5 is my favorite caliber, I have both a 260 and a 6.5X47, not much difference in a velocity difference as far as I can tell with my loads. Both are very accurate and the cartridges have proven effective on whitetails. With either of these rifles, I would feel confident taking shots up to 500+ yards depending upon conditions. The 6.5 CM would also be a good choice, albeit no appreciable difference between the other two.
  19. RodinAZ

    Inquiring 257 Weatherby setups,

    I bought a Rem. CDL last year that came with a Leupold custom dial scope, the scope worked very well as it came (used) with two elevation caps for different loads. However, the rifle itself didn't shoot well regardless of my efforts. This was the 1" model, if I were to buy another, it would be the 30mm model. Prior to this, I was using ballistic reticles for holdover at longish range. Recently, I've started dialing in the range as it is more consistent and allows you to dial in the correct adjustment for specific ranges.
  20. RodinAZ

    Leftover tag, hunt options?

    Thanks for the replies fellas! Great ideas, are there any Coues Whitetail events coming up this summer? I'm on a 60/60/50 work schedule starting after the upcoming holiday, therefore kinda limited on Saturday events.
  21. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to hunt suppressed, although not sure I will use one while big game hunting. Primarily due to the extra 10 or 12" a can will add to the length. I mainly see this as a benefit to the varmint and predator hunting crowd, as shooting prairie dogs is fun, shooting them suppressed is awesome. To comment on some of the previous posts; A class III license is not required to own a suppressor, you purchase class III items from a SOT/class III dealer, and after you complete the paperwork, include a $200 check payable to BATFE and wait 3 to 6+ months, you receive a FORM 4 (actually the form 4 is sent to the dealer) which allows you then to pick up the class III item from the dealer. A quality suppressor can be purchased for $500, up to $1200-$1500 depending on what you want. I have a Titanium 30 caliber can that works on every rifle caliber up to 300 magnums, I use it on my 17 Ackley Hornet, 223s etc.. So you could essentially have one "can" to handle all or most of your needs. If you want to shoot rimfire ammo, you need to purchase a rf can as they tend to get dirty. Some are solid and other makes allow you to disassemble them for cleaning. There are several methods in which you can purchase a Class III item, someone said "Trust", this is the most popular way. Many dealers will set up your Trust for free when you make the purchase, it only takes a few minutes, this is however a very basic trust in which you can add future purchases to and may not give you many options. The are other types of Trusts available, an attorney can set up other Trusts which would allow the Class III item to be automatically transferred to a beneficiary, whereas the basic will not (from my understanding)No finger print card needed, NO LEO paperwork- do your research. Next, you can purchase the item by means of personal application, this requires LEO approval, finger print cards and adds a couple weeks to the process, items cannot be transferred without going through the whole sales and approval process again. Lastly, a Corporation can take title of the Form 4, much like the Trust, it has similar application process, no finger print cards or LEO approval. The item stays with the Corp. for ever or until transferred to another Form 3 or 4. I'm not 100% sure on legalities of Corporation as far as use by Corp members, best to seek legal counsel if considering this route. Obviously, if you are considering a purchase, do your research and find the best method that meets your criteria. I'm sure I passed over some vital info and maybe some of the info I have is lacking. Regardless, the process is pretty straight forward and painless, other than the wait. Yes, suppressors do not silence, they only reduce the sound, typically somewhere around 30-35db reduction. Shooting subsonic gives incredible results, albeit a rainbow trajectory and not a realistic option for hunting big game, although a viable option for predator hunting where shots are within 100 yards.
  22. RodinAZ

    Powder F/S or trade

    I am located in Chandler
  23. RodinAZ

    Powder F/S or trade

    I have two unopened lbs of Re 17, 20.00 each or trade for other powders
  24. RodinAZ

    Powder F/S or trade

    OP updated, price is per lb. IBID
  25. RodinAZ

    Post you results

    Bonus points here, that just means I get to spend more time hunting whitetails.