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  1. birddogg21

    New Manners PRS1 stock/M700 or clone inlet.

    Color? Has it ever been bedded? SA or LA?
  2. Wow. Interesting second video. Guess that’s one way to skin a cat.
  3. birddogg21

    Kuiu 3200 icon pro and g7 br2 for sale

    My offer still stands on the pack
  4. birddogg21

    Kuiu 3200 icon pro and g7 br2 for sale

    Interested in any particle trades?
  5. birddogg21


    I used this code. Bags are awesome and we’re on my door the next day. I used sarge shooting bags before for PRS shoots and will only be using these guys. They do need to offer bags with heavier fill but for hunting these are great. Thanks for the Referral.
  6. birddogg21

    Like New BR2 for sale

    Kevin was awesome to deal with. Good seller for future reference.
  7. birddogg21


    T4 folding and T6 not. Don’t want to part with either. Just trying to soften the price tag on this scope. It have an X5, Atacr, and Khales. So this would def fit in the collection but none our mils. I shoot Competitively with a lot of guys using mils. Both are great but have been told many times to use one or the other and not mix. MOA a little more precise per click vs. mil very easy math. I case anyone was wondering.
  8. birddogg21


    Seriously though any interest in new manners carbon stock and cash? Have two to choose from. One folding and one not. Brand new never been bedded. Text me 520-603-9434. Great deal by the way wouldn’t hesitate to give you the cash but I’m an MOA shooter.
  9. birddogg21

    Like New BR2 for sale

    I’ll take it. Can you call me or text 520 603 9434
  10. Over I year ago I bought this off a very honest seller. I paid Immediately thru PayPal. Things didnt work out on meeting in the first month or two then I got shipped out of the country for work. Surprised to receive a text this morning from the seller, a guy of Tremendous integrity. Asking if I was the guy that bought it and he still had it. Its good to see that there is still honorable and honest CWT members. I guess it proves the rumor wrong that CWT is full of keyboard hunters. Thank you my friend and I apologize for not keeping better contact and for the douche bag post that followed your interest of keeping a deal whole.
  11. birddogg21

    Caldwell shooting table

    I've thought about buying one of these for the old man. How is the seat. Seems you can't move it in or out? Does it fit well?
  12. birddogg21

    Tri Gongs

    Where are you located
  13. birddogg21

    FS 2010 Polaris Razor 800S

    Updated price