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  1. Thank you, when are you available? 

    Bill 602-418-5084


  2. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

  3. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

    Yours. PM me and we can work out pick up. -scott
  4. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

    Sorry folks, the targets went fast! Wheels and Computer Rack still available along with a large plastic storage box and a few 5 gallon fuel cans.
  5. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

    They're factory wheels off a 2016 TRD, they're 18x8, I believe. 18 for sure but not sure of width is 8 or 9.
  6. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

    I think everything is spoken for. I will update as people pick up or flake out.
  7. GTIMANiac

    all gone, thanks all!

    Cleaning out my storage unit. If I’m already at the unit they’re free, if I have to make a trip to meet, six pack of Tower Station, Lagunitas IPA, Hop Stoopid or UnderCover Shutdown. Located at 63rd Ave and Bell Rd 4 factory Toyota Tundra TRD wheels, no sensors Dell 42U Rack from my colo
  8. Gone pending pick up. This was my dad's and I have hauled it all over the country with moves but moving back to Florida and limited on weight and space. It is at my storage unit 63rd Ave / Bell. I will meet you there and help load for a few bucks or a 4,6 or 12 of a good IPA. I do not have pictures, the belt and pulley cover needs re-attached and need a new chuck-key. But works great, heavy cast iron base and drill surface.
  9. Updated list of what is still available. If you PM me and ask "where am I located," I likely won't respond. If you want the car parts as scrap to sell, please move on. These are usable parts and not for an opportunistic scavenger, just looking to help out fellow forum members.
  10. Located around 55th / Happy Valley. Free pickup at the house for many items, beer to meet at the storage unit and help load others. $free. I have a bunch of factory tires off 2nd gen tundra, some with steel factory steel wheels. $free. Factory Axle Back C6 exhaust off a 2008 base (LS3) $free. Factory ZR1 Exhaust Manifolds off C6 LS9, with factory X pipe, cats are gone $50.00. Factory rails for Tundra 6.5' bed 2007+ $200.00 Factory 2016 Tundra TRD Wheels no sensors $350.00 Extang Solid-Fold 6.5' bed v1, very good condition
  11. I found one more half open case, they are 10 boxes of 50rds CCI Brass Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ $250. I am located in North Valley, around 55th / Happy Valley.
  12. GTIMANiac

    Cases of 9mm

    All gone for now. I will have to see if I find anymore in the coming weeks of packing. I was packing to move and realize I have a lot of 9mm and would like to unload some to pay for Christmas presents. I have one case of CZ and three cases of CCI / SPEER (two are bulk pack) one is 20 boxes. I am looking to sell two (your choice). 115gr FMJ brase case, new loads. These are 1k round cases, the loose packs typically have a few extra. $450 each or two cases for $800 $250 for a half case of S&B 124gr (500rds) I am in North Phoenix 55th / Happy Valley area so can meet around Norterra or 59th/101 or Sportsmans.
  13. GTIMANiac

    Turkey down

    Mine unfolded as a terrible hunting trip but great camping trip. G&F were using milk tankers to haul in water to the dry tanks.
  14. GTIMANiac

    Turkey down

    Congrats! It was awfully hot and dry in 6b. Saw some small elk and several bear, only one set of fresh turkey tracks though.