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  1. GTIMANiac

    What to do with coyote carcass?

    leave them where they drop typically
  2. I have run these steps for a few years and it's time to go to sliders. I was going to put these out on the street for bulk pickup, but someone can use them I am sure. They do have some slight dents and bends in a few places. They're free though ... straighten them or sell them cheap and make yourself some money. 55th / Happy Valley area.
  3. I live around the 17/101 and work around Scottsdale Rd/101. Never shot, very light surface rust on the hanging gongs from sitting in the garage. Asking 200 obo or what do you have to trade? Ammo, mags, whatever. Four 5" Static Gongs 3/8" Laser Cut 6", 8", 10" and 12" Hanging Gongs 1/2" Plasma Cut
  4. GTIMANiac

    Alpen Rainier EDHD 10x42

    Glad to see they were bought and warranties will be honored. I have a pair of Alpen 12x50s I've had for 12-13 years and they're as clear if not clearer than my Vortex Viper HDs.
  5. GTIMANiac

    Savage 12fv 204 Ruger (Sold)

    I punch quarters at 200 yards with mine. Fantastic pdog and coyote gun, though not very fur friendly.
  6. GTIMANiac

    German Shorthair Pups

    I never had the honor of meeting Bill West, but Bill Gibbons trained my two shorthairs back in 2005 for four months. He is the most patient and even-tempered man I have ever met in my life. I am happy he's retired but at the same time wish that he wasn't.
  7. GTIMANiac

    German Shorthair Pups

    I am interested in a bitch, however on the contingency I can find a trainer. Bill Gibbons trained my last two and he's no longer training. I am not interested in working with Tony M.
  8. GTIMANiac

    New model super Blackhawk 44mag 3.75”

    PM Inbound ... I am in North Phoenix area and work in North Scotts.
  9. GTIMANiac

    safe mover?

    I've used Jessie several times.
  10. I am located around 55th and Happy Valley and work at Scottsdale and Mayo, storage unit is at 63rd / Bell. All prices obo or whatever you may want to trade. Pictures later today. Through my many cars over the years I've accumulated lots of spare wheels and misc "stuff.” C6 Corvette Stuff Chrome Z06 Replicas, one rear has a bend in the outer lip, but the barrel isn't bent. $300 Base C6 exhaust not 3" from Z06 or ZR1 and not NPP. $50 Black Lloyd Mats with "Corvette" along the outside long edge. $50 2nd Gen Tundra Stuff 2007+ Double Cab Double Cab front and rear WeatherTech Mats. $100 Factory under rear seat storage. $75 6.5’ Rail System. $100 Extang Solid Fold 1.0 (6.5"). $475 Prodigy Brake Controller with Harness. $100 2016 Tundra TRD Wheels, no sensors or tires (you can have tires if you want, they’re just not mounted). $450 2012 Tundra Steelies with tires and TPMS Sensors (tires have low miles but DOT date is likely 2011 or 2012 so I wouldn’t use them on the road). $150.00
  11. i really do not feel like moving this, surely someone wants it!
  12. First come first serve. I would prefer you keep it or regift it rather than sell it, but to each their own. I am moving and just use my charcoal egg anymore. I will be at the house off and on today and this weekend to help load (for a six pack of Lagunitas Hop Stoopid or IPA) or bring someone and load yourself. I replaced the regulator last year works fine, just the back of two of the burgers are rusted out so flame distribution sucks. No bottle included.
  13. BowHuntAZ gets first shot. Matt you're second. This is what they are https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-military-surplus-pa116-storage-container-used?a=984639 https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/us-military-surplus-pa154-ammo-can-used?a=1935509
  14. In north valley around Happy Valley and 17. I traded my Double Cab for a crewmax ages ago and forgot this was in the garage until I started packing to move. I also have the factory rail system. $650 obo for both.