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  1. aztrucky

    AT&T or Verizon - which is better for hunting

    Hated T-Mobile, went back to Verizon.
  2. aztrucky

    Look for advice on boots

    Crispi Valdres has been a great boot for me.
  3. aztrucky

    Open window or through the mesh

    I've shot rage 2 blade mechanicals through mesh without any issues.
  4. aztrucky

    Elk Show 2016

    Some options for your squirrel problem.
  5. aztrucky

    Beetles in N valley

  6. aztrucky

    Meat Processors

    Sanchez Wild Game 27 e jones ave (central and broadway) Phx, az 602-375-1646 Dropped my deer off on a Thursday and it was ready Saturday, over-all very happy with their work.
  7. aztrucky

    Big bull in NM, score??

    Just curious, what month was that picture taken?
  8. aztrucky

    Hunting Clothes For Sale

    PM sent
  9. aztrucky

    What are the odds?

    Yes its a muley.
  10. aztrucky

    What are the odds?

  11. aztrucky

    What are the odds?

    Couldn't be more centered if was on his back.
  12. aztrucky

    Weird deaths!

    My Dad was a rancher in the the Wickenburg area, some of my fondest memories with him are sitting with him at the corrals in the summer watching his catle come to water. One hot summer morning we see this cow coming in from a couple hundred yards and it looks like she has a huge tumor on the side of her face. We let her walk into the corral and close the gate behind her and herd her into the squeeze chute, it wasn't a tumor, it was a dried up shell of a gila monster that had locked onto the side of her face. Thats the craziest thing I ever saw.
  13. aztrucky

    couple lion pics

    Very nice.