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  1. superdave

    new backpack?

    This is a pic of my gunrunner modification. I put a zip tie right above the grip to hold it in snug, and it can be removed quick when its time to go hot. this is a pic of the gunrunner on the right and the GS II on the left with rifles stuffed in them. It's all about what you want to pack. -sd
  2. superdave

    new backpack?

    +1 on the GS II. I can fit a telephone pole in mine. I got a new gunrunner this year to lighten things up for a day pack, and the scabbard is alot smaller. I had to slightly modify(cut it down the side about 3 inches) my pack to fit my modern sporter grip and let the rifle ride all the way down in the scabbard. Had a little heartburn over it at first, but now Im glad I did it. I only have about 4 inches of stock sticking out now. This should be a good light rig for steep going, and my rifle/scope will be well protected. If scabbard size matters, take a look at the GS II, it will pack alot of gear, and you can add on pouches, saddle bags and padded cases. It will hold 2 hydro pouches, and will pull up tight and hold your rifle snug. quality is first rate. I have badlands packs too, but none with a built in scabbard. -sd
  3. superdave

    Headed out to 36B in the morning....

    good luck Deven. We will be next door in C in a black Tahoe if my wife will let me... Same for us if anyone needs a hand. we will be there sometime Thursday. -sd 512-619-2504
  4. superdave

    Looking for eberlestock

    I dont think it will be mistaken for a lion, but it depends on where you hunt if it will stick out. I got my packs in open hide western slope. You should be ok. If you decide you want the camo later, that pack will hold its value pretty well, and you should be able to trade up or sell it and get a new one. -sd
  5. superdave

    Looking for eberlestock

    you will be glad you did. I have 2 of them, and they are top quality. -sd
  6. superdave

    Another Border agent killed

    It is a sad day indeed, when the actions of our government CAUSE us to not trust them. There is alot more to FF than we will ever know, and I think there is more to this than we will ever know. So just to re-iterate, our highly trained and equipped agents, who do this all the time for a living, mis identified each other, and they both opened fire on an unknown person, one of them opened fire on the other UNPREVOKED? I find this highly unlikely, when all the training and protocols are in place to prevent just such a thing from happening. Its all just a little too pat, and the narrative is the same: accident, friendly fire, workplace injury, safest border ever... I support the men and women in green, but the folks running things are dirty. They deserve better. -sd
  7. superdave

    AR-15 Owners Step Inside

    check out PK firearms. They run lowers for under 100 bucks and give a discount for 5 or more sometimes. I have built rifles on thier Roggio Arms, Noveske, Kieser Defense lowers and they all work great. +1 on the RRA 2 stage trigger. I love this trigger for hunting and target rifles. It's basically a barbie after that. I just finished a 6.8 SPC on an aeroprecision lower, stag 7L upper and a new bison 20" barrel. Stag offers a nice selection of rifles in left hand, and until I can convince Mark LaRue to put one out, I will be shooting stag uppers. -sd
  8. superdave

    Another Border agent killed

    God bless Josephine Terry, and grant her justice.
  9. superdave

    Another Border agent killed

    I just wonder, was Nick shooting bean bags like Brian Terry was? based on bogus rules of engagement? I love each and every one of those boys out there for thier service to US, and it really upsets me to think this is ff again. Really really upsets me. I'm with Casey. Turn them lose, and then have thier backs. It will never happen as long as the current folks are running the justice department. -sd
  10. superdave

    What 338 to get?

    338 RUM will do anything a Lapua will do, and do it cheaper. The round really shines with handloads. 200 gr CT is a top performer out to 600, and a 225 or 250 will do you right out to 1000. I shoot lefty's, and all my Ultra Mags are factory LH except the 375, it is custom shop. If you can't kill it with an ultra mag, it dont need killin. -sd
  11. I was in Cabellas the other day, and saw a new thingy. At the time, I had a new thingy already in my hand(chrony) and could not afford 2 new thingys for the week. I think it is made by Meopta, but it attaches your iphone to your spotting scope/rifle scope/binolulars and I suppose you can take high rez pics and vids? anyone have this new thingy yet?
  12. OK, I'll make a stab at this, yall bear with me, this is my second year hunting coues. Using on the width between the bases for scale, he may have a beam spread as much as 17 or 18 inches. He doesn't appear to be overly massive, but being out of focus a little, the pic could be deceptive. He is certainly high, and has some good mature Gs, but that photo shows no detail. Could we say he is prolly over 100" based on that pic? I think so, what do yall think? -sd
  13. what we DO NOT need, is more regulation. First come, first serve, or pistols at dawn. Pretty easy choice. -sd
  14. superdave

    140 2/8" AZ Coues Buck!

    what a beast, congrats!!
  15. what are yall talkin about? its clear as day... well I think i found him in there...hehe