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    Wifes first archery bull

    Congratulations on a wonderful bull.
  2. outlaw357derf

    First Archery Bull

    thanks for all the comments
  3. outlaw357derf

    First Archery Bull

    I was finally able to connect with my first archery bull with 3 days left to hunt. My Dad and I hiked up a ridge that I had been chasing this bull on well before sun up. We could hear bulls bugling as they left the meadow below. Coming up the trail I saw 3 cows coming up on top of the ridge. We heard the bull bugle below us which made my heart beat alot faster. I was watching where the cows appeared looking for the bull when up to my right I heard branches breaking. I looked over and saw the bull coming through the Jack pines. I drew my bow and waited till he gave me a shot at 25 yards through a football sized opening I let the arrow fly and it struck him right behind the shoulder. I had a great hunt and would like to thank my Dad. Without him I wouldn't have learned how to hunt, and he is the reason we found this bull. This bull bled internally and we tracked him until we got a visual and watched him go down. I would also like to thank Kevin and David, without them I never would have been able to get this bull loaded and hauled out. This bull grossed 332 1/8".
  4. outlaw357derf

    My Elk Hunt video. "The Perfect Storm"

    Congratulations on a sweet bull, being able to film it makes it a little sweeter.
  5. outlaw357derf

    unit 8 archery cow

    Good job to both, congratulations.
  6. While heading back to camp after a day of scouting for elk, I happened on this buck. First archery deer for me. Want to thank my Dad, Kevin, and Adam for being there and helping follow the blood trail.
  7. outlaw357derf

    Rain for the next 3 days

    With rain forecasts predicting heavy rain for the next 3 days my question is what is everybody in the sticks doing.
  8. outlaw357derf

    11 days and counting down

    With just 11 days to go until opening morning I am finding the anticipation to be almost unbearable. I am passing the time on my days off shooting my bow. I already have my bags packed, I constantly monitor Coueswhitetail.com, and I am pretty sure that my wife (though she will have to cook while I am gone) will be extremely happy to see me go. When I am practicing with my bugles and cow calls (ever since I found out I drew a Bull tag) she asks me if its really necessary. These are just a few of the quirky things I have had to deal with to be ready. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.
  9. outlaw357derf

    11 days and counting down

    heck yea, I wish I could go up this weekend. Darn work commitments. I do have the whole hunt off though too. Good luck cant wait to see pics to all.
  10. outlaw357derf

    Wtb cow elk decoy

    +1 bull basin
  11. outlaw357derf

    11 days and counting down

    I have 27, first archery elk hunt since I was 13.
  12. outlaw357derf

    new to hunting in AZ ..unit 22 help please

    the three bar area holds a lot of great bucks (coues & mule), but the hiking is not for the faint of heart. Very physically demanding.
  13. outlaw357derf

    opening morning buck

    now you're practiced up for your elk tag!
  14. outlaw357derf

    Aug. 2014 Hit List (revised)

    That guy is dandy!
  15. outlaw357derf

    Archery elk season is just around the corner

    fat fingered the 2 meant 32
  16. outlaw357derf

    Archery elk season is just around the corner

    awesome video thanks for sharing. I definitely cannot wait for the archery hunting/posts to begin. 22 days to go!
  17. outlaw357derf

    3B North Limited Opportunity hunt

    congratulations on your first elk, and the first elk posted for this year.
  18. outlaw357derf


    I prefer the Magnus Stinger broad heads 100 gr. They come in 2 or 4 blade option, and a replacement guarantee if you damage them, require little if any tuning. Through the Bowhunter Supply Store online they are affordable, which is another reason I chose to try these broadheads.
  19. outlaw357derf

    AZ Elk Trail Cam Pics

    WOW! those are some amazing bulls. Thanks for sharing.
  20. outlaw357derf

    A few dozen bulls from today

    great pics, looking awful dry out there hope El Nino drops rain before lightening fires up.
  21. outlaw357derf

    Velvet Bulls pics

    cool pics thanks for sharing.
  22. outlaw357derf

    Growing good

    great picks, thanks for sharing
  23. outlaw357derf

    Lightweight gear

    check out kings camo specials/bundles
  24. outlaw357derf

    The 2014 Elk Show Begins Now

    awesome pics, look forward to seeing the next set.