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    swarovski nl pure

    Nope! Well not at this time, need to see 5-6 real reviews. Then wait a year or two when they refine after all of the feedback. Finally old enough to have learned not to get excited and then have buyers remorse. But I will stare at them online a lot.
  2. rcdinaz

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    Do you draw straws to see who has to clean the legs at the end of the trip? 🤢
  3. rcdinaz

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    Our group all had "WalkStool" stools. One guy is 6'5" and was probably 275 and has used his for years now.
  4. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    Bear Country (Zoo) 😂
  5. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    W.A.G. "Wild A$$ Guess"
  6. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    23. WAG...
  7. rcdinaz

    Daisy fire getting big

    Throwing butts out the window should be punishable by flogging! Possibly one of the dumbest things witnessed every day.
  8. rcdinaz

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    Same deal, 25 years ago we used to go every year and hike down and fish from shore. The fish were usually bigger and healthier than the other lakes we fished. We fished with boats a fees times cowbells and dare devils.
  9. rcdinaz

    Wyoming draw results

  10. rcdinaz

    How many hunters vote?

    I hope all hunters vote... if you don’t already see the importance hunting related issues should give you plenty of additional reasons.
  11. If you are going all out not much can compete with Really Right Stuff but you are going to pay. There is a reason all the PRS guys use this stuff or copies from other vendors. All the ARCA and picatinny adapters are available and easily swappable, super durable, super adjustable, and lighter than they should be for being built like a tank. That being said I will go from CF manfrotto and CF benro combo to an Outdoorsman for this season. I want to go a bit lighter and giving support to the local guys is a big plus for me. Even though expensive still half the RRS gear.
  12. rcdinaz

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    OD Green or Dark Earth I am not that hung up between the two and I guess the green matches the Kowa colors better. I will go pick it up wherever you tell me or send the $13 whatever is easiest for you.
  13. I was playing with the same exact Oakley tint. Brings out brown, yellow, white colors and mutes green a bit. Originally a golfer tint from Oakley. What I noticed is brown becomes a bit more red when the blue is filtered, should help with deer but I hate glassing with glasses on. I want to try a mote purple lens and the vermillion color.
  14. I have been curious about this topic for a while as well. It seems like a lot of agreement on the pink or purple tints highlighting brown/grey and good to see deer. I also saw a few comments that "Serengeti" glasses helped. Yellow would be murder on your eyes in AZ, good early and then again late but I imagine this is a great way for a killer headache if you wear them all day. https://www.randolphusa.com/blog/how-to-choose-hunting-glasses https://www.completevisioncaremo.com/blog/see-the-deer-before-it-sees-you "Yellow or Amber tints improve contrast and depth perception and give a sensation of heightened visual acuity, especially during dawn and dusk - the times when wild game is most active. Additionally, they are effective at blocking the blue light commonly found in diffused light such as one might experience on a cloudy day." https://blog.safetyglassesusa.com/12-important-tips-for-choosing-the-best-hunting-eyewear/
  15. What does everyone use for long-range shooting? I built a portable one using collapsible sawhorses but I am getting tired of lugging around a half dozen pieces of gear for setup and takedown. Most of the commercial ones seem to be far too flimsy.
  16. rcdinaz

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    I want one! Bracket with handle.
  17. rcdinaz

    Speed goat Wyoming

    I am in!
  18. rcdinaz

    Ballistic Media?

    By a cheap rectangle bucket and make ballistic gel. The recipe is easily found with Google, looks like Gelatin and water. Since it may melt wrap in small trash bags or fill jugs with it. I believe you can reuse it so you could probably shoot it in the bags grab what is left when you are done and reset it. I like the idea of the fiberboard, would be cool if you could place it in front and then see what makes it through. Seems this would be a good way to see which bullets might shed their jacket. All of this is just advice from a Google warrior I have never tried it you just got me curious so I started looking at some of the videos.
  19. rcdinaz

    Which portable shooting bench?

    Thanks! I may make another one but I bit the bullet and bought the Legacy. Price tag is steep but it is very well thought out and super solid but light enough pretty much anyone could carry it.
  20. rcdinaz

    Bed in a box beds?

    We have one Tuft and Needle in the house. I like the bed my wife does not. Even though they are order by mail they are an AZ company so you could go to their place in downtown Gilbert and check them out.
  21. rcdinaz

    Rocky Shooter?

    Looks good to me! 170's is not a bad ram. I think the damage looks cool and would look good on a wall.
  22. rcdinaz

    Which lake gets less traffic?

    was up over the weekend and everywhere looked like a zoo. Heading back up but I will be avoiding the lakes it is going to be an absolute circus this weekend. Trying to figure out how to make a trip to the Black River when it opens. I have not been fishing in almost a year. 😪 RD
  23. rcdinaz

    Which portable shooting bench?

    This is a good option, I originally started out using a plastic folding table. I moved up to the sawhorses because there is a lot of wiggle in the plastic. I have had quite a few people out to get them started and show them that they can hit targets well past 500 yards. A heavier table makes it a lot easier to set them up without all of the movement.
  24. rcdinaz

    Which portable shooting bench?

    Good find on the brackets! This bench looks great and I have read through the build on this a number of times. I was figuring it would still run around $200, pipe, wood, feet, hardware. Comparing the build to buying this one which looks kind of nifty with the leg storage integrated into the bench. https://legacyshootingproducts.com/collections/shooting-benches/products/legacy-rh-shooting-bench?variant=30826419715 The other really nice one I saw was the one made by DOA but they want $600.
  25. rcdinaz

    Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit

    Anyone using this system? I was thinking of putting this on my daughter's rifle so she can start working towards doing all steps on her own. I also thought this would be a good solution for the new hunters we take out. Last season we missed a good buck and shot a smaller one. If I wasn't trying to manage two hunters and the drop adjustments on 2 rifles we would have got them both.