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    Any outdoorsmans heads for sale?

    I have a brand new micro pan head if you’re interested.
  2. $350 and this thing isn’t gone?? Bump for a great bow and better price! Killed quite a few critters with mine.
  3. mattnduke

    Any Mathews Triax or Vertix for sale?

    Sent you a PM.
  4. Great story, thank you for taking the time I write it and share your journey!
  5. mattnduke

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Thanks Jim, much appreciated. I was thinking along the same lines. If I found em now, they'll be there in December when they're done chasing tail :-).
  6. mattnduke

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Sorry, don’t know how that ended up in a quote. Forgot to mention- Savage06, happy to share any info I come across or details of my scouting trips!
  7. mattnduke

    Bull Elk 22 South

  8. mattnduke


    Sent you a PM
  9. mattnduke


    Any accessories come with it?
  10. mattnduke


    I will take these if not sold already. Sending PM.
  11. I'm looking for a rifle ready to go, proven to be accurate at long distances. I know "long distance" is open to interpretation, so let me know what you have, as well as proven distances. I don't reload, so if you have a rifle that shoots missiles at 750 yards, but only with your custom load, please have a solid amount of ammo loaded and included. Open to different calibers, prefer to have a scope (4-16X minimum), but will consider one without. Looking for a gun that has had work done- trigger, brake, stock, etc. $2K-ish max.
  12. mattnduke

    WTB ready to go long distance rifle

    Looks to be sold. Really liked that gun.
  13. mattnduke

    Remington Sendero 300 rum package

    Sent you a PM
  14. mattnduke

    Eberlestock Team Elk backpack. $225 Like New

    Hey Jim, sent you a PM.
  15. mattnduke

    Outdoorsman's backpack

    PM sent
  16. mattnduke

    11 foot Brown Bear....

    Thank you!!
  17. mattnduke

    11 foot Brown Bear....

    Here's my bear, squared at 6'6. He was delicious!
  18. mattnduke

    11 foot Brown Bear....

    This is not photoshopped. That's my hometown in Soldotna, Alaska, in the local hardware parking lot. It was not 11ft though. I'm pretty sure it didn't break 10ft, but close. I live in Scottsdale now, but was up there hunting black bear and was lucky enough to harvest a nice blackie the day before this bear was shot. I was on my way through town after dropping mine off at the taxidermy, and this bear was in the parking lot. I stopped and saw it, such a massive animal!!
  19. Posting for a friend. Link to details on Craigslist- https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/snw/6148202051.html
  20. mattnduke

    2014 Yamaha Grizzly 550 (low hours!)

    Solid deal right here.
  21. mattnduke

    Looking for reliable behicle

    My nephew just moved to Phoenix from Alaska, and we're looking for a solid, reliable vehicle for him. Max price range it 6k-ish. Open to cars or trucks, but no full size trucks. Tacoma, ranger, 4Runner, etc. Please let me know what you have and what you're asking. Thanks!
  22. mattnduke

    2009 Rhino 700 EFI

    Some one got a great deal!!