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  1. mattnduke

    2015 Polaris RZR 170 Kids ATV

    Sold, pending pickup.
  2. mattnduke

    2015 Polaris RZR 170 Kids ATV

    2015 Polaris RZR 170 I bought off a fellow member of the site a few years back. My kids have outgrown it and it's time for another family to enjoy it. It's been a great machine, never had a a single issue. I replaced the fuel pump last year more as a preventative measure than anything else. I also had the local dealership replace the fuel tank as it had a recall on it. Tires were starting to get worn down, so I just replaced them. They have zero miles on them. Battery was getting old so I put a brand new one in as well. It's hard to find a measuring stick for a price on it, as there aren't many for sale across the country. Only comparable one I can find is $3700 at a dealership back East. I think that’s a bit high and I’d like it to go quickly, so I’ll sell it for $2500. Feel free to text or call- 480.221.3610 Thanks! Matt
  3. mattnduke

    WTB Swaro Spotter

    Anyone have a Swaro spotter they’re looking to sell? Let me know which model and asking price.
  4. mattnduke

    Nightforce Spotting scope

    Anyone have any reviews of this spotting scope? I’m in the market for one and have been waiting for a decent deal on a Swaro. Never owned Nightforce before, didn’t even know they made a spotting scope.
  5. Small world. Beautiful country out by your ranches. When my dad was still able to hunt about 10 years ago, we went back to Blue Mountain and hunted. My dad was blown away with how much the mule deer numbers were down. I passed on a few spike/forks and had a heck of a time getting away from people. I was thinking about giving it a whirl next year and hunting with Sean Vogel and Spring Creek Muleys on private land. Or giving ol Blue Mountain a whirl for old times sake. My dad grew up at the base of it and they lived off of those mule deer in the mid 40s.
  6. Hey Edge, was showing a friend of mine this deer online, and came across this post. Did you grow up in Monticello? My dad (Gary Martin) grew up with Max and Charlene, we hunted sheep with Keele a few times in Alaska. They’re great people. Went to Max’s ranch a bunch growing up when we would visit family in Utah.
  7. mattnduke

    Gila wilderness bulls.

    Great video and awesome bulls! I drew 16D this year and am counting down the days...
  8. mattnduke

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Shoot me a text and we’ll get it worked out. I can meet up with you tomorrow. 480.221.3610.
  9. mattnduke

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    I’ve got a box of Hornady Precision Hunter 143 grain ELD-X I can spare if that helps.
  10. mattnduke

    WTB Outdoorsman Pack

    Also interested in Mystery Ranch packs- Pintler, Pop Up 38, etc, or Exo K2 3500 or K3 3200.
  11. mattnduke

    WTB Outdoorsman Pack

    Anyone happen to have an outdoorsman pack for sale? Looking for the Palisade or possibly the Long Range. Matt Call or text 480.221.3610
  12. mattnduke

    Any outdoorsmans heads for sale?

    I have a brand new micro pan head if you’re interested.
  13. $350 and this thing isn’t gone?? Bump for a great bow and better price! Killed quite a few critters with mine.
  14. mattnduke

    Any Mathews Triax or Vertix for sale?

    Sent you a PM.
  15. Great story, thank you for taking the time I write it and share your journey!