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    water softener...

    That is the unit and installation. If it has a loop pre-plumbed for it. If there is no loop then I would need to come look at the house and give you a price. Thanks!
  2. doogan

    water softener...

    I'm a plumber and install softeners. Zeke is right, softeners are the only thing that will remove calcium and other minerals. I use a unit made locally in Gilbert, so if anything goes wrong parts are readily available and they have good customer service. If your house is pre-plumbed for a softener I would normally install one for $1050, I'll do it for CWT members for $950. Call me if you're interested. Thanks, Jim 480-283-7032
  3. doogan

    I'm tired of being fat & out of shape

    Alright, I'm starting today as well. I'm 6' 285 right now, by my Nov 4th deer hunt I want to be 240. I'm a pretty big dude, I got healthy years ago and got down to 230, all my friends said I looked like I had cancer lol. It will be tough, but doable. I have been living life like the old Toby Keith song 'Good as I once was' and it's just not cutting it anymore. I can hike my tail off just like I could when I was younger, but now it takes me 2 weeks to recover instead of a day. Good luck a persevere everyone. Don't take days off from your routine, there will always be excuses to stray from good eating. But is it worth it? To have to lose that weight again that took so much effort to lose in he first place? I've yo-yoed a few times, it sucks to have to do this again. I'll post my results, you guys should too so we can support each other. Thanks guys, Jim
  4. doogan

    Green chiles

    Almost nothing better than the smell of chiles roasting!
  5. One of my buddies is looking for a lefty 7 mag. Prefer a Rem 700 but open to others also. Lat me know what you've got, Thanks!
  6. doogan

    Cleaning house sale "updated"

    Is the camper still available?
  7. doogan

    ISO Left Handed Rifle in 7 mm mag

    Bump, Open to other magnum calibers as well
  8. doogan


    Right on man! I have the early Nov hunt, good luck and shoot straight!
  9. Bump for some excellent rifles and a great builder! Some of you need one of these for your hunts this year. You won't be disappointed in any of these rifles.
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    What scope is on it?
  11. doogan

    Rifle stock makeover

    That's awesome, I've got a 721 in .270 that will be a 6.5 x 284 soon. Those old 721's and 722's are great!
  12. So here is my newest project, I am really excited about this one. This rifle is/was my fathers. It started its life with us as a used Mossberg model 800A .308 my dad bought back in 1976. He took it deer hunting one time and brought home a little forky. Then it sat in the closet then under my bed until I was 16. Growing up we didn't hunt, we fished, a lot. I caught the hunting bug when I was 16 and went archery deer hunting with a friend of mine. After that I have put in every year since. I got drawn for deer when I was 17 for the Nov hunt in 27, shot the biggest squirrel I have ever seen lol. I killed my first elk with this rifle, a cow in 5bs at 15 yards. I have put well over a thousand rounds through this old gun, and it always shot pretty good. I love this old gun, and it will be the one my oldest shoots on her first hunt, and be passed down through my kids to my son. He's the caboose, and with 3 older sisters he'll deserve a reward if he survives their henpecking lol. My buddy Todd with Southern Xpress helped me out a lot with this one. I had him put a new barrel on it, a 26" Shillen, chambered in 6.5 Creemoor, and coated it and the action in desert tan. Then he played with the trigger so it breaks right at 3 pounds. I will be painting the stock, putting on the recoil pad and mounting the scope. She may not look like much now, but she will soon. I will keep posting pics as I get more done and of course when I finally get to shoot it. I will be shooting the new Hornady Precision Hunter with the 143 grain ELD-X. Hoping for the best with that load. I'm going to do a custom Kryptic camo paint job on her also. This should be a Coues killing machine!
  13. Here it is all put back together, took it to my folks house to show my dad today. He loved it and told me " Don't forget where you got that!" LOL
  14. I like it! Even though it kind of looks like a giraffe! Lol
  15. You weren't using it so I figured it'd be ok! Lol
  16. So I've been chipping away at it just doing a little at a time. Got it sanded and prepped. Gave it a good coat of primer, 2 coats of Khaki tan and then two coats of texture. Just gave it one more coat of khaki, going to let that all cure for a day and then start the camo part of it.
  17. doogan

    Colt .357 SOLD

    There is some blueing wear from holster.
  18. doogan

    Colt .357 SOLD

    Selling a 1960's Colt model .357, 4" barrel, original wood grips. Functions perfectly. Asking $450 OBO
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    Pm'd you
  20. doogan

    Aaron Rogers arrested

  21. doogan

    Big Lake and Sunrise

    Love the thread! Love seeing good sized trout from up there, June 22nd can't come fast enough!!!! Big Lake better watch out, I'm comin' for your monsters!
  22. doogan

    Unit 1

    I second Jeff, great guy, great guide. But you can't go wrong with Jed from A3 either.
  23. doogan

    Transmission shops

    Hey there, I'm looking for a good transmission shop. At 285,000 she finally gave up. Reputable and reasonably priced would be great, Thanks in advance!
  24. doogan

    Transmission shops

    It's a Chevy 1500 4x4 ext cab long bed.