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    I doubt if that kind of hardware is going to any pawn shop. Cartel big-wigs would be my first guess.
  2. forepaw

    .308 mauser

    PM sent.
  3. Can't remember exact year, believe 2014 or 2015 but there was a 400 class bull killed right next to the res. Bulls used to be occasionally spotted in some of that country that is about as un-elk like as you could imagine - mostly young ones on the prowl. One year a friend sent me a photo of a spike bull on the Temple Bar road - crazy.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    FOR SALE: VORTEX VIPER HD 15-45 X 65mm; angled eyepiece; glass is flawless; overall excellent condition; includes box, manual, lens caps, soft cover; this has been my rifle range scope; it has never been used hunting, or even carried in a pack. $375.00. Photos upon request. 7zero2-3seven8-9nine07
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    Hits already?

    Whooo hooo. Archery elk 2nd year in a row.
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    sold please delete

    I will take it. PM w/ details.
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    Also, they receive a generous portion of the heritage fund - which is based on all the lottery tickets sold each year.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    HAM and general javi seasons coming up. Then shed hunting. Somebody out there needs a spotter!
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Weekend bump.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Sierra Vista.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Will be in Tucson/Vail tomorrow, Wed. Jan. 11. If anyone would like to meet and put a set of eyes on this, I will have it with me.
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    Yep, I would say. Crystal clear footage. Thanks!
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Here are some current images.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Did not receive it. Try again.
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    SOLD - Please delete

    Travel through occasionally. Will be OMW to Phx. late Jan. so will pass right by. I will have it with me if you would like to have a look.
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    Another good class for S. AZ folks is www.warlizardtactical.com
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    Me too.
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    In hunting pack, or vehicle?
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    Eye spy

    Wonderful eyes. Good job.
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    Score help

    No way. 150 maybe. Class III. Note how much room on the scalp, between the bases.
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    Years ago, ASU (Tempe) had a lab in the animal sciences dept. or maybe wildlife sciences, where they kept a culture of beatles and would do a skull upon request. Not sure if the guy who ran this function has handed it off to someone else or not, but might be worth giving them a call.
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    PM sent.
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    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Thanks for sharing that story. What barrel is on your m700? Also, is that a VX-5 or VX-6? CDS or turret? Lucky kids right there!