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    A quick way to judge for age is to look for the old ram with a pot belly and sunken hindquarters.
  2. forepaw

    Shooting/reloading Items

    Located in Sierra Vista, w/ occasional trips to Tucson and Phx. Once-fired bulk brass is full-length sized, deprimed, trimmed, chamfered and deburred. .30-06 is Win. Lake City Match .308 brass is primed w/ CCI M-34 primer. Re: Bulk brass, I have about 100 pcs. W-W .30-06, and 267 pcs. Lake City .308 MATCH. Can send photos upon request. Call or text 7 zero 2 three 7 eight nine 9 0 seven. Remington 700 new unfired takeoff barrel, .270 Win. $75 Lyman All American FL die set, .222 Rem. $15 Weaver K4 Scope CH w/ Leupold low rings, blue. $185 Leupold M8 4x gloss, fine CH, ANIB. $240 Weaver tip-off rings, 1”, 2 pr. $16 Weaver tip-off rings, 1”, see-through. $8 Leupold extension rings, medium, 1” blue. $14 Leupold medium rings, 1”, blue. $14 Lake City primed (M-34) match brass, .308 Win. $.65 ea. Commercial brass w/box, once fired, .30-06. $9/box Commercial brass, bulk, once fired, .30-06. $.55 ea. Clymer throat reamer, w/T-handle, .224 cal. $20 Game in the Desert by JOC, slip-cased. $45 Game in the Desert by JOC, publisher sealed. $45 Game in the Desert by JOC, VG condition. $35 The Art of Hunting Big Game in North America by JOC. $35 Barnes Original bullets, .277, 150 gr., 26 ct. $13 Speer, Hot-Cor bullets, .308 BTSP, 180 gr., 58 ct. $29 Hornady, .308 BTSP, 180 gr., 72 ct. $36 Hornady, .257 PSP, 87 gr., 80 ct. $20 Pachmayer Presentation K-frame grips. $27
  3. forepaw

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Man talk about easy on the eyes! Wonderful to see a classic, in a true all-around caliber, treated right by someone who really knows how to shoot. 3031 was what I used in my first .308, a long time ago. Thanks for posting. She is a lucky gal.
  4. forepaw

    Early Hunt Reports????

    That's a good story. Would be great to see a photo of the m70. What load did she use?
  5. forepaw

    All ammo sold

    I will take the 6.5x55. PM me w/ details.
  6. forepaw

    Couple rifles (30-06,.300 win) Lefty!

    I think that's the .300 mag.
  7. forepaw

    View from my office window

    Must be near Concho. Dense population of tweakers I understand.
  8. forepaw

    Shooting/reloading Items

    180 gr. Nosler Part. bullets sold. Prices on remaining items include shipping TYD.
  9. forepaw


    Screaming deal right there. My Lapua is on firing x20.
  10. forepaw

    6th Time is the Charm

    Hey Zack, Great hunt and write-up. Lifetime trophy right there. With respect to your misfires, I suspect low O2 may not have been the issue. If you could breathe, there was enough O2 to light the fire. I suspect the problem was atmospheric pressure, reducing the concentration of spark at the point where the powder had to catch. Just a guess. Maybe quiz the guys on Monstermuleys.com or Bowsite.com, especially the CO hunters? Thanks for posting.
  11. forepaw

    Swarovski 15x56 question

    Funny I know, but hunted with a couple of guys who used them, and they were spotting game like no tomorrow. Young eyes make all the difference.
  12. forepaw

    Swarovski 15x56 question

    Ok but what about eye relief? Std. 15x56 are only 14 mm, which means I can't use them with glasses. Without glasses, I still get a pretty decent image, but correction is diopters only, not astigmatism. Does eye relief on the HD 15x56 seem better? I have heard the 10x42 SLC are somewhat underrated.
  13. forepaw

    Shooting/reloading Items

    Checkering tools sold. 150 gr. Nosler Part. bullets sold. 100 pcs. .308 brass sold.
  14. forepaw

    Swarovski 15x56 question

    The Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56s are known to be very good. Just curious how these would rate in comparison to the glass mentioned above?
  15. forepaw

    Shooting/reloading Items

    .270 brass is sold. Primos grunt tube is sold.
  16. forepaw

    Couple rifles (30-06,.300 win) Lefty!

    Is that a 110E Series H?
  17. https://www.couesridge.com/services Euro elk $250. No experience with this vendor, but they seem pretty responsive.
  18. forepaw

    Shooting/reloading Items

    Pre-season bump.
  19. forepaw

    Post them up!

    Well could be, and it is something to chuckle about. On a more serious note, I recall from something I read, or some conversation I had with a WM or biologist somewhere, that in reality, the animals you want to cull are the spikes. A deer with quality genetics, will be a fork by the first hard-antlered season (about age 1 1/2 yrs.), and has potential to be a nice heavy buck upon reaching maturity. The spikes will be a below average buck throughout their life. So we should all thank the guys who are removing the genetically inferior deer! They get to hunt and be in the outdoors, and have some tender meat in the freezer. And someday, some of us might get to see some wallhangers in that unit. Win - win.
  20. forepaw

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Hard to see rattlers when pushing through the weeds and grass. Not to mention finding a spot to sit down and glass. No thanks.
  21. forepaw

    Side by sides/UTVs

    Maybe I am missing something, but with all the talk of " . . . getting you into the depths of where you want to hunt . . ." where do you guys carry your camp? Do you have a support vehicle with bedrolls, water jugs, table, chairs, cots, stove, lanterns, ice chests, food, clothing, tarps, poles, dishes, portable radio, etc.? Do you go to motels? Come home every night? Have the RV pre-positioned? Curious when I seen the trailers and pickups headed to the high country with no gear in sight - only the OHV.
  22. forepaw

    Remington 20 gauge barrels

    http://www.corsonsbarrels.com/corsonsbarrels.com/rem870barrels.htm Highly recommend Corson's Barrels in Kingman.
  23. When I need to carry a PLB, it is the ACR SARLink. No subscription or fees needed, and no messing around chit-chatting via text. If you activate it, you WILL have SAR arriving courtesy of NOAA sat. monitoring and probably USAF para-rescue, depending on location. You would have to be pretty careless to activate it by accident, but if you did, you would need to call someone right away to hopefully get it cancelled before the crews got airborne. I have on one occasion carried a sat. phone (rental) where there was truly no cell service, but in most places I have found that I could hike up somewhere and at least send a text. NOAA notifies you when a battery replacement is needed (about every 5 yrs.) and will also prompt you to update with current information every 2 yrs. That's about it. It is a serious rescue beacon. Pre-owned ones are probably a good deal, since it is easy to re-register as the new user.
  24. forepaw

    A few snakes

    Very cool. Any rattler ID guys out there?