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  1. This is notice of an upcoming meeting of the Sierra Vista Shooting Range/Cochise Gun Club next month. You guys in E. Tucson, this is your range too!!! So feel free to get involved and become familiar with what changes are needed to make this into a viable shooting range and gather info so you can be prepared to challenge some of the backward and anti-gun policies of AZGFD that are hampering full use and enjoyment of this and probably all public ranges in AZ. This is just a reminder that the Cochise Gun Club Meeting will occur on Wednesday, April 13. 2022 at 7:00 at the VFW in Sierra Vista. We encourage you to attend to see what your club is doing for you at the Range and what you can do for the Club at the Range. It is important that we have as many attendees as possible so that we can make this the best club and Range as possible. Only with our membership will this occur. Possible Discussion Topics: 1. Coalition Issues and Updates 2. Pizza Party Updates 3. New Business for the Club and Range 4. Upcoming Elections and who is running Bring your thoughts and ideas and lets make this the best year for the club and range. Thank you, Debi Mc Inroy Interim Secretary Membership Chair Cochise Gun Club
  2. Don't forget, defensive pistol workshop this Sat. at the SVSR range #3 (to the left as you drive into the main range compound). Cost is $10. Arrive about 0830, tailgate safety and start up about 0900. All experience levels welcome. We usually wrap up around 1230. Easy drills, little or no move and shoot, or weak hand, or belly-crawling - just fun, informal trigger time. Come out and get reacquainted with your EDC, duty, hunting or plinking handguns. Semi-autos best, but could accommodate revolver shooters, as well as .22s. You will need sidearm, holster, 3 mags., mag. pouches, eye and ear protection, and about 150 rds. of practice ammo. The defensive pistol match will be at the same range April 2. This is also a fun shoot, a little more demanding however, so you will need to register on practicscore.com Do a search for matches, look for Cochise Defensive Pistol, April 2. You just set up a free account which you can use for any match in the U.S. Scores will be posted on practicscore.com after the match, but you don't need to log in to see them.
  3. I didn't either. But just about any local place ok with me. IHOP on the list too John. Too bad. All good places to eat. We can always meet at Texas Roadhouse (roadkill heh heh). Easy to find, easy to get in and out of.
  4. The topic refers to S.V. and Hereford, but all members interested in accessing and using the Sierra Vista - AZGFD shooting range are included. As some of you know, the Sierra Vista shooting range has been characterized by dissension and dysfunction for a number of years. Sierra Vista is a small town, and pretty soon the word gets around, and those of us who are shooters/competitiors/handloaders/predator callers figure out the challenging conditions (I am not talking about wind or mirage) when attempting to test a new load, zero a rifle, practice from field positions or etc. At the Sierra Vista range, you can expect mixed results on any given day. Given the limitations on safe places to shoot on public land, and the 100 mile drive to the Three Points range, the Sierra Vista range is the only game in town. There will be a meeting this coming Wednesday, March 9, at 7:00 p.m. at the VFW in Sierra Vista to provide input with respect to the future operation and management of the range. At issue is whether or not to combine the current fragmented organization (Cochise Gun Club, Sierra Vista Rod and Gun Club, and Montezuma Muzzleloaders) under the umbrella of the Sierra Vista R&G Club. All club members are invited to attend and provide input and opinions as to the future of public shooting in the local commuting area. If you like to hunt and shoot, and are not a shooting range member, maybe you should be! And this meeting could provide an opportunity to become one, and to educate yourself as to how the shooting community might provide guidance to allow this struggling shooting range to move forward. If you have some time and energy and interest in promoting shooting sports and especially in passing on your knowledge to the next generation (or the current generation who may be new to shooting and firearms) please consider attending and sharing some of that experience and expertise.
  5. forepaw

    Attention: Sierra Vista and Hereford Members

    All good. The SVSR needs folks like you! Just don't expect to see many changes right out of the gate. They have been running it this way for a long time, and I honestly don't think they realize there are other ways to run a range that are just as safe, without imposing a draconian atmosphere and taking the fun out of everything. By the way, I believe the Douglas range also sponsors 2G, but my info is pretty dated. Howard M. is a master-class shooter and can fill in the gaps.
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    This ought to fly off the shelf. Top notch accessories and low price. Somebody out there needs a back up bow.
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    Attention: Sierra Vista and Hereford Members

    Yeah. Wish I had more positive news. But maybe we are at the point where things will start to finally turn around. You don't need to join to help out, but there is not a good way, at least to my knowledge, to partially sponsor a match or program. The club is far from rich, but I think they have enough to do what needs to be done. The primary need is for physical participation, and challenging the existing (flawed) business models (respectfully of course), both within the club, and at AZGFD. I am afraid AZGFD is out of step with the current needs and interests of the shooting community, and that may be one reason you felt like everything you're seeing is 20 years behind the times. It absolutely is. Maybe 30 years. You mentioned 2G and 3G. There was at one time a very popular 3G match at the club, but participants and the match director got crossways with the club president, and he banned them from the range. They had to reorganize and re-open the match at the Douglas range, an hour drive from SV. This was all driven by personality conflict, and maybe some jealousy, I am sorry to say, as the 3G was an ever growing and well-attended match. The match director for 3G is Howard Mangum, and his # is 5 two 0 - 2 five 5 - six 2 zero 6. 3G is his enthusiastic specialty, and you would be more than welcome to shoot with that match. It is not my game, but I understand the popularity and support it any way I can. There is also a group of defensive pistol shooters with workshop at the SV range the 4th Sat. of the month, and match held the 1st Sat. Those are pretty fun matches, and you would also be welcome there if you are a pistol shooter, or would like to become one. The next will be Mar. 26 on range 3, with set up beginning about 0830. For awhile we had forum members getting together for coffee and chatter, and maybe we can re-group and get that going again. As a new arrival, that would give you a chance to match up names and faces. Possibly some of the others will chime in and see if we can sync up our schedules and meet FTF within the near future. Hang in there. The range and clubs could really use some new blood and ideas right now .
  8. forepaw

    Attention: Sierra Vista and Hereford Members

    Sure thing. Thanks for considering getting involved and getting things moving in the right direction. It is sorely needed. Anything will help. Just a new, friendly face will be more welcome than you know! There are some good people at the club, and possibly you will find one of he matches that fit your interests and schedule. Hunter volunteers can sometimes have the most positive effect, as AZGFD tends to listen to us a little more than just a concerned citizen. Not as much as the critter groups, but any voice is better than none.
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    Attention: Sierra Vista and Hereford Members

    The club only had the meeting room for an hour, so with all the minutes and motions, and going over the finances, there were only three topics of discussion. One was the debate regarding combining the three clubs into a single entity, and one was whether or not to continue the varmint silhouette match activity. Basically, the preliminary consensus/preference was to continue with the consortium of multiple clubs. It would seem that having all the matches and activities under the umbrella of a single club would make more sense logistically and organizationally, but there was no strong preference one way or the other. I think it will remain as a consortium because that is what they are comfortable with and the way they have run the club for years. I expect there will be a formal determination on this. The overall direction of debate seemed to lack focus. With respect to the varmint silhouette activity, it appears the club has the money to conduct the target repairs, and seemed to lean in the direction of allocating money to that purpose. The problem is, they are reluctant to expend revenue when there has been so little participation in the match. There were something like 18 shooters in 2020, 12 in 2021, and none so far in 2022 (I showed up on two occasions to shoot the match, but the match director and others were no-shows). With the low turnout, and the match only being held every other month, and lack of volunteers for workdays, it appears this event will likely be terminated. However, the motion was made and seconded to table the issue until the next club meeting when the match director would be available to offer his opinion and position. I have asked over the past few months what the status was, and could not get any real answer from anyone, other than repairs were needed and workers were not available. I did not at any time, receive a call or e-mail with notification of a target repair or other work activity. I did get notified of a muzzleloader target repair workday, which I helped with. The third topic was regarding the lack of candidates and member/volunteer support to to staff pending officer vacancies. The current president of the Cochise Gun Club is stepping down, and it appears another officer will fill that role. There have been informal comments from members willing to step into other positions - tentatively, the treasurer will be resigning. The secretary does not appear to be a permanent or confirmed position, so it is up in the air, or at least that was my impression. This is for the Cochise Gun Club only - I am not aware of status of officer positions in the other two clubs. I expected more in the way of an in-depth presentation, but this seemed to be more of a survey type meeting to gauge member preferences, with final decisions to come later.
  10. forepaw

    Attention: Sierra Vista and Hereford Members

    Hey Kavika1991. Welcome to the forum. Understand that your instincts regarding the SV range are right on the money. I too moved here recently from a community with a shooting club filled with dedicated, knowledgeable shooters, with high morale, competent officers, and multiple disciplines. Thank God, I am still a member, as membership is capped, and there is a waiting list to get in! This is in stark contrast to the SV range. I almost don't know where to begin, as the topic is one of considerable exasperation for me. Part of the problem is with the club leadership. They are old, tired and paranoid. They spend too much time bickering and squabbling, and, with the exception of the trap and skeet range, are out of touch with the needs of the shooting community. They are predominantly represented by (and cater to) ex-military and ex-law enforcement people. Now I have friends in both groups, and there are great people to be found in both. But some tend to exhibit an extreme authoritarian mindset. To make matters worse, shooting range leadership is basically comprised of a cabal of petty tyrants, who are authoritarian-directed, and who do not appear to exhibit any knowledge or enthusiasm for competitive shooting, marksmanship training, or allowing experienced shooters to come out, set up, wring out their load or their rifle and be left alone. Rather, they, and some (not all) of the so-called RSOs start barking orders at you almost from the minute you step out of your vehicle. Then, they breathe down your neck the whole time you are conducting your shooting, chronographing, note-taking, target evaluation or whatever. Some are not too bad, but many are borderline intolerable. As you know, there is nothing more offensive than being treated like a 6-year old, and ordered around, and talked down to when you are minding your own business and trying to get your shooting done. If you show aggravation and become short with the RSO wannabe, they can kick you off the range, and mandate your attendance at a meeting of club officers where you will have to defend yourself in their kangaroo-court, to see if you can keep your membership. Wow. Additionally, the local shooting community for years has failed to stand up, resist the status quo, vote out the tyrants, and give the shooting range a chance to be run like other ranges and clubs. In fact, I doubt if most local shooters have any idea what other clubs are like. I see them all time time, shooting magazine after magazine out of a short-barrel AR, raising puffs of dust around a gong the size of a car window, and if they make an occasional lucky hit, they know they are a dead-eye. Whooo-hoooo. This is not marksmanship. It is nothing but turning money into noise. Meanwhile, your face is smarting from their muzzle blast, your ears are ringing, and you flick their brass out of your pocket and off your bench. The SV range is not, and will never be, a world class range. But it is certainly a good range, and could be much better with the right people involved. Another part of the problem is the land is owned by AZGFD, and leased to the consortium of clubs. Part of the range is on state land, and part (impact areas) is on BLM land. This generates confusion and more petty bickering, and I believe is part of the basis for the paranoia of the club leadership (due to friction with AZGFD) and is the reason most of the range is shut down most of the time. Even when open, they insist on jamming everyone on Range #4 cheek by jowl, and then wasting most of your time with cease fires and silly checking of every single firearm, magazine etc. If you touch anything on your bench during a cease fire, you will likely get chewed out, and possibly thrown off the range. Good grief. In the meantime, multiple ranges sit unused. Just Crazy. AZGFD is a big wet blanket on enjoyable shooting, and if it could be done, title to the state-owned land should be signed over to the city of Sierra Vista, and leased back to the club, in 10 year increments. A 99 year lease would be better, as it would allow for capital investment. The BLM should be petitioned to classify the impact area as "Highest and Best" use of the land. This doesn't mean it could not be still available for grazing etc. - of course it could - it would just codify that the predominant use would be recognized as a projectile impact area. Another major problem is, there are no young, energetic shooters who want to step up and become candidates for officer positions. Rather the local mindset is very similar to the experience described by zackcarp. Now I don't know zackcarp personally, but everything I have heard and read indicates to me that he is a first-rate, stand-up guy, and I look forward to meeting him one of these days. However, avoiding the range and going to find a place on public land for long-range, or even short range shooting, is not an answer. For one, it is a public range, and we should be entitled to use it. We shouldn't have to burn fuel and rubber, and drive miles out of town to shoot. There is a ton of state trust land close by, but you cannot legally target shoot on it. That leaves USFS and BLM, and that is only going to be available until some hiker, birdwatcher, rockhound or horseback rider complains about gunfire where they are recreating, and then look for restrictions and potential closure - just like Hunter and Ash Canyons a few years ago. There are a couple of other unfortunate side effects of wildcat public lands shooting. For one, we could all become concentrated on the best places to shoot, and sooner or later, there will be a safety issue, or words exchanged, which sours the experience for everyone. For another, while you, me and zackcarp are out shooting on public land, we are not available on the local range to help mentor a youngster, or assist an adult new shooter with some basic instruction and safety info. With the prevailing political and economic climate, there are a LOT of new gun owners. Many are desperate for some quality instruction, but unless they get it from youtube, it is not going to be available locally. The SV range leadership provides no training, does not communicate, does no outreach, does no solicitation for volunteers, no announcements for workdays. They don't even circulate a newsletter. They don't answer e-mails. They are the shooting club equivalent of the hermit kingdom, N. Korea. Sorry for the long read, but us SV folks have a lot of work to do if we are ever going to improve the public shooting situation.
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    Feral Hogs

    I was driving eastbound on I-40 in Aug. 2018, and looked below one of the overpasses between Kingman and Seligman - there were about a dozen feral hogs rooting around. I called AZGFD in Kingman to report the sighting. The lady at the front desk kept telling me well, they must have gotten out, contact the sheriff's office to see about notifying the owner. I kept telling her ma'am, you don't understand these are FERAL hogs. She just didn't know how bad those things are. Around 2014 - 2015 or so, there was a fenced hunting opportunity on one of the hobby ranches in about the same area, except S. of I-40 and E. of Hwy. 93. I was at Desert Archery in Kingman, when Stuart Bowman was there. He had an ad posted on his bulletin board for hunts. Believe it was 18A, but may have been 18B. Also talked to a guy at a long-range varmint silhouette match, who had hunted there. Black fella, gung-ho hunter, said he had taken one or two, and they were quite tasty. Those suckers are as wild as deer.
  12. Mexican cartels are increasingly moving into wildlife crime (msn.com) If this is true, then just about any outdoor related activity in Mexico is probably contributing to poaching, extortion, smuggling, and all the things that impact what used to be legitimate tourism. Not to mention the flow of illegals and illegal drugs into the U.S.
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    Tag increase

  14. The old bulletin board. Very cool. Great job.
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    Hiking boot selection, heel issues

    I had pretty much the same problem all my life. Ordered a pair of Hanwag Alaskan GTX boots with custom footbed from Lathrop and Sons, and they have been excellent. I have covered hundreds of miles, many in rough country, and have never had a blister. They are not cheap, but I would buy another pair without a second thought. Right now, I am at the point of finding a good cobbler to re-sole my current pair. Can't comment on the other posts with respect to various brands. I am sure there are many that are good, but how well do the hunting forums support re-selling pairs of boots after you try them and then need to try something else? I have seen some great deals on used boots, and maybe that is the way to go. However, you might wait a long time for the right size and model to come along. One thing I have found helpful is when I have a hunt coming up, I start rubbing my feet with alcohol about 3 weeks prior. I have heard it helps toughen the skin. Also found Vaseline between the toes reduces friction when you are in rough country all day.
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    Razor 20-60x85 HD $650

    Check your PMs.
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    Razor 20-60x85 HD $650

    Maybe check date and time on your pm's. Couple of us responded about the same time I believe.
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    Where Am I?

    Ft. Date Creek.
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    Razor 20-60x85 HD $650

    PM sent.
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    Got my first muley!

    We're going to be expecting a youtube video on how to do makeshift nock repair using Leatherman tool. 😁
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    WTS 03 Springfield 30-06

    I think the stock has been mislabeled. It looks like a type C stock, not an S. As I recall, type S (scant) has a straight grip? Pretty neat to find an 03, not an 03-A3.
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    3 iPhone XR for sale

    Howdy BC8702, Wife said she really likes the phone. Good luck with sale of remaining phone, and hope you have a great new year!
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    A coues with my kid, and a puppy

    Hey Kev, if you let that new puppy ride in your skivvies every day, by the time he is 30# it will seem like the most natural thing in the world. Might need a new belt and some pants though😊 .
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    22-250 for sale

    Doing something wrong. All I get is 404 file not found.
  25. Kev hope you are able to find a nice one. They are out there. Should be moving any day now.