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  1. forepaw

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    So what's the deal with the $25 charge. Is it just a placeholder until status confirmed or???
  2. forepaw

    First Backpack Hunt ???

    It looks to me like you might be low on calories. If you can lose a pound a day, and still hunt effectively, you might be ok, since it's only 4 days. I agree with the above posts on additional grub. Specifically, consider adding some dried fruit, jerky, nuts, hard cheese, bagels, and some sort of candy like jolly ranchers. Powdered Gatorade doesn't weigh much. Avoid at all costs, "hitting the wall" due to physical effort and low calories resulting in inability to convert calories and protein into energy. I have let that happen a few times, and found I was pretty worthless until I ate something and then waited for everything to stabilize.
  3. forepaw

    Elk kill range

    You might also try picking up some practice broadheads (or even tips) of 85, 100, and 125 gr. and see which weight groups better. Save you from all that pin adjusting, until you really get ready to dial in.
  4. forepaw

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    PM sent.
  5. forepaw

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    Sounds like they are having a rough time with COVID. Sorry to hear. I was through there a couple weeks ago and it looked like they had checkpoints at intersections to screen for locals vs. NR. It will be a struggle until a vaccine is available. Hope they can sort things out. It has been a real blow to the Navajos.
  6. forepaw

    Kuiu- first lite- kings camo

    PM sent.
  7. forepaw

    Range Day

    Nice. That water storage tank on the hill would be tempting (just kiddin). Good shooting right there, and good luck to you guys!
  8. forepaw

    Range Day

    Dialed in is right. Where is that range located?
  9. forepaw

    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    Never, ever live anyplace you have to haul water.
  10. I will take them. PM sent.
  11. +1 on Rocket Steelheads, at least the old ones. I printed a long article on penetration testing (independent, not a rep. or mfg.) from a few years ago, and these were rated the best of both fixed and mechanicals - at least for that round of testing. No experience with them on bigger animals, but hopefully anyone who has used them on elk will weigh in and tell us how they performed.
  12. forepaw


    What's the difference between the LEO/Govt stamped mags and civilian mags of the same cap.
  13. forepaw

    Look for advice on boots

    Hanwag Alaska GTX w/ custom footbed from Lathop & Sons Boot Co. Will cost plenty. Plan on Dahlgren socks, or any similar premium sock. Only 1 pr. needed with these boots. forepaw
  14. forepaw

    Can anyone drill and tap a couple casings for me?

    Any reason the Hornady modified case won't serve? Just curious.
  15. PM sent on the Pentax.
  16. forepaw

    Please delete

    Didn't know you had a LH Athens. Which one? Dang. Musta missed that.
  17. forepaw

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Unreal. $1200 for glass of this quality.
  18. forepaw

    Where am I?

    Pretty neat right there, thanks for posting! Looks like an artifact right out of the post - WWII building boom.
  19. forepaw

    Where am I?

    Memorial to Tom Mix? 15 - 18 miles south of Florence?
  20. forepaw

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    Back in the late '70s Ruger chambered that same gun for 9mm. It was called the Speed Six, and the adjustable sight version was the Security Six. I think the 9mm was in Speed Six only. It didn't use full or 1/2 moon clips as I recall, it headspaced on the case mouth. I really wanted one, unfortunately, I delayed and screwed around and I think most of them got shipped to Israel. Anyway they disappeared from the shelves and dealer displays, and I don't think I have seen one since.
  21. forepaw

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    These are very good revolvers. They are built like a bank vault and will provide a lifetime of service. They also lend themselves to disassembly and smoothing of the action by just about anyone with decent mechanical ability. Try that with a S&W or Colt.