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  1. mklong40

    Firearms for Sale

    Both items have sold. Thank you.
  2. mklong40

    Firearms for Sale

    Glock is sold. Not interested in trades at this time. Thank you for asking. Marlin is still available. $475 OBO.
  3. mklong40

    Firearms for Sale

    Glock 42 is sold pending payment.
  4. mklong40

    Firearms for Sale

    I have 2 firearms for sale. 1. Glock 42 .380 - I purchased this new for my wife. She shot 2 clips through it and it has been in the safe. She prefers her 9mm. I have original box, paperwork, and everything that came with purchase. $400 2. Marlin 336BL 30/30 Lever Action - New, never shot, never loaded. I have box rifle came in. Purchased to pig hunt with and never got around to using it. Never been outside of the safe since I have owned it. I believe I still have original paperwork in the box too. I will double check. - $475 I am in Tucson, however commute to Phoenix several times per week.
  5. mklong40

    WTB Outdoorsman Adapter

    In the Tucson area. If anyone has an outdoorsman tripod adapter and stud for a pair of Vortex binos, let me know. Trying to save a few bucks from new. Thanks.
  6. mklong40

    My First Buck...

    I have been a part of 6 big game hunts since switching to a berger on the reccomendation of a very well known guide who frequents this site. My complaint was meat loss, etc. His response was would you rather lose an animal or a little meat? Talking bullets is like talking broad heads......everyone has an opinion. Shot placement....etc etc etc. With that being said I have either shot or been a part of 6 big game animals, one being an elk, shot with the VLD and each one of them had a hole in them about the size of plum or bigger. I can PM pics if you want to see. No tracking required when you hit them hard with a VLD. Great Buck J. Glad I was there, mostly.
  7. mklong40

    Black River

    In the rivers we were using in line spinners, Panther martins. At the lakes we were using night crawlers. We smoked em off the spillway on show low lake on crawlers. At big lake they were hitting pink powerbait garlic scent. On show low we were using bobbers but on Big we were split shotting. The bite was very good. I suspect if you show up with night crawlers and different power bait you'll find something that works. Good luck!
  8. mklong40

    Black River

    Been on a weekend fishing trip up here since Thursday. east fork was decent and silver creek was very good. However the lakes are producing better. Fished big lake, show low, and fools hollow. Limit every day rather quickly.
  9. mklong40

    Bear Archery Attack Bow

    I have a 2010 Bear Archery Attack bow for sale. 70lb limbs, right handed, set at 28" draw right now but its adjustable with the mod on it. Bow is in like new shape. I found a needle head size mark on the riser....see photo. Small set screw marks...see photo. Other than that, I could not locate anything else to note. The strings will need to be replaced in another couple of hundred shots. Asking $275. I am located in Tucson, however I frequent Phoenix weekly. Sorry the pictures are sideways. Turn your head I guess! Matt
  10. .243 for sure For all the reasons already mentioned. Huge selection of bullets and weights. However i do have a buddy who I have seen drop multiple mule deer in their tracks with a 22-250. He just knows where to put it. Ha.
  11. mklong40

    Bergers FAILED me horribly

    I'm not married to any bullet. I reload for many firearms and have my favorites for prairie doggin, yotes, pigs etc. I shoot hornady, nosler, bergers, all of them. This is just my experience. I have killed deer with Barnes, nosler both accubond, ballistic tips, and partitions, bergers, SMK...I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. I changed to Bergers 3 years ago on the recommendation of one of the most well known guides in Arizona.....not that it matters but I took advice from someone who sees many more animals killed every year than me. It took some time to get the load right. But when I did both for a 7mm rem mag 168gr and a 140gr 7mm08, the results have been insane. My family has killed 4 deer,1 elk, a couple pigs and not one has gone more than 10 steps. The results have been explosive and I mean explosive. I have photos if necessary. The bottom line is so many factors play a role in a bullets performance. You shoot the same bullet long enough your going to have a bad experience. Especially in adverse conditions and shooting over 400 yards. I love the nosler product. Swear by them. 2 years ago I watched my buddy 10 ring a WT at 300 yards with an accubond. Bullet didn't perform and it took 5 hours to find the deer double lunged. Got up and ran. Took another round to anchor it. Stuff happens. Doesn't mean all accubonds do that. My opinion only. I'll never change my big game round out of a .284 barrel. It will always be a Berger. I've seen too many animals dumped trucked with fist size holes in them to change now.
  12. mklong40

    Vortex Viper PST For Sale

    Scope Sold Vince, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks.
  13. mklong40

    Vortex Viper PST For Sale

    Forgot to post link. http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-viper-pst-4-16x50-riflescope-with-ebr-1-moa-reticle Also this is the MOA version. EBR-1 (MOA) Reticle
  14. mklong40

    Vortex Viper PST For Sale

    This is a Vortex Viper PST model 416S1-A. It is a 4x16x50. Link to the actual description is below. I purchased this scope this year. This went on one hunt and I have taken it off of the rifle. It is as close to brand new as you can get. I have box and original paperwork. I cannot identify any scope ring marks. The glass is perfect. I am located in Tucson, however frequent Phoenix almost weekly. I will be in Phoenix 12/9. Asking $650 OBO. Matt
  15. mklong40

    Wife Tags Her '14 Coues

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Good luck to the rut tag holders and the archery tag holders!