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  1. KiLLAcOuEs

    Got my bow dipped

  2. KiLLAcOuEs

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    That was my wife probably on her way to work.
  3. KiLLAcOuEs


    I Have always wanted to shoot the Bow that has double cams on each end . That looks like a good shooting bow but I dont know If I will ever put down my PSE!
  4. KiLLAcOuEs

    36A NOV7th

    Good Unit!! I Have seen them In the Flats and up high. The whole unit holds good deer. Most of the Big Bucks I have seen though have been down in the flats hiding in the Cuts just an FYI.
  5. KiLLAcOuEs

    Gun Question

    price can be negotiated
  6. KiLLAcOuEs

    Gun Question

    Yeah.. im going to try to stick to hunter forums as much as possible.
  7. KiLLAcOuEs

    Gun Question

    I recently purchsed a Ruger SR22 back in February for the Wife and she doesnt like it at all. She would much rather carry a larger caliber Pistol Like the Ruger LC9. My question is that I am thinking about selling it and I want to know how I go about doing this legally and what percausions do I need to take when I do sell it? That way it relieves me of all liability any info would be nice. The Pistol has only 90 rounds through it only because when I bought it Second Ammendment would only sell me a 100 and I saved 10 rounds for her protection. And if anyone is interested in it im asking 350.
  8. KiLLAcOuEs

    Should I switch to a drop away?

    I would stick with a Whisker biscuit for hunting. I like the fact that the arrow is fully contained and wont fall out of the rest. You can stalk with a arrow knocked and you wont have to hold the arrow with your finger or worry about it falling forward and making noise while on a stalk. I have friends that have had arrows fall off the rest while drawing back on game and ultimatley not being able to harvest game. Whisker Biscuit is worry free in my opinion. Its a simple proven rest. The more moving parts you have the greater chance for a mishap.
  9. KiLLAcOuEs


    I got the Whisker biscuit and the stabilizer online through amazon. I just typed in Pink Whisker biscuit and Pink Stabilizer and they popped up..
  10. KiLLAcOuEs


    So the wife has been itchin to go bow hunting with me for the past couple years so I finally decided to get her all set up for August and December!! Hopefully she can slam a decent buck this year with her first Bow!! And Yep.. that is a PINK whisker Biscuit!!
  11. KiLLAcOuEs

    Slik or promaster or outdoorsmans

    I have the SLIK 330EZ and I love it ! Very stable and light. If you do get a SLIK make sure that it is the "EZ" model. They are so easy to use. The other SLIKS will have another lever to operate the tripod witch can be a pain. Remember "EZ".. and you'll be fine!
  12. KiLLAcOuEs


    Swhackers!!!! Do Damage!!! This is the cut through!!
  13. KiLLAcOuEs

    !!!!!!!!38M!!!!! BULL!!!

    @Az_shooter All my honey holes are in a No hunting area!HAHHAAAA! FML!!!!
  14. KiLLAcOuEs

    Can we get hoodies made????

    That's not a hoodie! I was refering to the Zipper
  15. KiLLAcOuEs

    Can we get hoodies made????

    Dont hate cause your going to lose next Sunday!!