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  1. Thats really cool to have both gambles and scalies in your yard.
  2. coues krazy

    OTC Archery Mule Deer in Utah

    Im a sharpshooter, I'd be happy to volunteer. Wish az had that problem
  3. coues krazy

    OTC Archery Mule Deer in Utah

    I just looked at Utahs website and that unit didnt have leftover tags last year. Other units did though.
  4. coues krazy

    OTC Archery Mule Deer in Utah

    Im pretty sure all deer hunts in Utah are by draw only. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I work in the valley, and today I heard the first male gamble quail doing the mating call. Hoping for a good hatch this year. Need a few more rains soon.
  6. coues krazy

    Lake Bartlett help

    Aren't bluegills legal for bait? I know they used to be back when I was fishing for flatheads. They are much more durable than carp. Hook them near the tail about 1/4 up. You'll know when you are about to get bit because the gill will start trying to get away.
  7. I think it means they dont have the data for that hunt. I could be wrong though.
  8. coues krazy

    Feral Goats?

    Used to be some around doe mountain near sedona. Definitely feral.
  9. coues krazy

    Free Hoyt Defiant

    Hey it might shoot nice, but thats one ugly bow.
  10. coues krazy

    Northern AZ Quail

    I have seen mearns off the control road outside of Payson.
  11. coues krazy

    12b west anybody?

    I am shooting 100 grns. by volume of bh209, with a barnes 250 grn expander bullet. Sighted in for 100 yards. Shot him at 130 and he dropped.
  12. coues krazy

    meat processing

    +1 for carls custom meats
  13. coues krazy

    1st muzzleloader elk.

    Great bull. Muzzy hunting is alot of fun.
  14. coues krazy

    12b west anybody?

    Here's a pic of him the day before season. He was with ten does. Weather was good. Really cold at night.
  15. coues krazy

    12b west anybody?

    Here is the muzzy buck I took in 12b west. Not the biggest, but I am very happy with him