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  1. photofool

    Interesting finds

    I was hoping to catch a desert big foot
  2. photofool

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Very difficult to stalk an animal that stalks other animals for a living. They are pros. Humans are armatures
  3. photofool

    What caliber should I buy?

    what ever you can get ammo for
  4. photofool

    Fires every where..

    Plenty of blame to go around. Every time the FS tries to thin the forest ( logging. thinning, proscribe burn, anything) the tree huggers file law suite. Campers can't enjoy the forest without setting it on fire. Environmentalist faint at the thought of forest management. heck lets just blame it all on Trump and it will be all right.
  5. photofool

    Elk and cattle.

    Take a drive to downtown Alpine AZ. You will see elk, cattle and horses eating ,drinking and playing together, day and night.
  6. photofool

    Leave No Trace

    The FS fire crew found 18 illegal campfires and 8 abandon campfires this weekend.
  7. photofool

    Virus perspective

    Covid-19 is natural selection or law of the jungle . When the population of animals, such as rats, cats, fox or whatever overtake there environment a disease or virus will accrue and reduce the population. There are more humans on the earth than the plant can support. We are running out of water, clean air and common sense. Mother nature will take care of the problem.
  8. photofool

    Wolf pic off my trail cam

    Hey Jeff, sent you a PM
  9. photofool

    Wolf pic off my trail cam

    Coyotes don't have white feet or socks and hold there tail down. Wolves hold there tail almost parallel with their back bone when in motion. The best way to tell is when you stop your vehicle and you see a streak of dust going over the hill, its a coyote, If it is waiting to see if you are going to feed it, then its a wolf . Have plenty of both around my house.
  10. photofool

    Wolf pic off my trail cam

    Nope that is one of their hybrid part dog wolves , a young one
  11. photofool

    Turkey experts get in here please.

    I don't know where you are going hunting but in my neck of the woods, every drainage and low spot has water running or standing in it. The rain and snow we received last night just added to it. Forget sitting on a water hole unless you like a wet butt. Turkeys can drink anywhere.
  12. photofool

    Took a drive today

    The blue pretty mineral you are seeing is Azurite, a byproduct of copper. Some is soft some is hard but not hard enough for jewelry. I use it to fill in cracks in wooden bowls a table tops. Crush it to a powder and mix it with super glue or resin, looks like the cracks are inlayed with turquoise
  13. photofool

    Took a drive today

    Yes it is
  14. photofool

    Fire Ban

    Best post and best advice I ever read.
  15. photofool

    Gas money

    Best ones bringing $100 bucks if put up right