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  1. 3 minutes ago, CouesPursuit said:

    I'm not an AZGFD hater by any means, and I honestly don't care that card hits are late, but calling 17,000 apps and a 10% increase "shattering" for a process that should have automated input to a database and run a relatively simple series of 3 algorithms linked to a few hundred buckets of tags is really silly. Bustedknuckleinc nailed it, and I bet there are several people on this site that could write the code for the draw process in various programming languages in a matter of days.

    I bet your right! But please explain it to those who don’t understand computers. Of course I understand! I’m just saying, for those that don’t.

  2. 4 minutes ago, bigorange said:

    I’m confused how bolt cutters or a grinder would get him unstuck...I don’t believe a locked gate was the issue at hand. But hey at least he got out...

    Cut the gate off and use it for traction under the tires.

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