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  1. kbaugh59

    Unit 29 Success!

    Yes, the grass is definitely 2 to 3 feet tall everywhere we went. For as much rain as I heard they had, it is pretty dry now. A lot of the cattle tanks were dry. It was pretty warm also, but that could change overnight.
  2. kbaugh59

    Unit 29 Success!

    On opening day we hunted in the Jhus Canyon area, down low, didn't see anything, so we decided to try an area we hadn't ever gone to before, worked out this time! Next year, who knows? The lower areas are definitely easier to hunt in my experience. Thanks for all the comments!
  3. This was my son-in-law's first Coues. Unit 29, up around 8000 feet, difficult recovery, but well worth the effort. 75 yards, 30-06, 150 gr, about 7:45am, Saturday 25th. When we first spotted him, I asked "Do you want to look for something bigger?" His reply, "Are you kidding?" BOOM! Beautiful little fork!
  4. Just returned from Unit 29 hunt. Two of us with whitetail tags, neither filled. I was just wondering if anyone else had been successful in this unit. It seemed to us that we saw fewer deer this year than we did last year. We saw a whole lot of bear sign, one javelina and two does. We saw a couple of other hunters that were successful, both nice forks, but that was it. Most of the other hunters we spoke with said the little buggers were more difficult to find this year, this is only the second time I've hunted this unit so I really don't have any experience to go by. As always, just being outdoors in such a beautiful part of Arizona was well worth the time and effort.
  5. kbaugh59

    unit 33

    I work for a utility company and we generally do not bother vehicles parked on our right of way unless the vehicle is blocking a work crew from getting where they need to work. The easement or right of way is usually not the problem, it is the actual owner of the underlying fee property that might cause problems. Easements or rights of way are not ownership! Hope this is helpful.
  6. kbaugh59

    Unit 29 hunt

    Thanks for the replies. We ended up camping in West Turkey Creek. Opening morning we saw one real nice buck, 4 point and one spike. We weren't able to bag either one. Second day we saw a nice 4 point also. No success there either. On the drive in on Friday evening we saw 2 real nice 4 point mule deer right next to the road. Lots of deer in there, but rough country. We did see a lot of bear sign too.
  7. kbaugh59

    Unit 29 hunt

    Hello, I live in the southwest corner of Arizona and have basically been hunting in Unit 33 for javelina and Coues whitetails the last 20 or so years. Somehow this year my partners and I got drawn for an October 28, whitetail hunt in Unit 29, a unit that no one in our party has ever hunted or even visited. I was wondering if any one had any info that could help a feller' find his way, without of course, giving away any secret spots or getting your hunting partners mad at you. Any info would be greatly apprecciated. Thanks in advance for any replys.