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  1. second shot

    Daughters first finds

    Thank you for all of your replies! I'm a blessed dad, she's a wonderful daughter and hiking partner and I look forward to posting many more of her treasures in the future.
  2. second shot

    Daughters first finds

    My daughter has been hiking with me since she was about 3 and I've been trying to put her in an area to find her first antler ever since. The hikes are usually short as is her attention span but she loves to get out and find stuff. She's found all kinds of bones (snakes, skunks, cows, doe, etc) but no antlers or bucks until yesterday. She found the dead buck first and was shaking like a leaf with excitement. It was pretty cool to see. The antler she found second. She pointed to an area she thought would be good to check and low and behold the antler was right there. It was a great day to say the least.
  3. second shot

    last couple trips

    I found these on my last two trips out. About three years ago I hiked an area and found most of a fresh lion kill (buried gut pile, back legs, hide, etc) but not the head. I went back to that area about 4 weeks ago and found the 3 x 3 on the left about 15 yards from where I found the body of the lion kill so I'm fairly certain it's the from that deer. No huge finds but I always have fun finding stuff.
  4. second shot

    critters, sheds and a dead head

    I was hiking around 5000 feet in a pretty steep area with Mesquite, Oak, and some open grassy areas. Half the sheds were under Mesquite and the others under Oak trees. The dead head was in a steep drainage.
  5. second shot

    critters, sheds and a dead head

    The snake was about 2 feet long.
  6. second shot

    critters, sheds and a dead head

    I haven't been out in a while so I took advantage of the cooler weather for a morning hike. Saw and found some good stuff. My favorite desert reptile. My absolute least favorite desert reptile. Almost stepped on him. This is the third tiger rattler I've seen in the area and all three have come after me. I love having a full pack. In the order I found them from left to right. This guy might have some good character when he grows up. Nice fat G2 . Matched set I found about 5 feet apart.
  7. second shot

    What the Heck?

    My daughter brought one of those home from school a month or so ago. She fed it lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes for a few weeks until it went into the chrysalis stage (pretty sure that's what it's called). A few weeks later she had a moth. It was a pretty cool experience for a 4 1/2 year old.
  8. second shot

    a couple from last weekend

    I haven't been able to get out for a while to look for sheds. I found these on Saturday, the smaller of the two is from this year and the other from last year.
  9. second shot

    Brother shoots sibling in Arizona hunting accident

    There was another accident outside of Alpine on Sunday. Not sure exactly what happened but from what we were told a hunter was shot in the face from about 35 yards. We were in town as he was being airlifted out. Hope he's doing ok.
  10. second shot

    sheds and pick-up

    I found these on my last two outings.
  11. second shot

    au gratin potatoes and ham recipe for dutch oven

    Thanks for the link Mocha. It seems simple enough to me.
  12. I want to use leftover Thanksgiving ham to make this dish on my late November hunt. If anyone has a tried and true recipe you're willing to share I'd appreciate it.
  13. second shot

    Deer Calling

    I've called in many WT does. It's usually been between August and November when the fawns are still small. I had a doe one time run right up to me while I was sitting out in the open calling from on top of a large rock. She got within about five feet and it probably took her a good 30 seconds to realize the noise I was making wasn't her baby.
  14. second shot

    White F350 w/ black flatbed

    I was behind you this morning on my way in to work about 7:45. Nice truck. Your passenger side taillight behind the cab is out.