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    Spot on!
  2. quailchaser

    Effects of the virus scare?

    When this thing first started, most people did not take took it too seriously. (I'll admit...I'm guilty.) We are hearing all kinds of rationalizations in arguments as to why it's not a big deal. No one in the rural counties wanted any quarantine to happen because the numbers of infections were too low. Now we are seeing those counties significantly affected and the threat is becoming more serious with each day that passes. We hear about the automobile death rate argument and how we don't stop driving. We initially thought compromised and older individuals were the ones impacted with the virus. That has changed to some degree in with the deaths of younger, and seemingly healthy individuals dying slow deaths hooked to ventilators. We are hearing that this is America and we don't want our freedoms taken away. All those positions have relevant points. Healthy, civil debate is good, and it should not be discouraged. However, we have become so polarized and petty in the discussions that it is ridiculous. We need to realize is that this thing is real. It's not going away in the short term. Let's keep the discussion going but realize this that we need to be civil and thoughtful. I also like to say thanks to the first responders, doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, pharmacists, etc., who are putting their lives on the line so that all of us can have some normalcy in our lives. I'm sure that they don't hear it enough regarding how much they are appreciated. We will get through this thing and come out on the other side. Let's stand together.
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    Green chiles

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    Thanks folks for the encouragement. I really appreciate the support. Bonecollector: Sorry I took your tag. (I'll cheer for you next year!) Notags: Thanks for the info offer. I will contact you. Right now, work is hectic, but I need to get the old rifle sighted in. Best of luck to everyone this fall!
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    Folks, Anyone have any ideas on this unit? I hit one of the Tinajas tags. I put in on a whim. I'm still trying to decide if this is real or if I'm going to wake up find out it's a dream. (I've been down that road before.) In any event, any comments, etc., will be appreciated. BTW-15 Points got the hit. Thanks!
  6. quailchaser

    Got A Hit!!

    Notags...Thanks very much! I agree. I need to plan around the sheep hunt for sure. I'm not sure of the unit, and I hope Cabela's is not playing a cruel joke on me!
  7. quailchaser

    Got A Hit!!

    Thanks...now I just have to make it work!
  8. quailchaser

    Got A Hit!!

    $300 hit. I think I might have a good time this fall!
  9. quailchaser

    Wyoming Unit 61

    Congratulations. I had this tag about five years ago. The unfortunate thing with our hunt was that it was after a very cold, long winter, and the horn growth was way off from normal. We met the biologist in the field, and she confirmed that issue. She said that we drew the unit at a really poor time. Since then, things have rebounded. I've heard of a lot of nice goats taken from that area. It's definitely a high quality unit. A lot of the area is fairly flat, so be ready for some long shooting. There is some private land at the southern end of the unit near I-80. Most of the ranchers in that area are willing to give you permission if you can find them. Access was good. There was a lot of gas activity at the time, so you could get around fairly easy. I'm headed north of you to a unit outside of Casper. (I only had one point this year.) These hunts are a real blast! Good luck and post some pictures.
  10. quailchaser

    Looking for NM Oryx info

    I drew the August Rhodes Canyon hunt two years ago. I was a blast. They are very skittish, but you will see a lot of them. As noted, binos and scopes really help. Figure on a 300+ yard shot in most cases. The meat is by far the most excellent tablefare around. They make a great trophy, too. The guy that was running the hunt at the time was very helpful. His name was Gilbert. You will get a lot of information from him if it was like it was two years ago. Good luck!
  11. quailchaser

    I'm going to Wyoming!!!!!

    Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, what unit number did you draw?
  12. quailchaser

    Antelope Cape

    Folks, I have a frozen antelope cape from my 2011 Wyoming hunt. The critter was ~14 inches. The cape is in pretty good shape. I was going to mount him but changed my mind. Make an offer...willing to trade, etc. PM me. Thanks!
  13. quailchaser

    Neoprene cover for your swaro 15x56s

    I am interested. Will these work with 10X42 SLC's?
  14. quailchaser

    24A Pigs

    Guys, Thanks for the replies. I'm heading out during the week, so I'll keep my scounting lower. Take care!
  15. quailchaser

    24A Pigs

    Hi folks, I put in for 24A this year. (I've always hunted 24B or the 36's.) I've been out scouting a few times near Jackson Butte and not seen a lot of the critters. I thought I would ask if that is too high, or if I'm just missing them. I'm not looking to E-scout, but just wanted to see what others thought of the unit...are the pigs down in numbers this year, etc. I'll be back up for the next couple of weekends. Just trying to get thoughts/sense of what is happening in the unit. Thanks