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  1. azcoues

    Looks like I drew a Elk Tag

    just go fishing everyone in them high pines in yuma,i hear there is a good trout lake there,you could take the 3:10 train to yuma,just make sure you bring them 77 grnr"rs with you!
  2. azcoues


    ahhhhh!year this stuff is a yearly occurence,but hey,no one would be even thinking about hunts right now,if the draw was like it used to be all at once i think in june or july that was,heck the hunting regs wouldnt have even been available yet,so i say everyone kick back and go fishin,its fishin season,when ever the game and fish gets their crap together we will know,then have to wait several months to hunt,good luck fishin everyone!lol.
  3. azcoues


    thanx buffhunter,very much appreciated,now if your card gets hit does the money have to be there right then or do you have that day to make sure the money is available,i know my bank will let most charges go thru regardless of account balance,because i have direct deposit i assume,or they know that they will get $32.oo for an overdraft,just wondering,i have the funds set aside to not be touched by other family memberes,but i am guessing this scenario has happened to fellow hunters,just wondering.
  4. azcoues


    got ? this is the 1st year ussing a credit/debit card for draw,i recieved the notification,and what do they exactly mean to update card info,is it only if your card may expire b4 the draw or new card,is this the only reason,i went in got my confoirmation number and reciet for the application fee,and everything matches with my current card,is there anything else i need to do,just playing it safe,,,sorry for the stupid question,just a little confused,and dont want to jeopordize my chances at getting drawn,thank you for any info you all can provide for me,and i hope everyone gets their dream hunt,lol.
  5. azcoues

    dad's last day buck

    way cool buck!!congrats!
  6. azcoues

    Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge?

    jan brewer decided that thestate would reopen and fund all national parks and refuges starting friday night october 11th up until next weekl ending saturday at midnight,and then who knows after that.
  7. azcoues


    that is a nice bull plang00 on your avatar pic,where did you bag that beauty at?
  8. azcoues


    that means the phone will be busy between 1 and 3 am better set your alarm,early bird gets the worm.if this is true.
  9. azcoues

    Son of a &*^$ing *$^#!

    goes to tell you bank of america sucks.
  10. azcoues

    draw results?

    i heard you are notified of a hit b4 they take the money is that true or is the money taken right at the hit,just wondering i put my antelope on a credit card 1st year doing so,elk was still by paper,my buddy who i put in with doesnt trust the credit card thing but i tried it.
  11. azcoues

    Draw Odds Calculator

    thanx bigorange..i finally found info on page 10 of regs,that is going to work out well for him,i also saw that your credit or debit card info needs to be updated by midnight on march 18th 2013...so i assume they will be taking the money out on that date.
  12. azcoues

    Draw Odds Calculator

    thanxz kennyman...if he has 2 people on the app does he send in $7.50 for each person,so 15bucks total will immediately be taken out then wait for the draw to see if he gets a hit?
  13. azcoues

    Draw Odds Calculator

    does anyone know about how long it takes for azgfd to cash our checks for the draw...i have a friend who doesnt get paid for a few weeks and was wondering if he should put in or not...will two weeks be alright in your opinion?i may havta loan him some money if not because he has 18 bonus points and he should have a great chance for a tag...thanks for any info you can give me...i always do money orders so i dont know how the check progress is in comparison.
  14. azcoues

    elk draw question?

    how long does it typically take for the game and fish to cash checks for the draw?