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  1. kimberx2

    Sold AR 15

    Not going to sell it separate yet. Maybe if it doesn't sell.
  2. kimberx2

    35a Turkey Reports

    I like this 1st pic. Didn't realize wing was folded in on all my pics on my phone.
  3. kimberx2

    35a Turkey Reports

    I was down in 35A for the 1st hunt. The Birds were gobbling very well on opening day. Where I was we could hear around 7 different gobblers from camp. I saw 6 gobblers within 20 yds in the 1st hour. Passed on some with scraggly beards and took mine at 6:10 opening morning. 10 1/2" beard, but no spurs. He walked within 2 yds of me before I got a shot at 15 yds. Other turkeys were too close to get a clean shot until he walked farther away. He was with 3 other gobblers, 7 jakes and 4 hens. Pretty exciting with all of them walking around me less than 20 yds, mostly 5-10 yds away from me sitting against an oak tree. I know another hunter that took his tom opening morning too, big group of toms, jakes and hens. Even saw another gobbler when walking back to camp, and had a bird gobbling all morning 150yds away from camp while we skinned my bird. Good Luck! Should be a blast.
  4. kimberx2

    Turkey taxidermy

    Just dropped my Gould's off to Sven too. Super nice guy and real reasonable prices. Highly recommend him.
  5. kimberx2

    Need help?

    Bob, just tagged out this morning in 35a. Passed up 3 Tom's before took one with longest beard. Was at survey, have that info. Tried to call you. Can help if needed. Kirk. Pm me.
  6. kimberx2

    Some help needed for Hunts for Heroes

    Tom, Left you a voice mail. I have a brand new sleeping bag and several turkey decoys. Sorry I can't volunteer, unless I get my turkey early in the hunt, then maybe. I'm in Gilbert too. Kirk
  7. kimberx2

    Goulds Turkey bonus pass points

    I'm not sure 17 will get you in bonus pass on 35a 1st hunt. probably on 2nd hunt. If you are waiting that long for a tag, I wouldn't think you would not wait till the 1st hunt. It took me 22 points to draw 35a 1st hunt this year. Tag #2, i think, have to double check. It seems alot of people draw with few points but there are alot of people in that medium high point area that take a long time to finally get their tag. Yes you could most likely draw 2nd hunt with 17, but should you?? At 17 you are kind of getting point committed, and shouldn't you wait for better hunt.
  8. kimberx2

    Results are out

    Tag #2 for 35a 1st hunt. Yahoooo. Those 20 points finally paid off. Now just have to figure out where to go. Lol. If anyone else on here drew this tag and want to team up let me know. Been down there once and found several flocks. Should be a great hunt.
  9. For sale. Zeiss 10x42 Terra HD Binoculars. Bought new 8/25 at Cabela's in Idaho when my other Binos broke. Used for one week on elk hunt. Paid $440, seen for $350 new on eBay. $300. No scratches, with all caps and neck strap. S4 Lockdown X bino harness. Used once at Usery, did not love it. Realtree camo model L. Paid around $45. Sell for $30. Both for $320.
  10. Bump. New Lower Price. Both for $280. Great entry level package. Guaranteed to find Deer, Elk, Javelina, Turkey, Bear, Buffalo, bighorns and Cows.
  11. kimberx2

    Idaho Antelope

    Nice, Great Shot!! Making me jealous!. I leave for Idaho in 3 days, 10 days for antelope and 10 days for elk plus some fishing.
  12. kimberx2

    Special Gould's draw

    I was wondering same thing. When I got the call the lady said she had to call 20 people from just my 1st choice. Asked her if new draw would still use bonus points and she said yes. So wonder how many people were affected. I called a couple days ago and asked the status. They said I didn't get drawn. Has anybody got word from Azgfd that they got a turkey tag from special drawing? I feel like the call was JUST to get you to agree to their no fault statement.. My bonus point hasn't shown yet, nor my point for buffalo. I can't believe they were not able to resolve this before the elk antelope draw. I had 18 turkey points and those dumbasses can't even get me entered in the draw. Anybody else??
  13. kimberx2

    left over tags

    Just checked portal and got my first choice for javelina. So they are starting to resolve the draw issues. Now if they just give me my Goulds tag I would be willing to forgive them for the whole thing.. If they were really nice they would give me the tag and let me keep my 18 points. Lol..
  14. kimberx2

    spring draw

    YEP!! Didn't have any hits for pig or turkey or bison. Had 3 pts pig and 18 pts turkey. I had the $13 fee taken out and everything went fine on putting in electronically. I called game and fish. They said I didn't put in for the draw!!!! They said they see they took the $13(each) out to enter but don't have me down for pig, turkey or bison!!! They said they have a list but wouldn't say how many people on it. They have no idea what they are going to do!!! I have to wait for them to decide, and call me back. Not my fault but IT problem. I heard of others on here with lots of points not getting drawn so it is obviously a BIG problem. I checked portal and shows last couple years draws but doesn't show anything for this draw at all. Looks like I'm gonna get screwed by AZGFD for their inability to receive my electronic draw input, and they quite the early correction period because the new electronic way doesn't allow mistakes!!!! Can you tell I'm pissed!! 18 turkey points and I'm probably screwed for this year!! At least I can get a left over pig tag as long as they don't screw those up too!!!
  15. kimberx2

    Cc hits

    Anyone get a hit today?? Or are these all hits from earlier? With 3 points for pig and 18 for turkey hard to believe I didn't get drawn for either...
  16. kimberx2

    AES 10 Canyon coolers

  17. kimberx2

    Camo Knight 50 Cal Blackpowder

    Pm sent.
  18. kimberx2

    Field points.

    I always carry a blunt in my quiver for squirrels, rabbits, doves or quail (in season). Plus if you run out of arrows, I keep a pack of broadheads in my pack, and can screw on another broadhead as needed. Blunts seem to work best on small game for me.
  19. kimberx2

    Antelope taxidermy

    So getting ready for my archery antelope hunt and got a flier from Signature taxidermy and Coconino game processing. Any one have any thing to say about Signature Taxidermy in Flagstaff? I've used Coconino before and had good luck with them. I guess I'm trying to decide whether to try signature or stick with Southwest Wildlife, my last deer from there is great. Or maybe go with someone else, Mogollon, ??? Also please post pics of your antelope mounts and taxidermist. Trying to decide on pose. Thinking wall pedistal with turned head. I know this subject has come up in the past, but wanted to hear some new opinions and see more antelope mounts. Thanks, Kirk.
  20. kimberx2

    13B outfitters

    Tory Brock, out of Kanab UT. He is a great guy! He teams up with Chads guide service on the strip.
  21. kimberx2

    Antelope taxidermy

    Thanks for the pics and recomendation Becker.I have seen you post awesome taxidermy pics before and never knew which shop you were at. Thanx.
  22. kimberx2

    Archery strip!

    Ruthunter, don't you have an archery 10 antelope and a strip tag at the same time? How are you going to do both? I know archery season is longer, so lope 1st then muley?? Just wondering how you decide how to hunt these, both great tags?? Not much time to scout for deer without knowing which tag yet, as I found out last year.
  23. kimberx2

    Antelope taxidermy

    Bonecollector very nice mount. Thanks for the pics. I guess I like to be prepared! Too many times before I wasn't sure where to go until after you have the animal down.