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  1. kimberx2

    What would you do . . .

    Every one should put in for those trophy units like9, 10 and 27, don't go to 6a, NO good elk there. Then maybe I could draw it again...
  2. kimberx2

    taxidermist for archery strip

    I drew that tag too. I would also like to hear the answer, or if we have time to make it back to the valley. PS. Scouted last weekend and saw 35+ 4x4 bucks.
  3. kimberx2

    bonus points

    I was wondering about this so I just checked the Azgfd web sight. As of 4/4/14 5 people have 18pts 10 people have 17pts 13 people have 16 pts And 17 others besides me have 15 pts. If they all buy a bp they will be +1 next spring. 272 people have more than 10 bonus points. So I think you are still always off for a bonus pass draw for Gould's. With 28 people with more points than me, and only 4 going to bonus pass a year, I think it could still be a while till I draw. 7 more years of not getting drawn will drive me insane. I might even be able to get an antelope tag before I can draw a turkey tag..
  4. kimberx2

    New Box Calls and Turkey Seminar Today

    Is the seminar still April 2? I was in sportsman this morning and the sign said April 4 at 6:00pm. Just wondering what the correct time was. If you could post Little Creek Calls so we know for sure thanx. How much are your box calls going for? I would like to pick one up at the seminar...
  5. kimberx2

    22 lr

    Sold out...
  6. kimberx2

    knocked out a monster with an arrow

    I hit a javelina right between the eyes, he was broadside looking sideways at me, and my muzzy flew left like 8" and it hit him square in the forehead. He fell down instantly. I assumed he was dead and went over to help my buddy with his javelina. Like 5 minutes later we look over and that javi stands up and starts walking around aimlessly with an arrow sticking out of its head. I proceed to empty my quiver through him and he just won't die. Pick pick up used arrows and he finally goes down. Then it is finally time to laugh about the super javi that didn't want to die. Don't shoot muzzys anymore after I figured out they always shot high and left.
  7. kimberx2

    help track a lost buck

    Shot a nice 3x3 this morning at 10am. Shot looked good but not complete pass through. Found first 2/3 of arrow after 100yds. Then tracked small blood trail for 150 more then nothing.. remember someone using a dog to track an elk earlier this year. Does anyone have a tracking dog in seligman/Kingman area? Thought I would ask. Doing circles after circles now. Thanx....
  8. kimberx2

    Population Management Hunts

    That's good luck. I've been putting in for years and got the call for a cow elk hunt a couple years ago. I declined to see if I could draw a bull tag that year and of course I didn't.
  9. kimberx2

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Good topic. Coues: 2 rifle 1 archery Muley: 2 rifle. 2 archery Elk. Cow 2 rifle Bull. 3 archery Turkey: 4 archery Javelina: 13 archery. 2 pistol Bear: 1 rifle Been hunting in Arizona for 20 years.
  10. kimberx2

    help track a lost buck

    Luckily got to use my '13 tag. Would of gladly used my '14 tag if I would of found it later. This is my best buck yet rifle or archery.
  11. kimberx2

    Trophy Javelina

    Very cool and unique javi. Congrats.
  12. kimberx2

    help track a lost buck

    Here is a pic
  13. kimberx2

    help track a lost buck

    Thanx for the positive responses. I found him a couple days later thanks to the ravens. Smelled really bad but I caped the head hope it will be OK. Was bigger than I thought. I thought good sized 3x but didn't notice the small forks in the 8 or 9 seconds I saw him before the shot. Ended up being a 5x4. Around 170". So keep after it everyone. He was 500 yards the opposite way that he was initially traveling..
  14. kimberx2

    Got my tag today....and my refund???

    Got my pig tag. Got a refund for not drawing turkey. Got another check for like $9.00. I think I paid the 2014 prices. Did you not draw another species tag, hence the refund?
  15. kimberx2

    Results are out!!!!!!!

    15 points and still no Gould's for me. Got 23 archery pig. At least we can hunt archery turkey OTC.
  16. kimberx2

    How many sight pins?

    Only one. Adjustable from 20-110. Better sight picture with only one vertical pin.
  17. If you are hunting for the sport of it then only in the air. If you are hunting to eat them, then any good shot. I have never hunted behind dogs, so on the ground running is fine for me.
  18. kimberx2

    Rhondas butcher shop

    Had bad luck with Rhonda's. Stick with Casey's or Coconino, good luck with both of those..
  19. kimberx2

    Az turkey books/articles

    Good question. Hope to hear some good answers. I have not seen much on this. Bow hunting in Az has a couple stories of archery turkey hunts, as well as other big game species. The Chappell hunting video Extreme Gobblers is one of the only videos I've seen with western style hunts.
  20. kimberx2

    Any luck on the otc archery turkey hunt?

    Thanx for the responses. Congrats Doublelunger. In the fall they recommend If you miss your shot and break up the flock, stay hidden and kee kee. The birds will come back trying to get back in the flock and you can get another shot. I almost always hear turkeys before I see them. They always seem to be making some kinds of noises. Except when they are coming into a waterhole then I usually hear them shut up about 100 yds out and come in silent. I would also try some soft yelps if I knew they were close but not sure where. Maybe with a slate. Good luck everyone..
  21. Any one having any luck for turkeys? I made it out to 23 this weekend and didn't see many deer. Lots of rhinos though... Finally got on some turkeys Sunday at around 9am. A flock of about ten Jakes and hens. Picked out the biggest Jake and let the wac-um do its business. He didn't even go five yards. The flock stuck around for around 1/2 hr yelping and keekeeing. When I was sure they were gone I retrieve the Jake and tagged him. Hope everyone is having good luck, and hope I can find some deer.
  22. kimberx2

    QAD Exodus Broadheads

    +1 on the wac-ems. I shoot the 85 grains and they fly great out to 100yds. They work well on all size game from turkeys to elk for me. Best broadhead I have ever used and fly like field points.
  23. kimberx2

    Spot and stock unit 32 antelope

    Congrats. Awesome lope. I can't wait till I get that tag....
  24. kimberx2

    Flagstaff Meat processing

    Yes Rhonda's does deliver to the North Valley. It is half way to flag from SE valley. Coconino offered to deliver to the valley too, but that was several years ago I'm not sure they still do.
  25. kimberx2

    And then there were ....157....

    The are only a couple units that sell out (22,23, etc) if I don't draw I just hunt leftover or OTC in another unit and save my bonus points for next year. Then add loyalty and hunters ed, and buy an extra point they add up fast.. I wish I could draw a 23 tag every year.but I seem to only get them every other year. You must have pretty good luck flatlander..