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  1. thegunsmith2506

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    https://www.kentucky.com/news/state/kentucky/article260580142.html Hunter captures rare white turkey in Kentucky. I read this yesterday.
  2. thegunsmith2506

    Early fire season

    I know a lot of people evacuating. Some said there are house on fire as they were leaving.
  3. thegunsmith2506

    Next years youth giveaway guns

    Just a thought. Watch for rebates offered by manufactures through the summer. A couple of years ago I wanted a Browning xbolt and found a $100 mail in rebate. I found them at Reeds for $459 on sale and free shipping. Even after the FFL I was under $400 for the gun.
  4. thegunsmith2506

    Finally going home. AZ here we come!

    Sorry for your loss. Welcome back to AZ. Parks is a great community if you ever make it back up here.
  5. thegunsmith2506

    My sons first turkey 2022

    10 yards!! That's awesome. Congratulations!
  6. thegunsmith2506

    Elk 101

    When my wife had a tag in 2016 the hunt was early in Sept. I listened to every podcast I could find with Corey Jacobson. It worked very well for us. I used a flextone bugle so I could remove the tube and use it with a diaphragm call.
  7. thegunsmith2506

    Whitehorse lake

    Nice! I haven't fished it since they re stocked it after the fish die off.
  8. thegunsmith2506

    Son of a Poacher

    I thought it was a pretty good book.
  9. thegunsmith2506

    AZ wildlife crossings

    Yesterday there were 10 elk hit just east of Williams on I40. Worst I have seen.
  10. thegunsmith2506

    Sentry gun safe

    That can't be helping your gas mileage
  11. thegunsmith2506

    Should I upgrade from 30-06?

    Unless you are really stuck on the PRC I would look at other more available options. The 7mm mag, 300 mag, 300WSM are all very capable of what you want and much more available. The xbolt is a great gun in my opinion.
  12. thegunsmith2506

    7 day backcountry elk hunt

    Good rain gear! I had Sitka last year in Alaska and it worked great for 7 days. The other guys had OR and that worked well too. Getting soaked can ruin a hunt fast.
  13. thegunsmith2506

    17B & 19B

    OnX has a layer for land access
  14. thegunsmith2506

    Woman hunting packs

    https://www.reedssports.com/badlands-kali-backpack-approach-camo-21-35357-639966006186 My wife has this one and loves it.
  15. thegunsmith2506

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    No the guide is the hunter.
  16. thegunsmith2506

    Hunting with glasses

    I have been hunting in contacts for 25yrs. They can be irritating at times, but my buddy with glasses struggles way more. If its dusty I usually take daily wear contacts and just throw them away at night. Whenever We are in camp I just take them out and wear glasses. Transition lenses are nice but they take getting use to. If you walk into a dark room after being in the sun they take a few seconds to change.
  17. thegunsmith2506

    Storm Precip

    We had 16in at my place southeast of Williams
  18. thegunsmith2506

    2022 HAM Hunt

    Congrats! Open mouth would be my vote.
  19. thegunsmith2506

    Tire Question

    We have a 2006 GMC 2500 that is my wife's daily driver. She only drives about 30 miles a week. Aside from that I use the truck for hunting, hauling water, and the occasional trip to town. I also drive it to work if we get a lot of snow. Last time I bought tires the guy at Big O talked me out of mud tires saying they would be terrible on snow and ice. I went with an AT tire instead. They are ok but on the late elk hunts I would really like a more aggressive tire. Its time to buy tires again and I was wanting to get some opinions. Does anyone here have experience driving on ice and snow with mud tires? Do they wear a lot faster than AT tires on a full size truck? Tires last us several years with no more than we drive so I don't want regret my choice.
  20. thegunsmith2506

    Tire Question

    Bfgs get shredded in rocky country on bigger trucks.
  21. thegunsmith2506

    Tire Question

    Thanks for all the replies!
  22. thegunsmith2506

    Tire Question

    I've been very happy with Cooper tires. The ones have now are stt.
  23. thegunsmith2506

    bonus pass report

    One was and antelope hunt that showed they didn't issue all the the tags they should have in the bonus pass. I had to go look at last years regs to be sure I had the right hunt. I don't remember what hunt it was.
  24. thegunsmith2506

    FS: Swarovski SLC 15 X 56

    I bought my old model pair for $1100
  25. thegunsmith2506

    bonus pass report

    I thought it was just me