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  1. On the early hunt the deer will be spread out on top, and in the middle transition areas, and starting to enter the low areas many years also. You'll want to be prepared to hunt where the deer are. Sometimes on that hunt they'll almost all still be up high, sometimes concentrated in the middle or low. Some people just get stuck hunting one elevation and the deer aren't there. One important note: just cuz you see sign on top doesn't mean the deer are still there. They might have moved down a few days ago. The sign needs to be FRESH to be very meaningful on a hunt like this.
  2. JakeL

    Shout Out to Timber Mesa

    I'll jump in and say they've always been great to me when I stop in. Top tier professional service.
  3. JakeL

    Done. Delete.

    Done. Delete.
  4. I plan on being in the Reavis/Apache Lake area of the superstition wilderness. How likely am I to find cell service at the tops of most of the ridges and mountains? I’ve heard from some that only a very few of the very tallest points will have any signal. I’ve heard from others that many of the peaks and high points will have some signal. Anyone have ave experience with this they can share? I use Verizon if that makes any difference.
  5. JakeL

    Barrel twist question

    I have only shot one Coyote with a 69 smk, it was at a much lower velocity than 22-250. (fired out of a 16" 223). Hit the yote broadside at 250 yards, classic behind shoulder lung shot. Bullet didn't upset very much, small exit wound. Coyote went 300-400 yards leaving almost no bloodtrail before dying. Based on that one experience, I'd recommend a 69 tipped matchking or maybe a vmax, elderly, or ballistic tip. But I'd be wary of the std smk with any impact velocities below 2300-2400 fps.
  6. JakeL

    2016 Rut Activity

    I'm hunting sortof near Prescott in mid elevation. I am seeing lots of does in small groups, not seeing many bucks. No obvious signs of rutting yet. Let's all please remember to say roughly where we are, so that this info can be useful.
  7. JakeL

    Recommend a Concealed Carry Class

    Yup. But if a guy wants to carry when he's traveling to a few other states, having a permit is good. So I'm looking for a class
  8. Who can recommend a good concealed carry class? I'm looking for a simple and straightforward class. Nothing too long or fancy. I'm located in the east valley.
  9. Thanks for the advice so far. Great tips.
  10. JakeL

    NEW Go Pro Hero 4 Black

    Sorry, I should've updated this. It sold on ebay for $350 a couple days back. Any other CW.Com guys interested could pick one up there for around the same price.
  11. I want to get out and find some more good places to hunt. I also want to be productive when I'm out looking for new places. What do you look for when finding new coyote (and other predators) habitat? What types of water sources are best? How far from water? Close to roads? Far back in? Certain vegetation or terrain? Do you hike around and look for sign? Drive around calling and listening at night? Now that you have found good habitat, what do you look for when choosing locations to make stands? I'm based out of Mesa, so most of the time I'm chasing predators in Sonoran desert type terrain on day trips. I'm not asking where you hunt, I'm asking for tips on the best way for me to find places to hunt.
  12. JakeL

    NEW Go Pro Hero 4 Black

    New asking price is $380 flat.
  13. JakeL

    NEW Go Pro Hero 4 Black

    It's going up on ebay. If you're going to make an offer, be quick about it.
  14. JakeL

    NEW Go Pro Hero 4 Black

    I won this Go Pro in a raffle. It's absolutely brand new, unopened, retail packaging. Retail price is $499. I'll list it here for $420.