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  1. 1stcoues75

    New coues addition

    Awesome buck! Ive always been a big fan of Pats work
  2. 1stcoues75

    javelina and cattle?

    Good luck on your hunt
  3. 1stcoues75

    javelina and cattle?

    Kind of funny you posted this sunday while i was out with my wife, we witnessed a yearling calf chase a lone boar down a ridge. Unfortunatley she wasnt able to put him on the ground. Never seen that before thought it was interesting.
  4. 1stcoues75

    what do you do with your kill

    Went to Sportsmans an picked up a summer sausage kit, it came out great.
  5. 1stcoues75

    2014 Stink Pig

    You were absolutely right drilled my 2nd with my bow in the HAM hunt.
  6. 1stcoues75

    20B first time pig

    Awesome congrats! Looks like a pretty big pig
  7. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    Yeah im pretty excited to see how it comes out, and they were actually feeding in a wash.
  8. 1stcoues75

    Great day!

    Thats an awesome picture! Congrats on a nice javelina.
  9. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    I will post pictures when im done boiling it out. That makes 2 very unique javelina skulls for me this year
  10. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    I stalked in close but in all the brush it was hard to get a shot so started calling and they went nuts. The shot dropped her like a sack of potato, she kicked about 5 times an she was done. Arrow actaully tried to exit on her left side busted three ribs on the inside of her shoulder.
  11. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    Thanks and there is 8 of them left hopefully after next week that number will be 7
  12. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    Best of luck to you hopefully you will have a story and pictures at the end of that hunt.
  13. 1stcoues75

    2014 H.A.M Javelina

    Went out yesterday morning an got onto the same herd I killed my archery pig last month. This young sow stood still long enough for me to get a shot. Not the most ideal shot placement but at 4 yards it did the trick. Im tagged out for the year but hopefully will get my wife a chance at her first one next weekend.
  14. 1stcoues75

    Who's going out for the HAM 2014?

    37B Monday, hopefully I will fill my 2nd Jav tag an be tagged out for the year.
  15. 1stcoues75

    Opening Day Success

    Congrats to your son! That is a giant pig!