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  1. This is kind of a late post but better late than never right?.... Last September(2017) I was able to hunt two days for myself. I had decided that I was going to sit water in search of my first coues with a bow. I invited my buddy along to sit with me that way we could take turns napping and not miss anything. Since I had located the spot and created the set up I told my buddy Kyle that he could take any of the smaller bucks that come in and I would only target the big boy, since Kyle was in search for his first big game animal in general he was in on the deal. Day 1 When I first arrived the first morning I could hunt I noticed my camera had been stolen. I was so worried that the thief had not only stolen my camera but ruined my spot as well. The first morning was very slow and VERY COLD!!! It was an overcast rainy morning and the sun did not shine onto the blind until 1 o'clock or so. Needless to say we were way underprepared! However around 2:30 a spike had magically appeared out of the foliage and was drinking at the water. Kyle was quick on the spot and even quicker to get his bow in his hand. We had previously ranged the other side of the tank at 50 and Kyle waited for his shot and let her rip....low. Dangit! The buck is still standing there and presents him another shot at 60. Kyle re-drew his bow took his time on the second shot and the arrow flew true.... however the little buck was on edge and did a full 360 before the arrow even cleared the tank. Darn another miss and the buck took off, however now I am confident that this water was still being used, and not just by deer because about 30 minutes after the spike a very large bear decided it wanted to take a drink as well. Day 2 Kyle and I had only gotten about two hours of sleep in between day 1 and day 2 because it was about a 3 mile hike in and out of the spot and an hour and a half drive from home. Due to our lack of sleep we got out late on day two. The sun was up well before we got to our blind but the best deer activity was mid day anyway. Again the morning was slow, so Kyle decided it was his turn for a nap. Meanwhile I was thinkin are you crazy this is prime time! At about 10:30 I was farting around on my phone while Kyle was snorin away when all of a sudden I heard sneeze and not a human sneeze. I look up to my right and there's a buck on his way with two does following right behind him. I quickly wake kyle up and ask him if he wants to shoot the buck (meanwhile I have no idea the size of him because I only saw profile view of his weaker side. The buck was behind a juniper while Kyle was still wiping the drool off his mouth and when it stepped out and gave me a good view I realized that it was a better buck and decided I was gonna take him (good thing because Kyle was not ready haha). I swiftly drew my bow put my 20 pin on its mark and let it fly. My arrow smacked the buck square in the shoulder and knocked him to the ground, he got up walked up the ridge slowly and disappeared over the top. Alright!!! The Chase isn't over... Kyle and I waited 45 minutes before we even got out of the blind to retrieve my arrow. Once we got to the site of the shot our attitudes really started to change. We had thought there was gonna be a dead buck just over the ridge but the evidence from the arrow and the blood was proving different. The arrow was only covered half way up the shaft and was broken in half however both pieces were still there??? I had no idea what had happened I knew I hit him in the shoulder but passed through so where was all my blood??? (Later I would find my first shot just passed through one shoulder and his briscuit but missed all vitals). We proceeded on the blood trail with extreme caution, one drop at a time expecting the buck to leap out of the scrub oak at any moment. After another 2 hours of slowly tracking we followed the trail to the bottom of a canyon where there was a thick patch of Gambel Oaks. I told kyle he's either in there dead or alive but hes in there. We started creeping towards the oaks when I heard a cough come out of the oaks. Then I could see grey patches slowly crawling through the overgrown draw. I quickly ranged a lone juniper across the draw at 70 yards and told Kyle when he steps out i'm gonna shoot him again. Kyle didn't miss a beat and whipped out his phone to video the shot. The buck stepped out just a little lower than the juniper I had ranged so I put him in between my 60 and my 70 and made the most confident shot on an animal I have ever made. My arrow hit directly on its mark as the buck blew from jumping my string and he took off only to disappear again. Unsure yet again of how the second shot was we let the buck rest for another hour and a half when a monsoon started to roll in. It was time to go fetch him. Kyle stayed behind to keep eyes for him to jump up and bugger out as I crept in. The blood was a lot stronger after the second shot and roughly 100 yards after the second hit I could see my buck laying in the bottom of a wash tipped over. Tears started to burst out of my eyes as I called Kyle over, I realized I had just harvested my first coues deer with a bow and the 75-80 inch buck I first thought I shot was actually a 100+ inch deer laying right in front of me! What a day it was and one heck of a packout! I can't thank Kyle enough for all of his help and sharing the experience with me. Its his turn next! VIDEO of the shot <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/M7W9oUowEzU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Me and a couple buddies from here had an awesome season chasing these bucks. We couldnt quite close the distance enough, but we did manage to get some good footage of these bruisers! Enjoy
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    Favorite ATL

    Here is a recent find and my new favorite ATL, followed by a magnificent AZ sunset!
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    Son's First Archery Bull

    nice bull!
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    Coues or Muley

    Here is my suspect hybrid from a muley/coues area top left is the suspect doe, And another one in the making lol..... this little buck wishes.
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    can't wait for friday...

    Just bought me a pack of Terminal T's!
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    Coues or Muley

    I chased a nice whitetail buck last december a couple of days and he had him a nice little harem of muley does.I thought I was going crazy.
  8. So I have a group of three or four bucks that have been coming into the stand Fairly often the past couple of months. About half in day time and half at night. The same bucks have come in the passed three days at night while I'm back at camp fartin around sleeping. Does anybody know what turned my deer nocturnal for this whole past two weeks even leading up to the hunt, and possibly any tips or tricks on turn in em into daytime boys. P.s. only one other group of hunters in here and they are not hunting this area I'm in so I don't think it's human pressure.
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    Anyone know where to get a Brittany puppy?

    We got our french Brittany Two years ago from Matt Keller. He was based out of Mayer I believe. Really nice guy and takes great care of his puppies. And now Cooper (our pup) is a Quail pointin Mofo! http://www.gundogbreeders.com/breeders-arizona/quail-ridge-kennels.html
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    23 going out

    I just called again, its updated. 6B and 23S are closed. No annual female harvests have been reached yet. Damnit!
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    nocturnal bucks what to do!

    I know This was a while back I was just reading it again to help my set up for this year. But you couldnt have been more on the money the bucks came in mid day on the 4th, the 5th and the 6th, Unfortunately I was in school and wasnt sitting those days. This year I will plan in advance and try and plan to sit the days of a fuller moon. Thanks again for the advice!
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    2015 AZ Bear

    Awesome Story Congrats!
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    Early season bears?

    Thanks Grey Ghost, I am headed out this evening I think I will try on focusing on covering more ground, and work my way spot to spot until I get to the area I saw him and hit it last during "Prime Time". Good Luck to everyone else still Chasin!
  14. I know Cooper is ready were out lookin for bears and all he can do Is point out coveys!
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    Early season bears?

    I went solo and glassed a nice Brown Phase bear opening morning at 375 yards.Not a monster but I had a clear shot right away however I hadn't looked for cubs yet and it was around some really thick brush, so I did what I thought was the right thing and grabbed the glass and spent 10 to 15 minutes looking around the bear which was chokin down manzanita berries. Once I determined the bear was solo I watched/listened mostly it feed its was down the slope onto my side of the canyon, I last saw it walking towards really thick brush about 400 yrds away until I lost it. Never heard or saw it come out. Iv been back everyday since with no luck But I have a feelin he will be back. Its hard to sit though when the next three little pockets of the canyon look the exact same as this one. Should I sit where I saw him or try and cover more ground and hit each pocket each day. This was my first experience glassing up a bear and I feel like if it's within 500 yards I will hear it before I ever see it at least in this country. Do you guys usually Burn one area with the glass all day trying to pick it apart (like I would Whitetails) or do you glass for a while and move on to the next spot. I'm just not sure which would be better for bears.
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    new pics/Stolen SD Cards

    Thats definately a 6a thing haha.
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    Cecil the Lion

    A great Video about coexisting with wildlife, hunting and conservation......and it just so happens to be about lions. Hes a non-hunter yuppie but he knows what hes talking about I wish more lefties would have a little brains like this guy. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GiyQvm9d4tM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Favorite unit

    Unit 7 for pigs, 13a for whitetail and bear, 20b for Turkeys and 36c for elk ..... I dont hunt carp.
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    Unreal as it lay

    Is that what lays at the end of a rainbow?! way better than a pot of gold! Awesome Picture!
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    Okay, you score him!

    That spread score is huge. I Didnt realize how much difference it could make until I taped a dead head this year I found. I thought he was a 320 bull By size of his antlers but when all said and done he barely pushed over 300, But he was super narrow.
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    Cecil the Lion

    All I know Is there woudn't be any mega fauna (Big Game) left in Africa if it wasnt for Big game hunting. Its the only thing that keeps those animals from getting over hunted by poachers and in some cases such as white Rhinos has helped the population cause private land owners are willing to Have them on their land if they are going to get paid eventually due to hunting. Id like to see that park run itself without taking any Big game hunting revenue from now on.
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    Where am I ? This should be easy.

    Thats how that morning was I was 16 years old goin out for archery deer in the morning and I think I stayed and watched the 100+ elk in Aww till about 8:30 in the morning ruined my whole morning haha but what a great experience, That was first time I had ever seen sparing between bulls. And my bad 5guys, I forgot how secret of a spot it was being so far from any main rds in 6b and such lol
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    Where am I ? This should be easy.

    During archery deer theres always bulls out there startin to get frisky!
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    Kings 200" buck

    That Family kills some BIG deer! His older brother Jeremy has recently taken a 244 a few years back, and his big sis has a monster that touches over 200.
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    Canyon or Roosevelt?

    I woulda made My way out to Bartlet.