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Found 13 results

  1. If so check out my new video. Just in time for all you archery hunters out there to feed the need until opening day in 2 weeks. Anyone else getting pump to see what goes down this archery season?
  2. Me and a couple buddies from here had an awesome season chasing these bucks. We couldnt quite close the distance enough, but we did manage to get some good footage of these bruisers! Enjoy
  3. OpticNerd

    Coues in 4K

    Here's a little something to help past the time while we wait for the draw results to come out. Hopefully they'll be out within the next couple weeks but until then we might as well watch some coues footage while we wait. On a side note the footage looks noticeably better in 4K/1440 this is if your computer can handle it. Also I don't know if it's just my PC or not but to get the video to play in 4K/1440 I have to restart the video after selecting one of these two settings. I don't know why this is but for me the video will not start playing after I select 4k/1440 unless I slide the red timeline bar back to the start of the video.
  4. Opened my email this morning and saw an email from MeatEater, the tv show with Steve Rinella. Basically the email said the new season started tonight and thank you for being apart of the mailing list. Reading a little further down, they sent a link for a free episode. Follow the link and type in the code MEATEATERMAIL and you can watch it. You don't have to fill in any credit card info just go to the "use code" tab under Postal Code. https://meateater.vhx.tv/buy/volume-9-ep-1-sky-island-solitaire-backpack-hunting-coues-deer-in-arizona I thought it was a very good episode.
  5. Howdy all, I finally got some time to sit down and slap a video together. There's no fancy footage and because it happened during our "dress rehearsal" for the hunt the video wasn't over the shoulder and not the best, but I think it's awesome…for obvious reasons! Ha! I called it a "dress rehearsal" because my buddy and I had to pull an all-nighter because of a broken Rhino and last minute shopping. We didn't' even have enough time to make it to Plan A before light so we opted to hit the Plan B spot. We arrived 2 hours before light with still a 1 hour Rhino ride to the spot. Our trucks were loaded for the full hunt and had intentions of doing a "backpack" hunt into Plan A but with no sleep at all we figured we would hit Plan B first, take a nap mid day and then attack our backpack hunt that afternoon. We left the trucks loaded and just grabbed the essentials, jumped in the Rhino and off we went. We made it to the parking spot for the Rhino and started our walk in with several bugles up ahead to keep us awake! I had not seen a shooter class bull in this area but I loved it because it had potential for one to show up. You'll see on the video that my buddy hung back and let me sneak in to the bugles and go "shopping". The first bull was a cookie cutter 6x6 and exciting but not what I wanted. I waited for him to move off and then moved up to look down at the other bugling bull in the next draw. When I first located him he had his head back bugling and I could see his insanely long G2's and G3's and turned to my buddy and said "I'll shoot that one"! The video shows what all happened next. What you don't see is the whole time leading up to the shot, I kept questioning what I was doing because I had waited so long for a tag of my own! I had dreamt for many years about all the call-ins, close calls, pass ups, and just the overall experiences I would hopefully get on my own hunt, but there I was getting ready to end my hunt in less than an hour! Once I was where I felt I needed to be and the bull started stepping into my shooting lane all that questioning and hesitation went away. He was indeed the biggest bull I had seen during my scouting and although his top end was shorter than I had hoped, his bottom end made up for it and I knew he would at least hit my predetermined mark of 360" class or better. As you'll see, both my shots hit left which I'm sure was my bad habit of gripping the bow hard when excited, but fortunately with the slight quarter to angle and good penetration this story had a happy ending. Surprisingly, even the second arrow penetrated the chest cavity but wasn't needed as the first arrow did the job. I was using the cut on contact Grave Diggers for the first time and after seeing that penetration through an elk shoulder at 55 yards I swear by em'! They were also the best flying broad head I found.…I just need to remember to relax my grip when the adrenaline's flowing! This was the biggest bodied bull I've ever walked up on and even his head was huge which all made his rack look smaller, so as I walked up to him I realized he definitely surpassed my goal of 360"! As he is he's mid 370's and if his right G1 was intact he would be closer to the 380" mark! You'll hear me say in the video, "Ever since I was a kid", and it's been ever since I went on my first bull hunt at 10 yrs old that I dreamt of walking up to a big bull with my arrow in em! I've killed bulls since but nothing like I had always dreamt about, until that morning! Thanks everyone for all the awesome reply's on that previous thread and for any you post here. I have very little free time nowadays and what little time I have I spend with my daughter so even tho I read new posts here daily on my phone I just haven't had time to log in and post anything up till now, so i'm sorry for that delay and take care, JIM>
  6. High Point Outfitters

    NEW ELK VIDEO!!! "The Class Of 2014"

    The HPO team has been out hitting the hills, mountains and flats this summer in preparation for our up coming hunts! Here is a little video of "The Class Of 2014" We also are scouting for deer already and the Arizona results should be out any day! Please give us a call to see what we have to offer for your 2014 tag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmbFPYB64LI&list=UU7Qk3aMvlRDWl9uQwpalbUA
  7. This is a self contained photo and video digiscoping (picture taking, video taking) unit that attaches directly to the spotting scope. This is designed to attach to the swarovski spotting scopes only. Great way to video hunts. $75.00 Ric 602-330-4664
  8. Here's a video I put together from the rut in 2013. I posted it here on CW last year but only left it up for a short time. I recently had a couple members ask if I could put this video back up and I figured what the heck. I changed it up a bit and added more of the bigger buck footage and left out a few of the smaller bucks but it's still very similar to the original. I have developed quite the passion for videoing coues in the rut over the years it's actually more of an obsession really. I'm already losing sleep thinking about next years rut and what I need to do to get better footage. There's just something about videoing rutting coues bucks that gets my blood flowing like no other. Anyways hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. As always don't forget to watch it in HD.
  9. amac

    Elk teaser

    Here is a little elk teaser for my up coming video. It's been a awesome archery season so far I have over 10 hours of video, hopefully in the next week or so Ill have the full video out. Enjoy the teaser! http://myhuntingtube.com/video/2013-elk-teaser?xg_source=activity
  10. Elkaddict

    Turkeys, it's always something !

    Didn't have a tag this year but talked a friend into bringing his son up to try our luck with the turkeys. Heard gobbling every morning but always something would happen that prevented us from sealing the deal. Here's a short video of some of our experiences.
  11. Hey all, here's another short video I just put together. You all might find this one a little crazy but it really happened, his tail gets perfectly shot off! Fortunately the buck was quickly relocated and taken with a great shot but unfortunately in the chaos, that part didn't get filmed. Stubby was a great buck and the hunter was very happy with em'! This same hunter killed 4 bucks with us between 102"-118"... all in less than 1 year! Thanks for checkin it out, more to come! JIM> Details: The guide and hunter snuck in as close as they could because there was a strong crosswind. The shot was 455 yards and the hunter didn't hold far enough into the wind, blowing the shot off course. They then relocated him, snuck in closer to 350 yards and held better for the wind making a perfect shot. Lesson: Practice with your hunting rifles in windy conditions to become familiar with how wind affects your bullet and learn to judge wind speed and keep a cheat sheet handy! Here's a closer up look at what happened. The buck was quartering to the shot and the impact was not as far off as it appears in the video. With the quartering angle, the bullet hit the front side of the back hip and came out taking the tail with it.

    First Hunts Highlights Video

    Hey all, congrats to all the successful Elk hunters, looks like there's been some great hunts had by CWT.com members! I recently bought a new computer and software and just spent the last few days screaming at it, throwing things at it, and pulling all my hair out over it. Eventually I won the battle and finally figured it out...for the most part at least I don't have all the footage yet from our first hunts but since I have no patience I slapped together my first video with what I do have. Keep in mind this is my first attempt with this new software and my projects should get better from here on out! There is a special treat towards the end of this video that I know you all will love, and it's the primary reason why I just couldn't wait any longer to share this with you all! A buddy of mine, David, happened to be in the right place at the right time with the camera and it just happened to be one of my favorite bulls! Enjoy! JIM> [media=] [/media]