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  1. GAME AND FISH NEWS July 10, 2020 Last call: Sunday is deadline to purchase tickets for Arizona Big Game Super Raffle PHOENIX — Time is running out to enter the 15th annual Arizona Big Game Super Raffle. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission annually awards the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle a total of 10 Special Big Game Tags, one for each of the state’s big game species — bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, bison, turkey, bear, javelina and mountain lion. Raffle tickets then are made available for $5 to $25 each, depending on species, and can be ordered online at arizonabiggamesuperraffle.com. There is no limit on how many raffle tickets can be ordered. The deadline is 10 p.m. Sunday, July 12. The names of the winners will be drawn at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 22 at department headquarters in Phoenix. NOTE: To ensure health and safety protocols are observed, the public will not be permitted to attend the drawing. The drawing will be webcast at https://vimeo.com/event/125189. Winners will be contacted by phone. The raffle is conducted by a nonprofit entity to raise money for wildlife conservation efforts. A volunteer board of directors, comprised of representatives from sponsoring organizations, oversees the operation of the raffle. Every dollar raised for each species through the raffle is returned to the department and managed by the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee (AHPC) for that particular species. With input from local habitat partners across the state and sponsoring organizations involved in the fundraising, project priorities are determined that will provide the most benefit to each species. Winners will be permitted to hunt for 365 days between Aug. 15, 2020 and Aug. 14, 2021, in most game management units statewide. For more information, visit arizonabiggamesuperraffle.com.
  2. GAME AND FISH NEWS July 3, 2020 Arizona Game and Fish Department Nominations sought for 2020 Arizona Game and Fish Commission Awards PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is soliciting nominations for the 2020 Commission Awards. The deadline for submission is Sept. 4, 2020. The purpose of these awards is to recognize Arizonans who have contributed significantly to the conservation of the state’s wildlife, its outdoor heritage, and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Nominations may include individuals, organizations, clubs, foundations or government agencies. Arizona Game and Fish Department employees are not eligible for nomination. To nominate someone, download a form (visit https://www.azgfd.com/agency/commission/awards/) and follow the instructions on the form. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission will select the 2020 Commission Award recipients at its Sept. 25-26, 2020 meeting. The awards will be presented at the annual Arizona Game and Fish Commission Awards Banquet scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021, at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, 11111 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85020. Download a Nomination Form 2020 AWARD CATEGORIES AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Any individual, group, organization, club, foundation, or agency that has excelled in efforts to benefit wildlife, wildlife habitats, or programs of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. YOUTH CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR: Any individual, 18 years of age or younger, who has excelled in efforts to benefit wildlife and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. MEDIA OF THE YEAR: Any media source (radio, television, magazine, newsletter, or periodical) that has published articles or materials beneficial to public interest about wildlife or wildlife related topics and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR: Any organization, group, foundation, or agency that has excelled in efforts to enhance the welfare of wildlife, wildlife related recreation, and the mission of the Game and Fish Department. CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR: Any individual, not associated with a professional agency, which has excelled in efforts to enhance, conserve, and manage wildlife or their habitats. NATURAL RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR: Any individual who through a professional agency affiliation has excelled in efforts to enhance, conserve, and manage wildlife or their habitats. VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Any individual who, as a registered volunteer with the Department, has excelled in efforts to support and benefit the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: Any individual whose educational activities have advanced and supported the welfare of wildlife, wildlife related recreation, or the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. MENTOR OF THE YEAR: Any individual who has acted in the role of a mentor and whose efforts have resulted in the promotion and support of future wildlife conservation efforts and the development of future wildlife conservation leaders in Arizona. ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR (Two Nominations): Any individual that has engaged in political advocacy for the betterment of wildlife conservation and in the support of the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. BUSINESS PARTNER OF THE YEAR: Any business partner that actively promotes Game and Fish through innovative approaches, community involvement and a customer service focus that benefits the citizens of Arizona and supports the Game and Fish’s mission of wildlife conservation. BUCK APPLEBY HUNTER EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD: Any hunter education instructor who actively participates in hunter education activities and demonstrates the highest level of customer service, dedication and professionalism during these activities. Award category recently approved by the AZGFD Commission in honor of Buck Appleby, a long time hunter education instructor who passed away in 2010. Past Award Recipients, 1991-2019
  3. Outdoor Writer

    Max Point Question

    There is no such thing as a "bunus point for max point" round. There's a bonus point round, period. So let's use your example: 120 permits and 24 to the BONUS POINT round. If 20 guys with max applied for that unit, they would get the first 20 permits. The rest would also go in the BP round to NEXT highest point totals until all 24 are gone. The balance of 96 go into the general draw.
  4. Outdoor Writer

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Condolences to Mike's family. 😪
  5. Outdoor Writer

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    A diet. 🙄
  6. Outdoor Writer

    So who’s air frying?

    >>I been air fryin daily, every time I step outside.<< Groan!!!! 😄
  7. Outdoor Writer

    So who’s air frying?

    I finally went and did it. Bought this last week but haven't used it yet.
  8. Outdoor Writer

    Smoke up some meats

    Me too. I had my wife pick up two pork shoulders for $ .97 lb. at Fry's yesterday for pulled pork. She also recently bought me four Atlantic salmon fillets at Safeway for the smoker.
  9. Outdoor Writer

    Darwin was right

    Proof that God exists.MP4
  10. Outdoor Writer

    Mask Requirements

    Not yet. I still have one BR to tile. I've had the tile for years but just haven't got around to doing it. Once it's done, tho. it will be for sale. I even have a brandy new, never used blade for it.
  11. Outdoor Writer

    Mask Requirements

    I've a got a 10" diamond saw setup. I bought it years ago for $189, knowing I would be doing almost the entire house and two baths with all tile. It's electric and actually has a small submersible pump with a tube to direct water onto the blade and not the saw motor. Besides keeping the dust down, it's MAIN purpose is to keep the blade cool. It's the older generation of this one.
  12. Outdoor Writer

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

  13. Outdoor Writer

    Mask Requirements

    Saeed wrote this one on April 10. This is Lauren. She is a good friend and an ECMO/ICU nurse at my hospital. She is one of our best. An incredibly kind human and a badass nurse. Today she stood up for healthcare workers as protestors descended upon the State Capitol. She stood in silence as people called her a ‘fake nurse’ & ‘paid actor’ amongst other horrendous things. Ironically, she has spent many days in the Covid ICU caring for our sickest patients. She stood for those who are on life support and have no voice of their own. She stood for the 42,604 Americans who have died so far. She stood for her colleagues; nurses, therapists, techs, janitorial staff, doctors and security amongst others. She stood up for those very protestors who hurled obscenities at her. When they inevitably contract Covid-19 and transmit it to their loved ones, Lauren will be one of the first faces they will see when they are admitted to the ICU. She may also be one of the last faces that they ever see. When in their ignorance and hubris, they have caused the demise of their own mother or father, Lauren will be standing in silence next to them yet again, this time in mourning. She made us all incredibly proud today. We extend an invitation to those who believe that they are being stripped of their civil liberties or that this is a giant hoax or that healthcare workers and the media are sensationalizing this pandemic for our own vested interests. To those who would turn a global pandemic into a twisted partisan issue. To those who foolishly believe that this virus discriminates based off of political ideology, race, religion or creed. We invite you to come spend a day in our Covid ICU with our nurses, therapists and physicians. You will spend the day wearing an n95 mask which will pretty much cut off circulation to your face. Don’t worry, you will get used to the sensation after a while. You’ll also get used to the dull constant headache that becomes a fixture after you have spent the day rebreathing CO2. You will learn how to don and doff PPE each time you interact with one of your patients. You will learn to live with the constant uncertainty of wondering if you have already caught the virus. If tomorrow will be the last time that you see your loved ones for the immediate future because you will need to start self quarantining. You will learn the familiar subtle change in tone of the code bells prior to a ‘Code Blue’ being called on the overhead. As you rush into a strangers room, you will gaze upon their lifeless eyes and blue lips. You will frantically begin to perform CPR, painfully aware of the fact that with each chest compression, you may potentially be aerosolizing the virus. You will watch as we place invasive central lines, arterial lines and chest tubes. You will stand at the head of the bed with us while we intubate a Covid-19 patient, inches away from their mouth, always cognizant of the damage that can be done with just one cough. You will stand next to us when we tell a husband over the phone that his wife has passed away, surrounded by strangers in space suits. The worst part of it all, he will not be allowed to see the love of his life to say he loves her one last time because of the infection risk it poses to him and other members of the public. You will stand in silence as you listen to another human express the deepest level of anguish possible, the tone of his cries seared into your memory. Perhaps then you will understand.
  14. Outdoor Writer

    Mask Requirements

    FWIW. The following was written by Zahid Saeed -- University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellow · July 1, 2018 to present. Dear Arizona, I’ve spent the last five years completing my medical training at some of the finest hospitals in the Valley. In that time, I’ve seen incredible cases, with some great saves as well as my fair share of death. It all pales in comparison to the last three months of my career. I’ve spent the better part of that time in the ICU dealing with Covid-19. The physical, mental and emotional toll of this pandemic has been heavy on me, as it has my colleagues. I see it in their eyes. In the tones of their voices. Something has changed. It’s not just profound fatigue, it’s resignation. Resignation to the fact that patients continue to pile in, at an exponentially increasing rate. That some of these patients are the sickest that we’ve ever seen. To the fact that our community has seemingly abandoned us and many are convinced that one of the most difficult & turbulent periods of modern history is somehow a hoax or conspiracy. The irony of being called a healthcare hero does seem to echo rather hollowly. That voices of medicine, science & reason are being drowned out by the incessant nonstop drone of conflict, division and partisanship. The system was never designed for a pandemic, that much is clear. That is a discussion for another time. The Governor’s statements and actions have been a matter of grave consternation to healthcare workers all over the state. Nero fiddles as Rome burns. The number of cases in AZ have climbed by nearly 300% since May 1st and have roughly doubled since Memorial Day, according to data from Hopkins. In the last twenty four hours, there have been 1014 new cases. For a moment, please try to fathom the kind of stress that is placing on our healthcare system. Our ICU’s are almost full. AZ hospitals are at above 80 percent capacity at this time. Clinical staff are stretched thin everywhere. The thing with these patients is that they consume a ton of resources and manpower because of how sick they are. They also have very protracted hospital courses. The average patient usually requires 3-5 days to come off the vent. Covid patients require weeks to wean off the vent which creates a myriad of associated issues. Severe deconditioning, delirium and multiorgsn failure are commonplace. These patients often require deep sedation. Unfortunately many IV infusions typically used in the ICU such as Fentanyl, Nimbex are in shortage on a global scale. Hospitals have dealt with drug shortages for decades and the influx of critically ill patients has made it much worse. I continue to pray that I will never have to keep someone awake on the ventilator due to a lack of medication availability like other colleagues in Covid hotspots have. Non critical care nurses are being trained to bolster our nurses. Similarly, physicians from all specialties prime themselves to practice a type of medicine that they may not have signed up for. I keep hearing people talk about a second wave that is going to hit but we’re still floundering in the first one. To my fellow citizens who feel that it is okay to ignore the warnings of health officials, doctors and scientists by refusing to wear masks, social distancing and other basic measures; please for a moment, consider the repercussions of your actions. Yes, you are young and healthy and you will likely have a mild illness but are you willing to put your elderly grandparents at risk? Or your parents who most likely will have some form of comorbidity that will increase their susceptibility to severe illness. Or a younger sibling who may have asthma. If you are a parent, are you willing to risk exposing your child to Covid, especially as more and more cases of a syndrome known as Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS) are being reported. Also, please recognize that being young and healthy does not mean you will not contract a severe infection. This is not a hoax. There is no financial incentive for physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers in this. There is no magical drug for Covid-19 regardless of what politicians and Big Pharma tout. At the end of the day, if your loved one ends up in my ICU and requires intubation, mechanical ventilation, ECMO, CRRT or other invasive therapies, will you be able to resign yourself to the fact that you will not be able to come into the hospital and hold their hand or tell them you love them? Can you accept the fact that if despite all our efforts, we fail and your loved one dies, a stranger in a space suit will hold up an IPhone so that you can FaceTime for the last time before we proceed to take your loved one off life support? If you still believe this is a giant conspiracy, maybe consider volunteering at your local hospital or clinic to see what the ground realities are because nothing I say will be able to change your mind at this point. In the meantime, we will continue to weather the storm and brace for difficult days ahead. Sincerely, A tired Critical Care fellow
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    Big Sweets

    Two different bucks, IMO. Check out the tip to tip spread, too.