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  1. Outdoor Writer

    Anyone Updated Payment Info?

    My first try produced an error message about using only numbers or some such thing. Do a cut & paste from your receipt if you have it and make sure there's no other space at the beginning or end, which was my problem.
  2. LOL. You're confused. That's a road WARRIOR, not a road HUNTER.
  3. That one is easy; crushed Coors cans, old chew cans and crumpled Big Mac wrappers sewn on an oil-stained hoodie -- kinda like a ghillie suit effect.
  4. Outdoor Writer


    In my case, I have several cards and basically use only one for everything we charge because it's got a really, really low interest rate for balances and pays 5% back on certain purchases that change per quarter. The one I use for apps has no balance, and when it does, I pay it off.
  5. Outdoor Writer


    Exactly what I have been doing for years. Plus, the application fees keep the bank happy enough so they don't cancel the account for non-use.
  6. I also attempted to design a pattern for the salt users, but it turned out looking like snow camo. 😎
  7. Michigan, as well. About 25 years ago when I was into bowhunting, a major manufacturer invited me on a deer hunt near Rogers City, which is on the northeast tip of the lower peninsular, right on Lake Huron. As I normally do because I hate all the strings attached to flying and also wanted to visit a couple friends, I drove. I spent a night with a friend in Ann Arbor and headed north early the next morning while it was still dark. As it got light, I started seeing all these big signs along the highway; they were selling sugar beets and ears of corn. I bet I passed at least 100 of these before I got to RC. Of course, since I'm not a fan of hunting over bait, I did a lot of chuckling at the creativity of some of the signs. One said, "Deer hunters -- beets by the truckload -- you load," others sold bags full of corn. Little did I know what was in store. We stayed at a resort right on the lakeshore. The first thing I noticed was the size of the "surf." Many of the waves were higher than those in the ocean at Mazatlán. There were six of us hunting, so we split into two groups and were transported to two different spots a few miles away. The parcel I was on couldn't have been more than 25 acres. It had several blinds on it. I was put into an elevated RIFLE blind overlooking an automatic corn feeder! In order to shoot out the window so my upper limb didn't hit the ceiling or upper window frame, I had to slouch down and stand back. And then I also had to worry about the arrow hitting the window ledge. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to stay put in it, lest I disturb my two hunting partners by wandering around. I was chuckling at all the signs, but now I was laughing hysterically when the feeder went off at 7 a.m. It was like a dinner bell to every critter big and small on that parcel of land. I have a 35mm slide that has two does, two fawns, a racoon, two turkeys and several BLACK squirrels -- all pigging out on corn for breakfast. The same thing occurred that evening with a possum joining the crowd. One day, I decided to test how they would all react to cigarette smoke when the breeze would take it from the blind to the feeder. Took a few big puffs and blew it out the window. Not one critter picked its head up. It went that way for two days. Finally on the 3rd day, a small buck joined the meal. I did my contortionist act and promptly shot high over its back, as the tip of the arrow put a slice in the window ledge. The arrow winged off into the woods, and while I was looking for it, I got to see a Michigan variety massasauga rattlesnake. It was about 14-16 in. long.
  8. I designed this one a few years ago but never had made. It's called KornCamo. 😉