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  1. Outdoor Writer

    "Daddy we did it!"

    Great. At least you get to teach him the good things in life. Keep up the good work.
  2. Outdoor Writer


  3. Outdoor Writer

    "Daddy we did it!"

    I know. That's why I typed "must have been" as in past tense. Do you have custody?
  4. Outdoor Writer

    "Daddy we did it!"

    Cool. 👍 Nice looking lad, too. His mother must have been pretty. 🙄
  5. Outdoor Writer

    Close Encounter of the First Kind

    I can vouch that an experience like that will make one soil their shorts. That short film nearly mirrors the exact thing that I had happen several years ago. These are my personal encounters with moose from another thread like this one: About 30 years ago, I was on a deer/elk pack-in hunt back in the Grey Mts. in Wy. There were about five other hunters in camp and one of them had drawn a moose permit. So one day, I had ridden my horse out alone to hunt in a place the outfitter had told me about. I tied up my horse and headed up a small ridge. There was a game trail right on top, so I decided to sit on a stump a bit because it afforded a good view of the valley below. I was there about 15 min. when I heard a shot that came from the heavily wooded area below me. Five minutes later, I had a bull moose barreling down the trail toward my stump., and I could see blood pumping out of his side. I had my .264 across my lap but quickly raised it just in case. The moose kept coming. When it was about 10-12 yards from me, I shot it in brisket. He dropped immediately. As I was wiping my butt, the guy with the moose permit and his guide appeared to claim his prize. The other incident also happened many, many moons ago when I was personally hunting moose in northern BC. My Slavey indian guide and I had left the main camp and set up a spike camp on a lake about 10 miles away. We spent six days searching for moose & caribou wthout much success. Then one day, we were riding across a ridge in a light rain, and I had to take a leak. After I was done, I decided to glass across my saddle down into a big valley below us. Within a minute, I saw something white move in a big stand of alders. When it moved again, I could tell it was a moose antler. I told Jimmy, and he asked me if I could shoot it from there, which was about a 1/2 mile. I just laughed, then told him we're heading down there. So I took off my rainsuit, hitched up my socks and we were on our way. What I didn't realize was the alders were much taller and thicker than they looked from above. We began to push our way thru them, and all of a sudden, the moose busted out, running along a hill about 125 yds broadside to us. I told Jimmy to bend over. While he covered his ears, I rested on his back and got off three shots. I heard and saw them hit. After each of the first two, Jimmy confirmed them with, "You got 'em," and I said, "stay down" so I could shoot a third time. Problem was the moose didn't seem to know I had hit him. He took off racing over the top, where we lost sight of him. It took us at least 1/2 hr. to get thru the alders and over the hill. There we could see my moose about 50 yards away. He was lying amid a lot of blown down jackpine-type trees with brush on either side and had his head fairly upright. While Jimmy, who didn't even have a gun, stood off to the side, I moved around in front until I was about 10 yards away. I planned to shoot just under his chin, but when I raised the rifle, it was still on 9X; all I could see was hair. I lowered it to adjust the scope. When I did the moose stood and started toward me. Uphill from me, he seemed huge -- like I was looking up at his head ten feet above me. I turned to run, but tripped on one of the deadfalls. Both me and the rifle went flying. As I covered my head with my arms, I yelled to Jimmy to tell my wife I love her. Then I heard the crash. The moose had died and fallen about 10 feet behind me. When we field dressed and skinned him, we found all three of my bullets against the farside hide in an area about the size of a pie plate They had pretty much wiped out the lungs but had missed the heart. And I survived! 🤣 ******************** Geez, I forgot the other moose attack I had survived in Yellowstone NP. I had located a decent bull that was meandering between the road and the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake. So I parked my truck, grabbed my cameras and proceeded to get into a good spot to take some pics. I was doing just fine; I snapped the shutter and the moose continued what he was doing. That all changed when a bus load of Japanese (maybe Chinese) tourists also saw the moose and dismounted the bus in mass. Within two minutes they had the moose's attention as they closed in on it from behind. Then he started toward me; he didn't appear real happy. I couldn't get to the road so I quickly backed up to a very large downed tree that had been propped up about 5' above the ground. I was able to duck under it to the other side just before the moose arrived, reared on his hind legs and hammered the downed tree with his front hooves. I was literally shaking in my boots. It seemed like a very long time, but it was probably only two minutes or less before he got bored with me, moved down to where the tree entered the water and walked around the tree to my side. That's when I ducked back to the other side and ran as fast as I could to the road and my truck. I sat there and watched while the tourists loaded back on the bus as if nothing unusual had happened.
  6. Outdoor Writer

    So...who's gonna win??

    Makes it a bit tough when you visit your favorite whorehouse, no?
  7. Outdoor Writer

    So...who's gonna win??

    Only an idiot would predict that. Oh wait, you already did.
  8. Outdoor Writer

    Model 70 264

    If I was 25 yrs. younger, you'd have a sale so I could replace my 50+ yr; old M70 .264 that has been my go-to rifle for a long, long time. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Outdoor Writer

    So...who's gonna win??

    I'm the same way as far as watching SB games. In fact, I stopped watching all NFL games several years ago after they became pass happy, penalty filled affairs. I much prefer college football but usually only tune into either ASU or the more glorious matchups or rivalries. And I love it when Ohio State or Michigan loses. I began rooting a bit for the KC long before Mahomes arrived on the scene. In fact, he wasn't even born yet. 😀 In the late 1980s, I spent a week hunting deer in Iowa with several sports stars. Among them was an ex-KC quarterback, Tony Adams. He was a class act, so I always associated the Chiefs with him. Same goes for the GB Packers & Atlanta Falcons because I had hunted with ex-QBs -- Lynn Dickey (GB) & Steve Bartkowski (ATL). In case you can't tell, I reserve my cheers to teams I feel somewhat connected to. Other examples were the AZ Cardinals when TE Jim Dray was there and the Houston Texans when All-Pro LB Brian Cushing was there. Both are alumni of my high school.
  10. Outdoor Writer

    SOLD -- FISHES OF ARIZONA by Wendell Minckley

    On it's way.
  11. Outdoor Writer

    SOLD -- FISHES OF ARIZONA by Wendell Minckley

    Did you note this: My 1st edition copy, though unread, has a few pages that are loose and a bit of discoloration along the spine of the cover from nearly 50 years of shelf life. Thus, I'm pricing it accordingly in 'as-is' condition.
  12. Outdoor Writer

    So...who's gonna win??

    Smart guy.
  13. Outdoor Writer

    So...who's gonna win??

    Thing is I didn't know a thing about him before that game. My assessment was purely from watching him play that day for a little over one quarter.