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  1. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    Hi Amanda, Stopped by to send my annual Christmas greetings. Promise I won't stay long. 😁
  2. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    Thank you. You're probably one of the few who miss me. 😉
  3. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    You ain't kidding about father time. If I had known I would still be alive at 77, I would have taken better care of my body. 🤣
  4. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    Barely! 😉 See my reply to Snapshot.
  5. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    I don't stop here very often except to wish folks well for the various holidays. I'm getting ready to sell ALL of my hunting, fishing, camping and golfing gear shortly, but I'll likely use Craig's List and eBay and then maybe post any leftover items here to help Amanda pay the bills with a 5% kickback. I don't look forward to the selling because I have LOTS, LOTS of stuff.
  6. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    About as well as expected at 77 I guess. 🤣 Thanks for asking. I had a bout with colon cancer at the end of 2017 with 21 days in the hospital, but the surgery was a very successful one in getting rid of it all. And I'm now on oxygen 24/7, which has basically ended all my hunting, fishing and golfing. But I still get out of bed everyday, exercise a bit and do stuff at home - even out in the wood shop and yard. I just have my 100-ft O2 thingie attached. Fully retired from the writing business about 6 months ago, so deadlines and dealing with editors is a thing of the past. So how's about you? Still down in Wildcat country??
  7. Outdoor Writer

    Ryan Nenaber?

    I'm trying to get in touch with Ryan Nenaber. He paid for a "How to Hunt Coues Deer" book via PayPal, but hasn't replied to three emails I've sent over the last week to the email address he used with PP. The mailing address he provided is in Fort Huachuca. Anyone know if he's a member here?
  8. Outdoor Writer


  9. Outdoor Writer

    Bill Quimby

    I had posted about Bill's condition on my FB page this morning, and Amanda let me know about this thread here. Yesterday I posted the following on a different hunting site that Bill and I have been contributing to for about 15 years. It's similar to what I wrote on FB today. "Although Bill is a couple years older than me, he and I go back a long way. We have often had private discussions here and on other sites because we both shared many of the same medical issues and the medications to treat them. Ironically, we had such a discussion here only a few weeks ago, and those messages were still in my Private messaging area. The last thing I said to him in that exchange was, "Stay well, my friend." So this latest news both saddens me and also shows just how mortal we are." So now with the latest news, I send condolences to Bill's wife, Jean, and the rest of the family. He will no doubt be in a better place.
  10. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    ...and happy holidays to all my friends here.
  11. Outdoor Writer

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to my friends here.
  12. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    The photo was taken in 1978 about 100 yards down from the driveway to the resort we owned at the north end of Vallecito Lake, about 20 miles northeast of Durango, Colo. I shot it early in the morning after an overnight snowfall. The mountains in the background, several of which are "14teeners," are within the Weminuche Wilderness Area. Lots a memories from there, too. I killed my first bull elk on a DIY horseback hunt there in 1965. Over three years we lived there in the 1970s, I covered many miles on horseback guiding fishermen and hunters in that spectacular part of the state. Granite Lake -- one of the many in the Weminuche My youngest son Scott and I atop the Continental Divide at Donut Lake. 14teeners in the background. Scott is now 53 yrs. old. The local game warden climbing to the Divide while he and I were on an "unofficial" fishing trip.
  13. Outdoor Writer

    Merry Christmas

    To all my friends.....
  14. Outdoor Writer


    I believe I spent my two cents here a long time ago.