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  1. bmf1321

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    425k on my '01. Doesn't burn or leak a drop. Solid. No DEF. No BS.
  2. bmf1321

    Trucks for sale

    Nice 7.3.
  3. bmf1321

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    You'd be better off buying a 7.3 like this than another truck with half the mileage and age.
  4. bmf1321

    Mule deer cape FS -Sold

    I'll buy if sale falls through
  5. bmf1321

    Swarovski Customer Service

    I like Swarovski. I've never had to pay for a swarovski repair until last season. My 15x56 fell off tripod and the same thing you described happened to them damage wise. They charged me about $400 to repair them since the damage was obviously from a drop. I never denied that. I still don't. I'm happy with the repair and they also reconditioned my binos. I've had these binos awhile and believe I've had them repaired previously for a similar fall or dropping with no charge, just shipping Ive also had other swarovski binos repaired for no charge other than shipping. All were second hand binos. I haven`t had to send any of my purchased new binos in for repairs yet.
  6. bmf1321

    Outdoorsmans Panhead

    Pm sent
  7. bmf1321

    Leupold VX6HD 4-24x52 CDS-ZL2 ***SOLD***

    I'll buy if you ship. PM sent.
  8. bmf1321

    1999 f250 7.3 crew cab 4x4 $8000

    My 2000 about to roll 410k. Awesome trucks. Good luck with the sale.
  9. bmf1321

    Flooring installation question

    Refer to manufactures recommendations.
  10. bmf1321

    2018 PSE Carbon Air

  11. bmf1321

    2018 PSE Carbon Air