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    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    I have know idea where the department is headed with either one. I usually try and catch the meetings on their live webcast but I will be helping a buddy on his elk hunt this weekend, so hopefully someone will watch and chime in. Will also be interesting to hear how the hunt guidelines are coming along.
  2. 654321

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    13) PointGuard Plus and Standard PointGuard Pricing. Presenter: Pat Barber, Community Engagement Administrator. The Department will present to the Commission new proposed pricing for the standard PointGuard and the pricing for the soon to be implemented PointGuard Plus membership packages You're going to love this.
  3. 654321

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    While your at it get a petition going for mandatory harvest reporting.
  4. 654321

    Spring Draw

    The deadline for the department to receive all applications is 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.
  5. 654321

    Sports betting legal in AZ as of today

  6. Unless you get a big snowstorm on the early 12AW hunt you could drive a car on most roads where the deer will be that time of year.
  7. 654321

    Bison Hunting for Youth?

    If cameras don't make a difference Russ Jacoby wouldn't have been crying his eyes out at the future ban. With no cameras hunters will have to get in the buffalos wheel house to find where they've been. The extra disturbance will instantly push them back on the Park.
  8. 654321

    2022 Spring Regs

    Use of Trail Cameras While Hunting Starting Jan. 1, 2022, pursuant to Commission Rule R12-4-303.A.5, a person shall not use a trail camera for the purposes of taking or locating wildlife, or aiding in the take of wildlife. The use of live action trail cameras for the purpose of taking or locating wildlife, or aiding in the take of wildlife has been prohibited since 2018. The new prohibition on trail cameras does not apply to other uses of a trail camera such as research, general photography and security. For more information visit: https://bit.ly/TrailCamInfo Coming Soon Ethically Hunting Arizona Course The Arizona Game and Fish Department is launching an innovative new course geared primarily for resident and nonresident experienced hunters called Ethically Hunting Arizona. Successful completion will provide the Education bonus point, specific to Arizona. Individuals are only eligible for one Arizona Education bonus point. The launch and additional information will be online at azgfd.gov.
  9. 654321

    Bonus Points and Nonres Do they go with you?

  10. 654321

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Unfortunately right now they're predicting an La Nina pattern which is usually dry and warmer than normal winter.
  11. 654321

    Good News

    July 2021 has officially become The all time wettest month in Tucson at 7.97”
  12. “Muzzleloading rifle” means a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder, incapable of firing fixed ammunition, having a single barrel, and loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile Its seems to me that the definition says loaded through the muzzle with black powder or synthetic black powder and a single projectile. Doesn't the nitro fire or fire stick load through the breach?
  13. If you didn't get a tag they won't cash your check. They will send your application and check back to you.
  14. 654321

    Northern lakes fishing— caught a beast

    The AZ state record 16 lb. 1.76 oz. 31 in., Show Low Lake Gregg Munck, Show Low 11/18/02
  15. 654321

    this gets more and more creepy

    1. From the post you quoted he himself says if he gets phenomena again he would die.( Not related to getting vaccine) 2. In another thread about heart issues he mentioned taking meds for Afib.( Not related to getting vaccine) 3. His wife just mentioned he was recovering from a Hemicoletomy.( Not related to getting vaccine.) 4. RIP DELW.
  16. 654321

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    That’s a lot of suspecting to totally think it’s all NR with the harvests, I’ve yet to see Randy harvest a deer with his bow in AZ
  17. 654321

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    With all your rambling I've forgotten what the meat of your post was. I have the numbers so I already know it's not NR buying up all the OTC tags. Couldn't care less how much hunting you think I do.
  18. 654321

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    How many resident OTC tags sold? How many NR OTC sold? When you have the answer get back to me.
  19. 654321

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    Wouldn't say that I'm in favor of it but I cant blame the AZGFD for trying to increase their license sales and last time I checked Residents still bought more OTC tags by about a 3-1 ratio to NR so if anyone is to blame for loss of opportunity it falls on us residents. Hunt plenty in AZ. Never met Randy all though I have seen some of the areas I hunt pop up on his videos. Don't know what BHA is and if you're referring to the Buzz from MM I only know him from what he posts but I will say you could probably learn a thing or two from him and how he is fighting for residents rights in WY. Seems he just keeps working the system until he gets what he wants, probably 90-10 there pretty soon so if you are building points in WY you better cash them in soon glad I did on my 57 antelope tag last year. You don't get your way so you cry the commissioners don't listen to what we have to say or they would have listened to public comments. To that I would say there are plenty that provided public comments and are satisfied with the outcome. Not a lib but I find it funny when things don't go your way or someone has a different opinion then yours they must be a lib.
  20. 654321

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    How many of you cry babies have sent an email to every commissioner asking why they're paying youtubers and destroying Resident opportunity. The amount of time it takes you to cry on the internet could have been time spent sending an email.
  21. 654321

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    My Brother in laws 2020 3.5 ecb. has 450HP and over 500 ft/lb torque, haven't raced him against my 2014 but it seemed plenty fast enough.
  22. The JR hunt is listed under the general hunt which means any weapon type and says any antlered deer is legal so if they see a mule deer buck and it's in 35A and not on private property they are good to go.
  23. If they have a youth hunt in 35A hunt #1169 they can hunt any antlered deer.
  24. 654321

    Field & Stream Article on Arizona Trail cam ban

    Put your money where your mouth is and just do it, I haven't seen yet if it is a violation punishable by loss of hunting or fishing license or just a fine. Heck if it turns out it is just a fine and no loss of privileges just charge your clients a "camera" fee.
  25. 654321

    Field & Stream Article on Arizona Trail cam ban

    Sir Royal why don't you man up and next year run cameras where you plan to hunt, if you get caught since you believe it is unenforceable use that little go fund me account you have going and hire a lawyer, if you beat it in court maybe that will set a precedent that others can use and maybe the rule will be removed.