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  1. 654321

    The Draw

    Just finished putting in 3 apps for turkey, one had 20 pts, one had 19 pts and the third app had an average of 3 pts.
  2. 654321

    Some people just don't get it.

    Unfortunately I see people camped within 1/4 mile of water every year on southern units as well. I'v called it in multiple times but usually Game and Fish too busy I guess. They have said it's a very common complaint. I never commented on THIS incident, the above comment is what I commented on and there were no pictures mentioned or posted about no camping, so do I need to post the law again for you Outdoor Writer.
  3. 654321

    Some people just don't get it.

    I didn't comment on the no camping sign, I commented on what the actual rule is. I was recently up on the Kaibab and there is very little water up there right now in the burn. We sat a tank one evening and in about an hour and a half we quit counting at a 150 deer coming to the tank before dark. The next day a camp with a bunch of horse trailers pulled up and put their horses in the corrals and they pitched their tents right next to the tank. Guess what the deer were piling into the tank that evening with the horses and people right next to it.
  4. 654321

    Some people just don't get it.

    • It is unlawful for a person to camp within one-fourth mile (440 yards) of a natural water hole containing water or a man-made watering facility containing water in such a place that wildlife or domestic stock will be denied access to the only reasonably available water. The last part of the rule is where it gets tricky.
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  6. 654321

    Benchee/Odes UTVs

    We had a state full of people making $840 a week on unemployment, twice what they usually made. 😂
  7. 654321

    Willow Springs Smallmouth

    I believe the removal of smallmouth bass in Willow Springs lake has more to do with the impact they have on threatened and endangered species in the LCR than the impact they have on stocked trout.
  8. 654321

    Sitting Water

    I didn't see where the guy threatened, intimidated, assaulted, or acted in a disorderly way. If he chose to sit 30 yards down the bank on the tank it would certainly be unethical but highly doubt illegal.
  9. 654321

    Sitting Water

    I believe the other guy with the crossbow also had a tag so I think hunter harassment would never fly. It's public land and if the guy choose to sit right next to you I don't believe legally you could do a thing about it. Hunter ethics would suggest first come first serve and he should have moved on.
  10. 654321

    some 3b elk from the last couple of weeks

    Don't know what people consider monstrous but a few years back John McClendon and his auction client got busted for violating the 1/4 mile rule in 3B. I believe the client owned one of the NHL teams, cost him his hunting license for 5 yrs I believe. The bull might be displayed at the PHX HDQ.
  11. 654321

    Thank you

    I don't read any special rules for bighorn sheep. R12-4-322 Pickup and Possession of Wildlife Carcasses or Parts A. For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions apply: 1. “Fresh” means the majority of the wildlife carcass or part is not exposed dry bone and is comprised mainly of hair, hide, or flesh. 2. “Not fresh” means the majority of the wildlife carcass or part is exposed dry bone due to natural processes such as scavenging, decomposition, or weathering. B. If not contrary to federal law or regulation, a person may pick up and possess naturally shed antlers or horns or other wildlife parts that are not fresh without a permit or inspection by a Department law enforcement officer. C. If not contrary to federal law or regulation, a person may only pick up and possess a fresh wildlife carcass or its parts under this Section if the person notifies the Department prior to pick up and possession and: 1. The Department’s first report or knowledge of the carcass or its parts is voluntarily provided by the person wanting to possess the carcass or its parts; 2. A Department law enforcement officer or an authorized Department employee or agent is able to observe the carcass or its parts at the site where the animal was found in the same condition and location as when the animal was originally found by the person wanting to possess the carcass or its parts; and 3. A Department law enforcement officer, using the officer’s education, training, and experience, determines the animal died from natural causes. The Department may require the person to take the officer to the site where the animal carcass or parts were found when an adequate description or location cannot be provided to the officer. D. If a Department law enforcement officer determines that the person wanting to possess the carcass or its parts is authorized to do so under subsection (C), the officer may authorize possession of the carcass or its parts. E. Wildlife parts picked up and possessed from areas under control of jurisdictions that prohibit such activity, such as other states, reservations, or national parks, are illegal to possess in this state. F. This Section does not authorize the pickup and possession of a threatened or endangered species carcass or its parts.
  12. 654321

    anyone see this

  13. 654321

    Buffalo draw strategy

    Your son sounds like quite the scrapper, he'll get er done someday.
  14. 654321

    Welfare check

  15. 654321

    Happy Labor Day

    I was born and raised in a small mining town in AZ. Dad worked 30 plus years and I worked 4 summers and 1 Christmas break. 1 summer cost me 3 weeks of work, contract year and they went on strike and I wasn't about to cross the picket line. Dad was a union member. From my experience there were pros and cons with unions.