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  1. 654321

    Hunt Draw issue

    If 6 figures a year is peanuts sign me up for that circus
  2. 654321

    Another combining apps question

    As mentioned earlier the kids being non-residents will not be held to the 10% cap if they put in for an antlerless elk hunt.
  3. 654321

    Can’t wait to take my kids hunting

    Try $665 for a non resident elk tag
  4. 654321

    Popcorn thread continues on MonsterMuleys>com

    Now way he shows up.
  5. 654321

    When I see javelina.....

    Dilution is the solution
  6. 654321

    Ted gets his shot

    Except for North of the ditch the mule deer population to me seems to be way down much like every other state in the west but our whitetail seem to be doing ok. From what I see it seems like mule deer get whacked way more often than whitetail during these late archery hunts so I could see the AZGFD making it whitetail only during these late hunts.
  7. 654321

    North rim road conditions

    Not sure what its like now but there was quite a bit of snow down on the winter range during the late hunt.
  8. 654321

    God Bless Our Troops

    From what I've seen watching Fox news, Trumps answer to Iran missle attacks is more economic sanctions.
  9. 654321

    Max point number for each species?

    You can earn 2 points a year for javelina, but even 10 years is a lot of app fees for pig points.
  10. The elk was found after the season had ended.
  11. If this deer is still alive and you find it and want to kill it and put this years tag on it that would be perfectly legal.
  12. Ask Steve Chappel what happens to an elk rack that is recovered after the season ends.
  13. In AZ the only legal pick ups are those completely void of any tissue, other wise you're supposed to have a WM determine if the animal died of natural causes.
  14. And if it was last year technically the season ended and legally he couldn't have the rack anyway.
  15. 654321

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    They won't have a choice, the news outlets will be able to get the cause of death from the medical examiner.