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    Turkey mount

    Danny Crain's Game Bird Designs
  2. 654321

    Results are up.

    Leftover permit-tags remain for 2023 elk hunts Posted March 20, 2023 Applications will be accepted by mail beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, March 27 PHOENIX — Arizona hunters still have an opportunity to receive a hunt permit-tag for select 2023 elk hunts. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has posted a list of leftover hunt permit-tags, as well as a printable paper application, on its website. Leftover hunt permit-tags include: 62 — limited opportunity (general) antlerless elk. 9 — limited opportunity (HAM) antlerless elk. 6 — archery-only antlerless elk. 6 — youth-only (general) antlerless elk. 2 — archery-only bull elk. The department will begin accepting paper applications for leftover hunt permit-tags on a first-come, first-served basis — by mail only — beginning Monday, March 27. All completed paper applications must be addressed to: Arizona Game and Fish Department, Attn.: Draw/First Come, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086. There is no “mini” draw. Allow 10 to 15 business days to receive a hunt permit-tag by mail. Any remaining leftover hunt permit-tags will go on sale on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Monday, April 3, at all department offices. Some of the leftover hunt permit-tags are for Hopi hunt open areas and are available to everyone, both tribal members and non-tribal members, through the first-come, first-served process. A number of leftover hunt permit-tags remain for military hunts at Camp Navajo, for those who qualify. For more information, visit https://dema.az.gov/army-national-guard/camp-navajo/garrison-operations/camp-navajo-hunting-information. For more information, including license and hunt permit-tag requirements, view the “2023 Pronghorn and Elk Hunt Draw Information” booklet online, or call 602-942-3000.
  3. By the numbers: 24,863: The total number of hunt permit-tags issued. 225,376: The total number of those who applied for hunts or bonus points. 184,489: The total number of applications submitted. Getting worse every year.
  4. 654321

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    They say Oak Creek and the Verde River will likely have water levels as high as the floods of 93 later today.
  5. 654321


    Baiting is illegal, but how do you think the AZGFD catches turkeys for transplants? How do you think the AZGFD catch lions and bears for their studies on federal and state land? The answer is snares and leg hold.
  6. 654321


    The USFWS and the AZGFD will be sued every time there is even a mention of delisting and hunting.
  7. 654321


    Thoughts? HB2236 - G&F; fees; exemption; tribal members Sponsor: Rep. Myron Tsosie (D) A person who is an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe located wholly or partially in Arizona is exempt from the fees for licenses, permits, tags and stamps and application fees prescribed by the Game and Fish Commission. Disposition Referred to Committee - Land, Agriculture & Rural Affairs
  8. 654321

    Big Game Super Raffle changes

    It was ran as a raffle for years with no issues before the name change.
  9. 654321

    Auction tag

    AZ mule deer $725,000 WOW.
  10. 654321


    https://wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2023/HB0200 Looks like its back.
  11. 654321


    Could be wrong but SF060 failed to pass for now.
  12. 654321


    There was a big discussion on MM about this case, even a juror on the case answered questions, it eventually got shut down.
  13. 654321


    Can you ensure my privacy? Yes, AZGFD’s mobile application meets all data security requirements including encryption of personally identifiable information. Location data is not collected.
  14. 654321


    The AZGFD didn't invent the wheel with this concept, other states are already using this feature.