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  1. 654321

    Where's Nobull?

    I'll bet Shawn Wagner is smiling from ear to ear
  2. 654321

    Where's Nobull?

    The only clown in this circus is Blake Owens and I'm sure the old saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree fits perfectly.
  3. 654321

    Where's Nobull?

    Hopefully he didn't learn to "hunt" from his uncle.
  4. 654321

    Ethics or not?

    Born and raised in what used to be some of the best quail hunting in the state and I shoot quail on the ground from opening day until the last😂
  5. 654321

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    Kudos to IA BORN for doing the right thing and calling G&F, It truly sounds like he was sorry for what happened and was willing to accept what the WM decided to do. Kudos to the WM who I'm sure went over the incident and asked the questions that needed to be asked and made the right call in my opinion. I personally feel like anybody involved in a similar situation shouldn't be able to go to auction though and be able to bid on their mistake. If the G&F didn't allow you to possibly get back a mistake then there would be no potential abuse of such a situation. Just my opinion.
  6. 654321

    Ethics or not?

    Yesterday I witnessed from start to end a group of hunters in 5BN chasing a large group of elk, shooting from their vehicle as they are chasing the elk in their truck. The bull was hit yet they countinued to shoot counted about 15 shots total from 4 different hunters. Eventually we watched the bull go down, but this made me upset. Tried to get their plate number but was unable to. If you have a champ permit vehicle must be off road and definitely not moving when shooting from vehicle.
  7. 654321

    Missing hunters in Mexico

    3 out of the 4 were self-inflicted
  8. 654321

    Ethics or not?

    Ethics are usually a personal choice, example shooting animals over salt, shooting quail on the ground, ducks on water. Nothing illegal about any of those actions in AZ, but some people might have issue with it. What you witnessed above is flat out ILLEGAL at least 2 violations witnessed.
  9. 654321

    Diesel Gelling?

    I would imagine the same way they do it for DUI checkpoints, the border patrol check stations that are a long ways from the border, ect. ect.
  10. 654321

    Diesel Gelling?

    A few years back I was just about to Thatcher and was stopped at an ADOT enforcement check station, they were testing all diesels to make sure no one was running "red" fuel. Farm equipment was excluded.
  11. 654321

    Diesel Gelling?

    You better check the road closures. Don't know how you plan on getting to 5B but I-17 is closed at the 179, 260 is closed at the Fossil Creek rd. 89A closed outside Sedona, 87 closed past Payson. Good luck
  12. I'm curious when an animal is wounded on the last evening of the hunt do you have to call the AZGFD and ask them if you can recover the animal? What happens if you find the animal and it's not dead?
  13. No its the same stamp, the only difference is to hunt ducks you also need the federal duck stamp
  14. 654321

    Got tickted by azgf

    License Revocation (A.R.S. 17-340) Page 110 You can have your license privileges revoked by the Commission for up to five years for a conviction of: • unlawful taking, selling, offering for sale, bartering or possession of wildlife • careless use of firearms resulting in human injury or death • destroying or injuring livestock or crops while hunting or fishing • acts of vandalism or littering while hunting or fishing • knowingly allowing another person to use your big game tag • unlawful entry on to closed area for purposes of taking wildlife • unlawful posting of state or federal lands • license fraud • unlawful use of aircraft to take wildlife • waste of game meat • guiding without a license Additional convictions may result in license privileges being revoked for longer periods up to permanently. I don't believe shooting within 440 yards of occupied building is a revocable offense, and they can only revoke your license if your convicted. If your not convicted they cant revoke your license. They can however hit you with a civil penalty without a conviction
  15. 654321

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Unless it has changed AZGFD when assessing civil penalties considers an elk with 6 points or more a "trophy" which carries an automatic $8,000 fine regardless if it is a 240" bull or 400+