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  1. 654321

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    Water quality went bad before it quit spilling
  2. 654321

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    Nelson wont be getting any trout this year
  3. 654321

    New truck considerations

    I'm happy with my 2014 F150 Ecoboost
  4. and Permits Application for Restocking White Amur Aquatic Stocking Permits CHAMP License Application Crossbow License Application Disabled Veterans License Info Falconry Administration Fur Dealer License Application Live Bait Dealer’s License Application More >> Special Use Permit – Game Bird Hobby License Application Applicable Arizona Statutes – ARS 17-238; ARS 17-231(A)(1), ARS 17-306 Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-401, R12-4-406, R12-4-409, R12-4-428, R12-4-414, R12-4-412, R12-4-304 Applicable Federal Statutes or Rule – none. Brief Description – To allow for an individual to purchase, import, propagate, give away, kill, transport, or export pen reared game birds for personal, non-commercial use, up to 50 game birds. Checklist Process: Complete application form and submit with all required information to an Arizona Game and Fish Department Office Application Form Needed: FORM 2714-A Report form needed: FORM 2714-B Must be submitted by January 31 of each year regardless of whether or not activities were performed during the previous year Fee: $5.00 Additional information: Applicants must be in compliance with and have met the criteria outlined in R12-4-414, R12-4-428, and all other applicable statutes and rules prior to issuance of a Game Bird hobby License
  5. 654321

    Ben Avery reopening

    Of course starting yesterday no target shooting on BLM, BOR and state trust land.
  6. 654321

    Black River Closed

    Was in unit 1 turkey hunting all the lakes on the rez are closed and unless you were wearing a mask you weren't allowed into the store at Hon dah, gas was a $1.69 a gallon though, I heard gas is a $1.55 at the Gap
  7. 654321

    Fire Ban

    Fire ban isn't a forest closure. If the only reason you go to the forest is to build a fire stay home and build one in your back yard.
  8. 654321

    Fire Ban

    Beacon Fire, 15 acre wildfire near Williams 04-07-20.
  9. 654321

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    It's probably hanging in Shawn Wagners office 😂
  10. 654321


    I believe so. Also because of the leap year they have to amend a bunch of the dates because they are off a little bit
  11. 654321


    COMMISSION ORDER 2 – DEER The Commission approved the 2020 deer hunts and permit numbers in April 2019 as part of the 2year hunt recommendation package. The Department is recommending amending Commission Order 2 (deer) to address biological concerns for mule deer in Unit 24B due to effects from the Woodbury Fire and to adjust season dates on some Fort Huachuca hunts to mirror military leave schedules. Unit 24B amendment: The Department recommends decreasing permits from 400 to 200 in the November 13 – 22 mule deer hunt in Unit 24B. This recommendation is based on the landscape level habitat changes caused by the Woodbury fire, decreased number of mule deer observed on survey and low buck to doe numbers, and historical data showing an overall decreasing trend in the mule deer population in Unit 24B. It is also recommended that the December over-the-counter archery deer season close for mule deer; the December over-the-counter season will remain open for white-tailed deer only. This recommendation should help address the low buck to doe ratio in Unit 24B. In the summer of 2019, the Woodbury Fire burned almost 124,000 acres of Unit 24B, primarily in the Superstition Wilderness. It is the fifth largest wildfire in the history of Arizona and burned 2020 Big Game Commission Orders March 23, 2020 Page 3 of 3 roughly 30% of the unit and about 70% of the Wilderness. As seen with other units after large scale wildfires, it is believed the fire will significantly improve habitat which will support increased deer populations. Fort Huachuca (Unit 35A) amendment: The Department recommends amending the season dates for the following hunts to align with military leave schedules. Hunt Type Legal Wildlife Season Dates Amended Dates Permits General Antlered white-tailed deer Nov 13-22, 2020 Nov 20-Dec 3, 2020 100 military General Antlered white-tailed deer Dec 11-31, 2020 Dec 18-31, 2020 80 military Youth Only Any antlered deer Nov 6-22, 2020 Nov 13-29, 2020 20 military dependent Muzzleloader Any antlered deer Dec 11-31, 2020 Dec 18-31, 2020 10 military Recommendation: The Department recommends that the Commission VOTE TO AMEND COMMISSION ORDER 2 – DEER FOR 2020, AS PRESENTED.
  12. If the March 20th commission meeting doesn't get cancelled it looks like the AZGFD will ask the commission to initiate rulemaking to restrict the use of Game Cameras.
  13. 654321

    Post up your success in tags

    50 tags in the bonus pass and 12 of those are NR with the lowest NR drawing with 17. You say only 6 residents are above 12 bonus points drew in the bonus pass and the other 32 in the bonus pass had less than or equal to 12 bonus points.
  14. 654321

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    All of us know what it feels like to deal with the frustration and disappointment of an unforeseen event. After all, life happens. That’s why the Arizona Game and Fish Department is excited to announce an innovative new program in “PointGuard,” which essentially will provide hunters with peace of mind in knowing that they can surrender their hunt permit-tag for any reason without losing their coveted bonus points. A bonus point is an accumulated credit that authorizes the department to issue an applicant additional computer-generated random numbers during a draw. An applicant accumulates a bonus point each year in which he or she submits a valid application and does not draw a hunt permit-tag. PointGuard ensures that if a successful applicant is unable to participate in a hunt for any reason, the accumulated bonus points that were expended to draw that hunt permit-tag will be reinstated. Here are the requirements: PointGuard is available to applicants who apply online for a hunt permit-tag. All applicants must sign up for a free AZGFD Portal account to purchase PointGuard (visit www.azgfd.gov, click on the “Sign in to Account” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page, then select the “Create an Account” option). PointGuard is $5 per species, per applicant, purchased at the time of completing the online application, or prior to the application period deadline. The fee is non-refundable. Only one hunt permit-tag may be surrendered, per species. If an applicant is drawn in the future for that particular species, that hunt-permit tag must be used, expending all accumulated bonus points. Only then may an applicant participate again in PointGuard. The primary applicant (the person who takes the lead in completing the online application for the other applicants) will be prompted to purchase PointGuard at the time of completing the online application. That primary applicant can purchase PointGuard for each additional applicant who has a verified Portal account. Tag surrender application Here is the process to surrender a hunt permit-tag: A hunt permit-tag must be surrendered prior to the close of business the day before the start of that particular hunt. An applicant who has purchased PointGuard will present the original hunt permit-tag to be surrendered, along with a completed tag surrender application form, in person to any customer service representative at any of the department’s statewide office locations, or by mailing the hunt permit-tag and tag surrender application form to AZGFD, Attn: Draw, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086. The hunt permit-tag being surrendered and PointGuard purchase will be verified by the department. The department will restore all accumulated bonus points for that particular species, including the bonus point the applicant would have accrued if not successful in the draw. The hunt permit-tag fee is non-refundable. A person who donates, or transfers, his or her hunt permit-tag to a qualified nonprofit organization, also can participate in tag surrender, provided the requirements listed above are fulfilled. An acceptable proof of the transfer must be provided to the department (a receipt from the qualified nonprofit organization, for example). The tag surrender application form and an acceptable proof of the hunt permit-tag being donated must be completed within 60 days of the donation, and no less than 30 days before the next application deadline for that particular species. According to rule (R12-4-118), the department has several options for the reissuance of a surrendered hunt permit-tag. The proximity to the start of a particular hunt, the type of hunt permit-tag, and demand for that hunt permit-tag will factor into how it will be reissued. For more information, call (602) 942-3000.
  15. 654321

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    Ouch, that's an expensive accident.